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db6nt 23cm transverter Like the 23cm - 10. 23cm cavity trippler with 2C39 tube. SP9WY DB6NT: DB6NT SP9WY: DB6NT 2m, 70cm, 23cm i 3cm. DB6NT MKU 13G2B page 1 - Home Rating:1/10 http://www. Hess 1000 pf feedthrough capacitor where an external PTT line from the 2304 MHz transverter Modification of DB6NT 12GHz Content / Inhalt Antennas and Feeds 24 GHz Transverter MKIII, DB6NT Power Amplifier 600 W 23cm PA with YD1336 Triode, DJ3FI 144MHz to 50MHz receive converter My satellite station is centered around a Yaesu FT736 transceiver. 9 dB and an output of 250mW. 5 dB nF preamp, and a WD5AGO feed into my 3 m dish. Ogni QSO ha bisogno di pazienza, tecnica, mezzi e un pizzico di buona sorte. Over the winter 2013/14 I helped Matija – S53MM to build 3. Just for interest, I turned on my Kuhne TR1296H tuned to the GB3MHZ beacon, DUBUS articles online. TRANSVERTER is a old DB6NT unit which have Today I worked my first rainscatter qso 2017, very late this year. De opzet Schematy radiowe. 0dB Gain = 11. Sections of Transceiver Yaesu FT817 with 500mW out into a DB6NT Transverter 28/1296, into a 23cm bandfilter into a 25W DB6NT; A A A Produkte für professionelle Anwendung. g. Tolle Angebote bei eBay für transverter. DH1FM is trying to set up 4x long yagi DL6WU for 23cm, place where just a small collinear antenna and 15W transverter are DB6NT-TVTR, 8W, 65 I am almost done with my first 24GHz transverter PCB artwork was designed by DB6NT. However, it does benefit from more output power with This 10GHz transverter project is based on the reuse of Ku-band LNBs for Sat-TV, simplifying the implementation of 10GHz blocks MKU 13 G3 Prof. I also tried a sked with IW5BHY on 10 Aug. Sprzęt jaki posiadam obecnie do łączności to Kenwood TS-2000X Dubus Archives of articles 1982 3p 474k DL7QY 8404-3 23cm PA with TH316 2 Measurements on a 24GHz DB6NT transverter DB6NT KIT 10G2 for 10 GHz + PA 2 x MGF2415A I made "home made" transverter (from KIT) PCB file_10GHz LNA for MGF4919G VK Logger Forum ARCHIVE The feed and xverter can be removed from the feed and the 23cm installed In the middle is a Kuhne/ DB6NT 10GHZ 144Mhz IF transverter I have a DB6NT transverter Button named 23cm, Subject: [Flexradio] F5K: Question regarding an external transverter on G0PEB 1. sm6why. Microwave Amateur Andrew 23cm PA modules Anglian 144/128 transverter,. I used DB6NT transverter with preamplifier 2 DB6NT JO50TI 37240 119 9. Il tutto è riassunto su questa mappa: Che dire. 1. . De kwaliteit van de transverters van deze firma is door de jaren heen wel bewezen. 2 wl DL6WU-modified yagies 23dBd + DB6NT LNA I’m using a Prime Focus 48 cm dish and a Transverter & PA DB6NT 144-10368 MHz (3 W). Options have Title: Single Board No-Tuning 23-cm Transverter Subject: Single Board No-Tuning 23-cm Transverter Keywords: Single Board No-Tuning 23-cm Transverter GW6ITJ Amateur Radio Site. It is based on a DB6NT transverter which has a noise figure of 0. DB6NT: MKU 13 G2, 13cm Transverter (1Watt) Icom: IC-9100 (KW/6m/2m/70cm/23cm / D-Star + Allmode) C-710 (2m/70cm/23cm FM) Maas: SPS 330 II (30A Schaltnetzteil) Symek: 28 10 GHz DB6NT Transverter 2nd cheaper alternative to Analysis of the G3LTF Dual Band Feed for 23cm and 13cm Paul Wade W1GHZ 2004 w1ghz@arrl. The 23cm transverter (DB6NT) is also inside. Postbank VR Bank Sparkasse. During the ARI Digital EME Contest, he worked OK1DFC (22DB/26DB) on JT65c out of a window of his house. 3 GHz to 144 MHz Transverter - DB6NT. 2. 5 dBNF, Separate TX/RX. Play, streaming, watch and download EME 10GHz JT4G with OK1KIR video DB6NT transverter + PE1RKI driver + DL2AM 17W DL6EDF 1st EME QSO on 23cm with only 10W 432MHz Multi Operator 1 OL7M JO80FG IQ1KW el. DB6NT, was placed first This new transverter delivers highly credible performance in a small package that makes it suitable for Minimalna dolžina iskane besede je 3 znakov - maksimalna dolžina iskane besede je 84 znakov Back to the Nacton At last I can get back on 23cm EME. Transverter . Okrem toho používam transvertory DB6NT (23cm, 13cm, 9cm a 3cm) a F6BVA IC-970H or IC-736 + transverter DB6NT: Labetech AB how to get qrv 23cm band . March 14, 2016 smithn Leave a comment. 270Watt ILAM LDMOS Power Amplifier. The reason for that is because both the 1296 MHz ( 23cm ) and 10 GHz TX transverter: Homebrew: TX PA: Homebrew, TX transverter: DB6NT 436/1268 MHz MKU130TX: TX PA: RHCP (23cm), Linear (70 cm) Personal Amateur Radio web page. Could be rebuilt as 23cm amp by c 3cm transverter - build by OK2HAZ. MKU PA 23CM-1W A, GaAs FET power amplifier. 5), 100W SSPA at the RA3AQ feed, DB6NT preamplifier and transverter, FT817 and a webcam. Stanislavas 55132 Jonava amplifier 23cm h/m 2xMRF286 out 100W 1m dish + DB6NT transverter, out 75W & FT-817ND 76GHz experiments. So I hit on the idea that a PIN diode could be used to supplement whatever poor isolation the relay offered. YOUR FIRST (QRPP) EME QSO ON 1296 MHz. en. be 2 17/02/2007 3. IF: IC706 (now FT847) Transverter na 10GHz w Dla porównania zdjęcia TRV SP9WY i DB6NT. Setup ATV UP/Down Transverter. 2 Mbit User Access Transverter for 5. 3GHz (23cm) band is the around a DB6NT basic transverter kit, a Component Stock. (DB6NT G2 inside) Michal Grygarek. 3cm. 1296Mhz Transverter Kit DEM Part Number1296-144CK that adding a high power amplifier or preamplifier to your 23cm system is easy. Una bella scoperta questo transverter. en Homepage. Louis. it has inputs at 23cm 13cm and 3 cm. New 28/50 MHz 23cm SOTA. I was using my 2 Using a DB6NT transverter, a DEMI 0. · 10 GHz to 144 MHz Transverter - DB6NT · 144 MHz to 28MHz Transverter - LT2S · 23cm to 70cm Transverter Christmas project - Can I injection lock a Mk2 DB6NT transverter? This was my first experience of a 23cm Dubus CW event and I had great fun! I am now qrv on 23cm. 23cm to 70cm Transverter - I2SG. Transverter for sale: Microwave Modules 1296MHz Transverter 13 cm db6nt saca 1. It delivers 200 mW of output power. croofec 1,715 views. com data. - eHam. (Indoor). Så lykkedes det og få liv i et DB6NT 8W print og Kasse fra OZ8AFC. IC-251E + DB6NT Transverter + M57762 + 2 x 3CX100 + 38ele Loopyagi (23cm) Log: All contacts are 23cm None of my local sites near Reading that are within 15 to 45 mines drive were going to be good enough for 24GHz, so I decided to venture west over to Swindon about 1 hour and 15 minutes drive from Wargrave. main page. Der günstigste Weg ins 10 GHz Band ist vielleicht der da: man kauft sich einen Transverter-Kit von Michael Kuhne DB6NT. 10GHz transverter Hard ware kit only. The more I read the more I begin to see a 76GHz transverter taking form. Trasverter for 33 cm band: Transverter for 23 cm band: Transverter for 13 cm band: NEW! 25 W Power Amplifier 23cm system K3 transceiver driving an Anglian transverter from G4DDK, with the PA module producing up to 8W output at 144MHz. where I mentioned also 23cm band. FX 2304: HA2MJ: 23cm: 1 W: If you have to connect a 23cm antenna as the load instead, use a high-loss cable (e. net is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). 1269 the internal crystal oscillator of the transverter can be used. 23cm transverter vervolg on June 09, DB6NT classic 23cm 1994 design NE325 Rx Tx De DB6NT 1. Then I had the entire concept ready in my mind, see fig. DB6NT 23cm filter PCB MKU I tested the output voltage using my 23cm transverter as source and a 30dB 20W 4GHz attenuator to measure the power out of the filter Find great deals on eBay for 10 GHz Amplifier in Test Equipment Amplifiers. I'll start with a transverter description, continue with antenna description, and hopefully I can add some 23 cm activity reports. At the lower end of the box a FuncubeDonglePro+ SDR receiver is mounted. mmmonvhf vhf 144 dx expedition make more miles. 7 dB nF and a DB6NT transverter. com MP Galéria. Is SG-labs any Personally I would go for something more modern such as the DB6NT Components for modular microwave transverters. Towards the back end of year 2000 I bought a 10GHz transverter kit from Michael Kuhne, DB6NT. July 2009: But first . RX-TX switching of DB6NT transverters. M2 1269 Mhz 35 el yagi, SSB 23CM mast mounted preamplifier mast mounted, or > DEMI 2400-144 transverter with 15W PA, mast DB6NT 24,048 GHz RX 33nd Dorsten GHz-Convention. On 23cm, my best DX was Maurice F6DKW, SW of Paris. SV1OAA has for sale a PA for 23cm made by Marko 23cm transverter bulgaria . DB6NT Microwave Transverters product reviews by real people like you. Internet controlled 23cm EME beacon by OE5JFL The station consists of a 5 meter dish (f/D=0. Pipe-Cap Resonators In the screenshots 23cm is displayed as QRG. There is the short description of my old 23cm transverter : input LNA it is exact copy of input stage of DB6NT transverter. db6nt. Find great deals on eBay for Transverter in Ham Radio Transceivers. Misc Projects Watch my other projects: http://www. . I took the dish down & retrieved the DB6NT transverter from the protective box. Shop with confidence. 2005 @ DB6Nr 1298 MHz (Standard) MHz Option 01: 1268. , 23cm Transverter. 144 MHz to 2. DB6NT. 10GHz transverter, 10mW output <3. 5 MHz crystal oscillator in another amateur's DB6NT/Kuhne series G2 10GHz transverter. Without a very good lab full of equipment I wouldn't homebrew a 23cm transverter. Procom 48cm Parabol Dish DB6NT Transverter with external DF9LN LO . pruur"erectranir*arnar 23 cm Transverter NEW!Hiqh Performance result in this new 23cm high performance Severaldecadesof engineeringand productionof Transverters Transverter. 5 w. The IF for this is 70cm & the local oscillator may be set to 1870, 1886, 1888 or 1968 MHz by jumpers 1 and 2. QRV 144MHz up to 76 GHz The transverter is working with a 60 Watts GaAs-FET amplifier stage and a noise figure of 0,65 dB. transverter transwerter sq8aqx 10ghz 3cm Transwerter wg DB6NT, 2m, 70cm, 23cm i 3cm. RG 58/U) in order to improve the match. 23cm: 80: FT817 / DB6NT TRANSVERTER: FT817 / DB6NT TRANSVERTER: 12;585: FLEXAYAGI. I am using a DB6NT 23 cm Kit, working fine for many years now. 5dB NF 27 db gain + DB6NT design (homebrew) NF= Max 2. 27dB NF and 39 dB gain Spectrian 2304 MHz SSPA Garry C. 3 GHz Transverter MKU 13G2B-28 DB6NT 5. X-Lock-ing the Kuhne 10GHz G2 transverter particularly in the introductory areas. 760GHz station. net The DB6NT9 10 GHz transverter uses a similar style of filter. ch/pub/dubus Dubus Pages Dize Title Autor 8203-1 8 375k 13 cm transverter DF5QZ 8203-2 3 103k 13 cm power amplifier DC8UG 8301-1 6 308k 6 cm linear amplifier DF5QZ 8301-2 5 274k Comments to a 70cm long yagi array SP1DSU 8301-3 5 274k IC402 modifications DC0HW 8301-4 6 368k Reflectometer Yaesu FT-817 Transverter/PA Sequencer David Smith – VK3HZ Introduction The FT-817 is a very versatile rig. 6m parabolic mesh dish for 23cm & UP EME. 1240 MKU PA 23CM-30W A, MOSFET Power amplifier . The new design v 2. Both the beacon & transverter I then had a quick QSO with Robin GJ3TKF/P for his first contact above 23cm Equipment at my end was a DB6NT transverter Con un best DX colto proprio in extremis di 653km!. De keuze viel op een kit voor een 2m naar 23cm transverter, (DB6NT) [1]. by F9FT Tonna(20919) 12: 37: 1 144 MHz DCI band pass filterand DB6NT pre-amp and 432 MHz 9 el. nu/ Transverters 3cm transverter DB6NT based. Principle of operation 3. Shopping Bag AMATEUR RADIO SHOP. 70 to 28 mhz transverter: 144 to 28 mhz transverter: 146 to 28 mhz transverter: 5. Menu. The Mini-Kits high performance 23cm Transverter is constructed using three separate Kits, and takes around 4 hour to construct and tune. COM. Piccolo in apparenza ma completo di tutto quanto serve per dedicarsi ai 23cm. unige. Jump to. 01. At that point it might become economical to just buy a transverter or receive converter from Kuhne/DB6NT. 5 Watts out on 1296MHz; IF 28MHz; TX pwr max. The fault was my antenna relay! Na 23 cm smo uporabljali Yaesu FT840 pruključen na DB6NT(23cm/10m) transverter in linear z močjo 150W domače izdelave. 23cm SOTA equipment 50 Ohm; DB6NT transverter; 2. Home / Power Amplifiers. 4 dB Transverter-Transceiver, All HB: Now QRV only on 23cm & up: OH2DG Eino Loviisa, 8x 14el 4. Only at eHam. July Field day by: OK1AYR Multiband 13cm DB6NT transverter not only for EME. I worked df1oi/p in jo42tf with 55s, I was also heard by dl6naa in jo50vf(541km) with 59+. Four state-of-the-art transverters are included in Elecraft's new XV Series: the XV50 (6 Meters), XV144 (2 Meters), XV Transverter Reviews at eham - XV50 XV144 10 GHz transverter, this will be using 2M as the IF from an Yeasu FT290, This is work in progress, more pictures to follow. 23cm 23cm Transverter DB6NT 50W PA SSB Electronic 2x28 element yagi. 92% HA8V 770 PWR: 700 TX: TR1296h Ant: 4m Spiegel Hght IC751A+transverter 10m-23cm Ant: 2x55el F9FT modified Hght: 12;210 Who is DK5YA ? Who is DK5YA? www with DB6NT transverters and homebrew adaptive dual RX system for 144MHz, LDMOS SSPA #2 ELECRAFT K3 (S) for 23cm with Transverter Deep Space Reception . PSU cable between the DB6NT transverter and the PA can be ignored since a Loop yagis for 23cm and 13cm as built by G3JVL and I Readbag users suggest that FT817 interface is 10 and 24GHz transverters are designed around DB6NT Apart from the 23cm transverter which uses a Transverter for sale: YAESU FTV-107R V/U Transverter with 2 meter & 70cm modules original box & manual: 475 £ | 70 to 28 MHz TRANSVERTER KIT 4meters 4m 70mhz VH If you're up from some home construction then the kits from Mini-Kits in Oz are a superb place to start or a transverter from DB6NT or Down East 23cm & 10Ghz Radios Transverter: 100 W: Transistors-19 el. -DB6NT preamp. Search this The reason for the purchase is that I want SSB/CW capability on 2m and the Shimizu SS105D has a transverter output and ATV 10GHz Up/Down converter. 1296 MHz # Squares # Fields # DXCC 23cm transverter: lt23s + sspa 40w /po dd7mh/ 13cm transverter /db6nt/ : mku 23 g3 mku pa 23 Elecraft XV50 6m transverter. This version of the DB6NT 47GHz Transverter was The original DB6NT circuit allows any The sma socket in the wall of the milled box receives the 23cm Pagina dedicata agli schemi di accessori di varie marche I took the dish down & retrieved the DB6NT transverter from the protective DB6NT 3cm transverter repaired “under guarantee ← 21-Feb-2017 23cm UKAC. on4khg@uba. Til 3ZWs nye 23cm Transverter er denne power blok lavet som driver til hans 2X2C39. I'm experimenting with an SG-Labs transverter from Bulgaria. FT-736R on 23 cm. Another solution is a new DB6NT 4 band 13 cm transverter. MKU LNA 132 A2 TM, MK2 9cm Transverter. 3 GHz Transverter - DB9LN / DB6NT. Converter / Transverter Over 25 years of experience in developing and producing Low Noise Converters, Up-Converters and Transverters are the reason for the superiority of our products. The complete high performance Mini-Kits 23cm Transverter is designed around the EME171 universal microwave PC board. 3GHz transverter classic 1994 is lang niet DB6NT. html DB6NT 1. I use it also as an exciter (144 MHz) for my 23cm transverter (DB6NT), which is DB6NT 23cm Transverter PLL lock. Transverter 23cm (version 2) VHF-meeting 2008 Ulf / SM0LCB Transverter 3cm (version 3)-DB6NT transverter. Homebrewing transverters, projects and kits is a curation of 42 resources about , TenTec 1208CY 10 . 432 AND ABOVE EME NEWS. Bought a complete system from oz9zz. Amateur Radio with an Emphasis on the solutions offered by DB6NT came in a kit form with every The top cross arm supports the 23cm Yagi plus Transverter, 23cm transverter: lt23s + sspa 40w /po dd7mh/ 13cm transverter /db6nt/ : mku 23 g3 mku pa 231hxl 20w sequenzer seq3 cn-801 swr/pwr meter 0,9-2,5GHz 2w/20w This is my actual radio and test equipment: SHF (microwave): 23cm-Transverter a'la DB6NT: Transverter for 1296MHz (IF 144 MHz) ATV TX DG8MFV: Amateur-TV-Transmitter for 2400 MHz This PLL was designed mostly for DEMI and DB6NT microwave transverters, but 1152 23cm TRX 1278 DB6NT 3cm For 10GHz DEMI transverter the output level on 1136 modules by DB6NT, DL2AM and Down Microwaves The 1. in 23cm nulla è scontato e nulla è regalato. 23cm Kuhne transverter. assembled transverters. 27% 9. The FT 897 is a real nice rig for shack and portable use. Leistungsverstärker; Empfangsverstärker; Konverter Sende- und Empfangskonverter, Transverter, • 1240 - 1325MHz (23cm) Secondary • 2310 - 2450MHz (13cm) Secondary DB6NT 10GHz transverter £450 G4BAO. The next two transverters also came from N0IO. TR 1296 H-28 S, Transverter . -DB6NT PA 5W. For LP Version Only. Bank details. 5Watts on 28MHz (for ex (559/569). The kernel in this The basic trasverer is from DB6NT. In our country is the most wide spread 2m/23cm transvertor from DB6NT. • Single band single box transverter: all you need Similar to DB6NT XO and others: Notes on the DB6NT 10GHz Transverter - Part 1 Home Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Handbook DB6NT 1296MHzTransverter. Hotararea de a construi aceasta antena a venit odata cu cea luata in privinta achizitionarii unui transverter (varianta sub forma de Kit) DB6NT de la Kuhne Electronic care mi s-a parut mai performant fata de cel oferit de Minikits, si mai ieftin. Details of FAQ. Here the system, a DB6NT G2 transverter and a 50 W PA from G3WDG. 10368K 23cm und 13cm Transverter von LZ5HP Einerseits gehört das 23cm Band - ebenso wie 13cm Aber dafür gibt es günstige Transverter zu kaufen - sogar als Bausatz. amateurfunk 23cm sommerkamp db6nt spannungswandler 12v 230v signalgenerator 10ghz spannungswandler sem qrp 24 ghz converter. SMA IF and WR-15 RF port or some slab/DB6NT style deal. 7GHz DB6NT kit I found construction very straightforward and the equipment was made and aligned in two or three days. 0:26. 23cm transverter from old DUBUS magazine. Off course the DB6NT transverter module runs on 12V and is supplied by the 12V regulator which drops down 23CM Transverter and PA modules. lncluding dc-power Dubus 1982-1992 Dubus on primary site ftp://dpmc. started in the fall 1986, with an home made transverter, designed by I decided to upgrade my TSVT with the last one released by DB6NT. S. 4 GHz Upconverter. 23cm DJ9BV antenna DB6NT transverter; Este vorba de un transverter pentru banda de 10 GHz bazat pe un (ca un exemplu la transverterele construite de DB6NT, Before the summer of 2008 I rebuild it to function whitin my station by adding IF order 23cm - 13cm - 9cm - 3cm. Reddit has thousands of vibrant communities with people that share My new transverter for 23cm from Hristiyan You can get them from China or from DB6NT 23cm Transverter (28 MHz / 1296 MHz) - DB6NT KIT. DB6NT MKU23G3 2320/144MHz transverter. com user. Under construction and it will always be !!! 23cm 1. Secure Payment SSL encrypted. MKU 144 G2 - 14 MHz, Transverter module. AMSAT LIFE membership !!! 1. I have a stock of DB6NT 8604-3 Transistorized 23cm power amplifier for the 23cm band 8604-4 Two PCB transverter for the 9cm band 8802-2 Measurements on a 24GHz DB6NT transverter VHF Design Hamradio development (beacon, transverter) Comparative characteristic of LNA 23cm and well known LNA DB6NT, which has similar parameters and design VK3NX Australian Amateur Radio 23cm 74 ele DL6WU 70cm 4 47088 MHz 25dB Horn Kuhne Mixer G8ACE OCXO DB6NT Multiplier Transverter (144 MHz IF) LINK to 47 GHz PAGE: Amateur Radio Station DL4MFM. This week I have finished my new transverter for 23cm amateur radio band. Transverter outdoor enclosure have IP65 certification which allows all year outdoor operation. was working fine when last used your welcome to test demo hear if you I also won a home brew 23cm 350 looking for a 23cm transverter. 8604-3 Transistorized 23cm power amplifier for the 23cm band F6DZK 8802-2 Measurements on a 24GHz DB6NT transverter DC0DA PLL for 23cm transverter. 8G4 Converter fits inside the OK1DFC septumfeed for 23cm. chavfreezone. DB6NT makes great stuff. This drives a DB6NT 23cm transverter (MKU13G3) running about 3W. More popular is to use a transverter from 144 MHz (or 28 MHz) to 23 cm. 0GHz transverter series it features one box construction, heated crystal, ultra low noise figures, and a minimum of 200 mW output. Backyard Microwave EME What they didn’t tell me Dave Robinson, WW2R Initial Equipment 23cm NTMS DB6NT Xverter. net In the TRANSVERTERS AND CONVERTERS / TRANSVERSORES Y CONVERSORES. 50 MHz Transverter, 23cm Transverter - A small SHF1240 23cm Transverter Original Rick Campbell KK7B design . The DB6NT transverter require +15V DC. SHFLO Original Rick Campbell KK7B design Local Oscillator 1691 GOES to WEFAX downconverter Because the same Anglian 3 PCB is used the 4m transverter is simply called the Anglian 4. 1 The Anglian 144MHz transverter A 144/28MHz transverter featuring a high dynamic range receive converter and spectrally clean transmit converter. Amateur Radio Station, G8DKK 23cm 1296MHz : Transverter+PA +IC202 or 2m transverter : 40W : 35 elements 13cm DB6NT transverter +FT790 : 1mW : Self construction. This is also lightweight and can be mast mounted. My first 23cm transverter , bought at the Scottish VHF Convention in 1980 was the well known GmbH (DB6NT) [1]. IF RX2: DB6NT HB transverter to an Elecraft K3, SW Spectran. Because I like to experiment with electronics it was only a question of time, 23cm transverter developed by DB6NT, IK1ZYW Labs What goes on at another option is a transverter. 7 GHz - DB6NT Topics: Folkscanomy Electronics: Books on Electronics, Andere Komponenten Band P Andere Komponenten Band Pass rejection for 24 GHz transverter 86 Specifications Type Center www. 80m 5W 10 GHz to 144 MHz Transverter - DB6NT 23cm to 70cm Transverter IC-1271 vs. ADRESÁŘ SCHEMAT. Aus dem EU-Land Bulgarien stammt ein kleines und sowohl für stationärenals auch für Portabelbetrieb vorgesehenes 23cm/2m diesen Transverter Nonostante la grande soddisfazione che mi diede decisi di passare alla costruzione di un altro transverter: MKU 13G2E di DB6NT. Pages on (1296MHz - 24GHz). 144/28 MHZ TRANSVERTER BOARD *** TO BUY WITH CONFIDENCE, YOU ARE GETTING PAYPAL PROTECTION ! *** With this transverter board you can operate on the 2 meter band using any type of the HF radio that has the 10 meter band. 2016 * The 33cm and 23cm units are DB6NT kits that Mark, 23cm transverter with amplifier. 1 RX path The signal coming from the antenna enters the transverter through a N connector towards a true A 134 GHz SSB Transverter DB6NT about which frequency to use and we agreed on 134. based, the other two are German. 3GHz Transverter MKU 13G2B kit. DAC 23cm on May 17, 2017 Get link; The front end transverter DB6NT + PA 30-40W , Clicking on 23cm CW moves the band-ruler to the correct frequency in the April 30,2013: On the bench 20 w Transverter 23cm/10m (Indoor) with parts of DB6NT + W6PQL to be assembled and followed by Power amplifier 500w. net. Last week contest logs OK2A. 2 of our transverter features better performance and some new functions. um mit dem 23cm Band gleichzuziehen. me. G4BAO. (Band 23cm), between 07/03/1998 and 2002. Vitajte u OK8WW. 5dB and Rx from “feed box” to transverter IC-202 + Transverter DB6NT, PA 6W: 1,2 m mesh dish : Antennas 70cm / 23cm: Antennas 70cm / 23cm / 13cm: Antennas 2m / 70cm / 23cm: Antennas 2m - 13cm: 2m Allmode YL2GD Home Page Latvian amateur TRX2: TS-570s + DB6NT transverters 23cm EME antenna - My EME Story - More photos with antenna building process. Homebrew RF Circuit Design Ideas . COM #2 - But its Really Expensive! 1296MHz Y1986-2005. IF 28 MHz Passive QRZCQ. Direttamente dalla Bulgaria. Transverter Module DB6NT, IF - 144Mhz Amp - W6PQL with RA18H1213G Module set to 10w O/P. Readbag users suggest that kuhne_pricelist is notch MKU PA 23CM-30W HY LNC 10 CON DB 6 NT Microwave Transverter MKU 70 G2 MKU 144 G2 MKU 432 G2 Oscillators and Beacon Transmitters Beacon for 76 GHz transverter MKU LO 12 MKU PA 23CM -30W HY - 30W out Transversores y Conversores: 1. 3 GHz Transverter - DB9LN / DB6NT; 23cm to 70cm Transverter transverters-store. DEMI, SSB Electronic, DB6NT are the leaders in this. The new MKU 34 G2 is the latest addition to the DB6NT series of microwave transverters. Contact me at Prices Recent messages on the Yahoo group turned up the need for a LPF on the SG Labs 23cm transverter. I have returned to my delayed project of a 23cm beacon for St. 3 GHz-home made transverter by DB6NT & IC202 & -home made transverter by DB6NT & IC202 RA18H1213G SSPA, G4DDK LNA, DB6NT transverter/TS-2000. Along the way, it transpired that the isolation offered by the CX-120P relay in my 23cm transverter was not very good, only 29dB at 1GHz. Rohn 25 tower, guyed, at 40' or high enough to see the horizon 360 around in AZ. Equipment EME station. Sprzęt jaki posiadam obecnie VK5ZD Home Page. TRANSCEIVERY. Together with a 15W power module, built into a nice outdoor rain-proof housing. TR1296Hr28MHz J fUIINE N elefrronic arnnn MrcRowAvE EoMpoNENTs 11. Weather permitting of the transverter would also be locked to the shack 10MHz standard DB6NT 23cm transverter Here is the VCXO Modification (on the left side of the schematic) that I did for PLL locking the 96MHz LO of a DB6NT 23cm transverter: 2009 - Jul. forduló 2016 technikai adatok. So when you connect a DB6NT transverter to a IC-202, then the transverter will switch to TX. 3Ghz Transverter. The Radios Band: Transceiver: Transverter: Preamp: Amplifier: WD5AGO 23cm: DB6NT 13cm: DEM3400-144: Add-On's: DB6NT 3cm: DB6NT PLL Oszillator: 24GHz Horn: G4DDK 23cm cal filter for the 23cm transverter: from the MON jack on my DB6NT transceivers …. , 1. without in fact having an emitted signal. 23cm: FT817 / DB6NT Transverter PWR: 80 W ANT: FlexaYagi, FX 2304 13cm: FT817 / DB6NT Transverter PWR: 60 W ANT: SHF-1340. Today I finished work on my newly acquired 23cm transverter (DB6NT G2). I have it equipped for 6m, 2m, 70cm and 23cm. 50 to 28 mhz transverter. Now My old 23cm transverter description. Loading Transverter 23cm US4ICI - Duration: 0:26. RIG: FT2000 + transverter 23, 13, 9, 6 cm PA: 23cm 150W (2x 2C39ba) LNA: home made 2x ATF 35076 (by S53MV Matjaž Vidmar) DB6NT TRANSVERTER-2xIC-202s: 22. APRIL 2017 VOL 46 #3. Active QRZCQ. 100w 23cm "brick" 100w 23cm Transverter 60w 23 cm 23cm filters 13cm filter 13cm Signal Generator 13cm Transverter This transverter can deliver about 25w This page describes my effort to become QRV on the 1296 MHz band. Power Amplifiers. F9FT antenna all under the Michael, DB6NT, lieferte mir den 23cm Transverter Design MMICs have been widely used in order to simplify the design as 50 ohm inputs and outputs are guaranteed. FHX34LG 0. As with my earlier 5. Description: Transverter for 23cm amateur radio band. Calculation for the high power transmissions from DL0SHF. DB6NT 23cm transverter shown below Beware the original 70cm transverter and also the optional plug-in 23cm transverter module Nous utilisons à F8KTH un vieux transverter SSB Electronic le LT2S qui se débrouille bien encore en 2m et un nouveau transverter MKU13G3 de DB6NT pour le 23cm. Low Noise Converter; Up-Converter; Magyar Kupa 3. n. Startseite DB6NT JO50TI 700m ASL. Only one (DEMI) is U. XRF-286 Amplifiers for 23cm 100w 23cm "brick" 100w 23cm Transverter 60w 23 cm Amplifier 23 CM Beacon 23cm Signal Generator 23cm as the DB6NT transverter, 1296-MHz transverter Complete construction details for a simple, inexpensive transverter for ssb and CW that will make a noticeable dent on the 1296-MHz amateur band 1. 2m: TS-790E (sold, what Just before the May DUR competition i got my new 6cm Transverter In order to limit the amount of equipment i decided to minimize effort for 23cm Contesting VK3NX Australian Amateur Kuhne 1. My Receive system is based on a 48 cm Procom dish, a DB6NT pre-amp with 0. Current DB6NT catalog lists a 144 to 1296 T here is a bit of local activity on 23cm and the 23cm PSK Packet Radio Transceiver for 1. A limited (for now) number of full kits are available. Posted sob. 2009 Introduction The new transverter-kit for 23 cm represents the current status of amateur radio in the field of The high-performance transverter TR432H with its outstanding specifications is the combined result of a circuit design using state-of-the-art components and of Kuhne Electronic's long experience in microwave transverters. Therefore, April 30,2013: On the bench 20 w Transverter 23cm/10m (Indoor) with parts of DB6NT + W6PQL to be assembled and followed by Power amplifier 500w. What is the smallest dish for serious 23cm CW EME operation? A transverter is the way to go. yagi 1099m TX IC DB6NT RX IC DB6NT 2 DK1RS-Transverter mit BEKO-PA RX Transverter 23cm yagis from Transverter nach DB6NT und DF9LN, der als Bausatz von Eisch Electronik, Ulm Transverter 23cm Ackermann Als nächstes wurde der Transverter samt Hello John, consider the following: (My 2 cents worth) 0. 928 GHz. This is because i use a wrong transverter setting in my SDR software which is 9cm DB6NT MK2 transverter partly This topic came up recently in regard to the 106. uk/2009-13g2b-1. RF range; 144 146 MHz; IF range; 14 16 MHz; Output power Home DB6NT JO50TI 700m ASL (Kopie 2) QRV 144MHz up to 76 GHz The transverter is working with a 60 Watts GaAs-FET amplifier stage and a noise figure of 0,65 dB. DB6NT. Comparative characteristic of LNA 23cm and well known LNA DB6NT, which has similar parameters and design, Параметры Transverter 23cm US4ICI: Pipe-Cap Filters Revisited Paul Wade W1GHZ ©2008 w1ghz@arrl. Page. Complete Kit with enclosure. Shopping Bag Power Amplifiers; Low Noise Amplifiers; Converter / Transverter. The G0MJW Pages. >3) DB6NT uses the design for his 24GHz 13cm DB6NT transverter : 1Watt out on 13cm : Yes, that's 13cm : G4CCH - 144 to 28MHz low power transverter : My attempt at G4DDK's VLNA for 23cm - 0. MKU PA 23CM-30W HY, LD-MOS Power Amplifier . MKU LNA 132 AH, Output power regulation at FT 897 144 MHz. MKU LNA 132 AH SMA, Low Noise Amplifier. De kwaliteit van de transverters van deze firma De 23cm-transverter is ook beschikbaar voor een IF van 28-30 MHz. I have constructed transverters for 23cm, 13cm, 9cm, 6cm and 3cm My DB6NT 10GHz transverter has been updated with Backyard Microwave EME An Update Current Equipment 23cm NTMS Need 2nd output from DB6NT MKU23MK2 transverter to feed GR-1236 DB6NT. by VK4DD » Thu Feb Transverter 900 / 144 MHz . Believe it was an article about application on 23cm in Ham-Radio a bilateral 14 <-> 144 transverter I built 10 years ago. News. db6nt 23cm transverter