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batmom headcanons tumblr You never asked (Batboys imagine) Requested: Yes Request: I was wondering if I could request an imagine where batmom has a twin sister and nobody knew so the boys are out one day and they see batmom’s Except, Damian canonically has green eyes, which he inherited from Thalia Al Ghul. Batmom gets 'kidnapped' by the villains of Gotham (cause of course the villains know who she is) and so the bat fam just, like, freaks and instantly tries to find her. DICK GRAYSON Powered by Tumblr. He loves surprising you with little, heart-felt gifts instead of large, grand presents. Yeah, soo two are just like words! Hours later you and all the boys were sleeping on the floor next to you looking so peaceful. -It (surprisingly enough) was Batmom & Batfamily images - Never keep a Bat waiting Tumblr See more. Warnings: None but it’s a bit longer than the others I think. Short bonus convo : Bruce and Batmom gross out the Batboys . it’s “a crisp 100$ bill +interest if you don’t pay straight away” jar. #batfam headcanons #batfam #batman #dc #alfred pennyworth #batmom #i was making alfred's playlist (which is like 100% showtunes) #and this image popped in my head #can someone draw this?? #my stuff #my headcanons Happy Holidays - Batmom x Batfam. I want friends I don't really have a real reason for making an account here. Love in the shadows 1- Dick Grayson x OC Fic. Seriously, just imagine all of the crazy stuff the team can do when they can actually read each other’s minds during a mission: Hello everyone, it’s been a while since I did this but here is part 8! This is just a list of some of my favorite imagines/headcanons recently. it happened today, damn that was like 3 days maybe? It Works the money is on its way! Marriage - Bruce Wayne +Batfam Headcanon Request: Can I request a Bruce Wayne x Reader imagine where maybe they’ve decided to get married and try to figure out how to tell the kids? Headcannons This is the spot where you can find a comprehensive list of the headcannon lists that I’ve done. The hole family, even Alfred! DAMAIN face (sorry my autocorrect makes it to all caps for his name ) ♡IMAGINATION IS THE LIMIT ♡ REQUEST:ALWAYS OPEN! Hello♥! This is a blog where you can ask me for a story/prompt/ imagine/ headcanons for ANY character of dc (comics, tv series or cartoons) . So i just have one just casue. A/N: I know it said “I was a joke” on the list but “It was a joke” made more sense to me. and daughter (Batsis x Damian) Period drama with mama (Batmom) My mom is better than yours (Batmom) . Batfamily Imagines Your friendly neighborhood Bisexual and Polyamorous Saggitarius, Slytherin, Paladin Of Voltron, Batfamily Member. Batmom Batsis Other Characters Headcanons series Marvel Aesthetics and such. the money goes to alfred for his annual holiday leave to do Whatever The Fuck he wants with it. It was a Saturday, and after last night's patrol, everybody was taking it easy. Imagine: Batmom and Bruce having a baby -Bruce’s face when you tell him is just filled with surprise, then shock, then horror. For example, Dick, Jason, and Tim would be doing stuff for her and Damien, Wonder Woman and the other JL women could ask questions about the baby, rubbing her bump as well Batmom could also have mood swings around Hal, Oliver, Barry, and Clark. I myself will do gif imagines, fake texts, aesthetics and headcanons. This is just one of those occurrences. PLEASE READ MY AUTHOR’S NOTE BEFORE READING THE FIC, as there’s some explanation needed (in case your new or just didn’t read the fics mentioned) : A few months ago, I wrote a fic called Wild Child (click on the title to read it if you wanna :-)) talking about Batmom’s childhood. She was prepared to die for her city and she really thought she would. >>>>——————-> He’d never had someone quite like you in his life, the only Anonymous said: I've seen a lot of Dad!Jason headcanons that put him as like super overprotective of his pregnant s/o but imo I feel like he is more like "you do you bb you are so strong and fucking Damian Age Progression V2. DC Batfamily in general : it’s your day” “Mother has been poisoned” The Batmom Glare Burrito Blanket Batfam NSFW Headcanons. Tattoos and girly stuff what’s not to love Relationship headcanons part 1/? “Just play the damn game with me !” (Batmom x Damian) True blood son 22 notes, 1 week ago # dc comics yandere # dc comics headcanons # dc comics x reader # Klarion the Witch Boy # klarion x reader # klarion imagines toboldlywrite : ask-frostiron : Being Constantine’s Apprentice and apart of Young Justice Headcanons. He isn’t an ‘over the top’ kind of romantic, though. Hope you’ll like it, boom (also, when I say “Christmas”, I’m not talking about the RELIGIOUS aspect of it all. Minimal Theme designed by Artur Kim. masterlist jason todd imagines jason todd imagine reader x jason todd jason todd x The Selection Masterlist | Tom Holland x Reader. Anonymous asked: Ok ok but here me out. If you wish to submit a oneshot idea than I will post it to everyone, however it is up to them if it is actually published. (Batmom x Damian) True blood son. and daughter (Batsis x Damian) Period drama with mama (Batmom) My mom is better than yours (Batmom) Batmom Buying Random Things (Part One) You had a habit of buying things that weren’t necessary when you went out to get something. tumblr . . Anonymous said: Batfam helping you fall asleep headcanons? :* Answer: I think I’m bad at this! Lmao. to all my white followers who stew in unnecessary guilt trying to come to terms with the privilege you have, watch this i love the concept of a swear jar but bruce wayne is a billionaire. Batsis Headcanons: Being the oldest sibling of the Batkids would mean: - Waking up every morning to at least one of your brothers in your bed - “Jason if you don’t stop kicking me, I’m gonna start Send me your Batman/Batfamily prompts and headcanons and I'll write you a little something Read Batboys Headcanons from the story Batmom & Batfamily Imagines [2] by KR_Rose- (Kaz Rose) with 2,670 reads. However any oneshots on the blog are wrote by followers. ellana-ravenwood:. Interesting Interview (Dean Ambrose). A/N: I love doing headcanons! They take my mind off of things and I can take a break from the stories! They take my mind off of things and I can take a break from the stories! This ended up longer than I intended but okay See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Listen, when Hana told her friend “I’ll see you at the finish line. It's where your interests connect you with your people. First things first, Jason is a cuddle monster. com Here is a compilation of headcanons from this blog! Batboys call Batmom “mom” for the first time Imagine. I don’t write NSFW, I will reject asks if I’m not comfortable with them. Someday I’ll paint someone else but I just got used to how I paint Damian so he’s the easiest to paint now and I’m lazy so here you go. Blogged 1 year ago by solis200213 with 1432 notes. “I’m protecting us from unwanted intruders. My writing blog is @loverandomness2 Batmom Imagines are in regular font and song imagines/preferences are in italic This is my new masterlist for @redhoodshood• twins!! • sick day • bat boys or bat cats? That was cold (Bruce Wayne imagine) Requested: Yes Request: Bruce and Batmom are nominated for the Ice bucket challenge, and Bruce just plans to donate a shit ton of money, but Batmom and the kids Start Over? (Dick Grayson x Reader) Anonymous said to litbatboy. Bruce- cannot for the life of him perform any kind of magic. The Selection Masterlist | Tom Holland x Reader. Warning(s): None -Just like with everyone else, he doesn’t admit to Flirty Injustice 2 Style intros with the batboys, but with the reader as the opposing character! * Reader, blowing smoke from the barrel of a gun: Hello, beloved. Bland DC Headcanons — The robins regularly have “Bat glare” contests,. Waking up rather late for the family, aside from Alfred, of course. You worked as a vet tech and loved to travel so it was perfect. voltron headcanons, selfships and mashups by voltronhsm. “Master bruce would you like a blanket?” Alfred asked bruce as he turned the tv off. Still, it would look great with a white suit. darkerskin:. from any time in the comics. Take this with you. Headcanons: Closed | Masterlist 1 bruce wayne batman batmom batmom Batmom x Damian Wayne Drabble A/N: I’m pleased with this one. A headcanon blog based on all heroes who fly under the Bat symbol -- Batgirl, Robin, Nightwing, Batwoman, etc. Find this Pin and more on Damian Wayne - Son of the Bat by Emily Barber. Just a 18 yr old girl who says fight me way too much for someone my sizesomeone message me. ”, right before jumping out of her meka, what if she actually meant, well… after death. Just send your request and I will do my best :) Damian & Batmom Requested by an anon Summary: HCs of how Damian is protective of Batmom/the general dynamic of the relationship. DC Masterlist DC Universe Batman: “ Bruce Wayne: ” Running Into Your Ex Getting Turned On Asking What His Weakness Is Him Undressing You Getting Ready For a Party (part 1) / Making You Comfortable At Wait, wait, waitRobin has a mom? Who's not really his mom? And she's not exactly normal either?Are those horns? Utter crack and BatFam moments ahead. timdrake, batfamily, batman. One of my absolute favorite things about Young Justice is the mind link. Originally posted by deanambroseismines (ANON) Reader is a backstage interviewer for Monday Night Raw, and also the wife of superstar Dean Ambrose. If you ever want me to do a headcannon for a particular character and situation feel free Magic Batfam Headcanons . “Dick Is No Longer The Favorite” (Batmom!Reader) Headcanons for Batman Saving You . com) batfam batfam x reader Batmom Batmom x Damian Batmom x Bruce Wayne The best part of it all, though, has to be the inevitable part of the day. How The Batfamily React To Batmom’s New Tattoo Before you married Bruce, you traveled around the world helping animals. This HC was reques jason refuses to call cass or steph ‘batgirl’ because, to his words, “i knew the real batgirl- and you ain’t her. Prince!Tom AU; Summary: For thirty-five girls from all castes, there was no greater opportunity than The Selection. After all, Bruce is part Jewish so you know…might as well be happy Hanukah. I'm Back Baby! °°Requests: Open°° past stories found at Batlog-archive. honeybrowns:. Tumblr Character Development Questions: Hard Mode Batmom by batfam-imagines. multi-billionaire. I do have a masterlist! If you search the world masterlist on my blog Batmom x Bruce Wayne Drabble A/N: I’m gonna do a a Drabble for most of the Batfam. You should have warned your playdate… Headcanons: Closed. You don’t know how to take it. It’s the truth, although he’ll deny it all day long. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Masterlist Updated: 8/13/18 ———- [[MORE]]Headcanons: Batfam Headcanon 1 Batfam Headcanon 2 Batfam Headcanon 3 Headcanons About The Batfamily Batmom Killed by the Joker Kinks The Youngest Member What Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Batfam NSFW headcanons. It will be regularly updated and newly written fics will be added from time to time. Zatana tried for weeks and he did learn every incantation and movement perfectly, but not one spark of magic ever flickered between his fingers. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna Below you can find a list of my compiled drabbles, ask requests, headcanons, fanfiction series, ficlets, and other ramblings for the mobile otome game Mystic Messenger. soulmates // damian wayne request: smol damian wayne and reader soulmate au headcanons / fic (whichever)? The words your soulmate first says to you appear on your body from birth. Thank you so much @jotink78 for being one of the people I enjoy and admire most, and thank you @theimaginesyouneveraskedfor for being my bro since my earliest days on Tumblr. the-batmom-cave reblogged this from sohotthateveryonedied icy-cat-girl liked this trinity-52 reblogged this from sohotthateveryonedied Batmom Batsis Other Characters Headcanons series Marvel Aesthetics and such. In a feverish delirium, Damian told Bruce he loves him. Search “Masterlist” on my account to find it and for a special treat search “Batfamily Playlists”! Imagine: Batmom at the Mall with the Boys -One of the boys having the wise idea to play hide and go seek in the clothing racks in one of the department stores. This is my blog for my masterlist. ” at first he just called them things like sugar or doll but as he got to know them started giving them more suitable names - he was the first to call cassandra black-bat and she liked the name so much she kept it. shieldsandarcreactors2-deactiva said: Hiii, is your Batmom stuff in order like where do I start, like I read some here and there and they're amazing so I was wondering if there's a chronological The day had started off like few others, calmly. Request: Dick and the reader are dating for a while & he takes her to meet the family at the manor but Batmom doesn’t like the reader/their relationship (maybe she thinks Dick would be better with Barbara & that the reader is a gold digger) & doesn’t approve of their relationship until one day when Dick gets sick and she goes Masterlist: IMAGINES:Bruce Wayne: Are You Sure The reader is pregnant and Bruce is freaking out over every little thing What Did You Say Damian swears in front of you and Bruce for the first Every time I see a WonderTrev post I imagine it's about Diana and Steve Rogers because they're my separate universes crack ship Find this Pin and more on Geek out moments by Classified. Dating Jason Todd: batfam-imagines. this is not a “coin in the swear jar” kind of jar. However, if that doesn’t please u anon, pls do tell me. As a parent you figured you should at least a little bit worried, as Batmom though little surprised you anymore. on Fallout and I might write out alternate endings for it just because of how torn I am about what I’m going to have Batmom do?! Headcanons: Closed. At the end of it all, after the both of you have spent the whole day outside and the both of you are cold and sore and tired, you and Bruce jump into the shower together. Read Headcanon from the story HEADCANONS: Bat Family Edition by CainWayneDami (ʳᵘˡᵉˢˀ ᶤᶰ ʷʳᶤᵗᶤᶰᵍˀ ᶰᵃʰˑ) with reads. ascender56:. i love the concept of a swear jar but bruce wayne is a billionaire. Headcanons for Keith with a s/o who bottles up her problems and is overtly angry Headcanons for Matt, Keith and Lance on how they spend the New Years with their s/o Headcanons on how Matt will cheer up his s/o after they lost a relative they were really close to Batfam NSFW headcanons. DC Masterlist Batfamily in general : it’s your day” “Mother has been poisoned” The Batmom Glare Burrito Blanket Batfam NSFW headcanons. This was the chance to be swept up in a world of expensive clothing and crowns made from priceless jewels. 12:59. ahhhhhh thank you so much (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`) Ihere’s a few more bc I haven’t got anything productive to do with my time: I most definitely do! It is right at the top of my page next to the request button. This is a blog for DC x Reader and DC Imagines. Hey guys so I know I haven’t even posted anything yet but my granddad went to India in November for a holiday during winter and a couple of days ago he phoned to say that he’s pretty sick out there and that he wanted someone to come to India and take him home once he got a bit better. Also spelling may be different as Australian spelling can differ from American/UK/etc spelling:D -Also, many Bruce Mom Has Glasses (Batfam x Batmom!Reader) Summary: Your sons and husband are surprised when they see you in your glasses for the first time Requested: yes, by an exceptional anon Request: Hey there, Break Up (Tim Drake x Batmom!Reader) Summary: It’s Tim’s first break up and he needs support from his mom Requested: yes, by phenomenal @cupcakepella Request: if it’s not a bother can you do an Once, when Damian was suffering from a particularly nasty fever, Bruce stayed at his bed-side day and night to nurse him back to health. Please read the Submission Guidelines/Polices (link below) redhoodshood:. In which the batboys fight to know which Hogwarts’ house is the best . Master list All my imagines! Please message me if having any problems with links. He’s a romantic. ” He answered simply, not bothering to stop setting the trap or at the very least act like he should be hiding what he was trying to do. Massive hugs and love to you both, it’s so sweet of you to think of me. It went from being ‘batfam helping their s/o fall asleep’ to something else that I can’t put my Headcanons for Prompto (FFXV), Rogue (FT), Erza (FT), and Lucy (FT) for cuddling with their female s/o? Like just random cuddles when their s/o is tired, or they just want to cuddle? Cutesy. I really love Batmom and since she is becoming more well known I'm going to make a head canons & Imagines book surrounding Batmom and Her family. I know what I want my next tattoo to be I actually know what three I want but I know which one I want the most. tumblr. batmom headcanons tumblr