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    E46 fuel gauge fluctuating

    e46 fuel gauge fluctuating It sends a level signal by varying the voltage coming out. The pump sending unit tells the fuel gauge how much gas in in the fuel tank(s). The fuel gauge on my 2003 Chevy Impala 3. So it'll say 32, 45, 36 all randomly. 8L is always showing a full tank of gas even when tank is low. I may have a small leak at the oil pan gasket. X11175 - Black 26 pin connector 11 - Signal, Fuel Tank Sensor, Right, (B6-1) 12 - Signal. Chevy dealer said this is very common and would cost about $750 to fix, but gm was doing warranty on the trucks. Replacing the fuel pump sending assembly is the fix For example, after driving 100 miles the gauge would go to 25% full, then would fluctuate slightly and when I truly did drive 300 miles, the gauge would dip below the 25% mark as expected. Quote Reply Topic: Fuel Gauge is Fluctuating Badly? Posted: September-19-2013 at 10:05pm 1987 SN2001, When I fill up the tank the gauge reads full like it should, after a couple pulls and the gas level starts to go down the gauge starts acting nuts. check the connections on the guage and Hi folks, I have a (new to me) 2001 Electra Glide (injected) and the fuel gauge is fluctuating. The bar fell off, in fact the whole thing that holds the bar fell off and I just put everything back in it's spot. The low fuel light not working and the fuel gauge sending unit not displaying fuel levels are different manifestations of the same failure. Re: 2003 sierra fuel gauge going nuts! this all depends on if it is actually a fuel gauge issue - such as the IPC not reading correctly, or it could be a sender failure. Replacing the fuel pump sending assembly is the fix Sounds like the Fuel level sending unit is bad. Kit includes a new left-side supplementary fuel pump and sender, lines, fittings, and instructions. I also have an issue with my fuel gauge, I changed out my fuel filter & fuel pump but now my fuel gauge is on "E" and there is a warning light that says "Low Fuel" on but I know I have at least half a tank. I can register 1/4 a tank but the minute I fill, the gauge drops below empty and the fuel light comes on. I also figured it was the fuel gauge again and did not realize it was a different code until my son looked it up right after clearing it. The gauge used on the Beetle from '68 onward is a thermally-actuated design. I have the intermittent fuel gauge issue with the indicator dropping randomly and the low fuel chime driving me crazy. The nut that holds the gauge on the PCB came loose and fell off. The only thing the fuel had to do then, was make it from the fuel tank to the carburetor by means of a mechanical pump. By integrating an arm , float , and a resistor , an automaker can assemble this component. You do not have to take the instrument cluster off to check this. General Motors Fuel Gauge Troubleshooting Fuel gauge troubleshooting begins with isolating the problem either to the gauge, sending unit, fuse or wiring. The fluctuations are peculiar as the needle goes towards the full side when I step on the gas and goes down to empty when I slow down. So are you saying that the fuel gauge is constantly fluctuating between full and empty while the vehicle is running? It doesn't just do it on startup, it does it repeatedly? #2 Chris , Aug 12, 2017 Now, after driving 200 miles the oil pressure gauge in the truck fluctuates between 0 when idling and 20 to 40 running 60 mph. i changed the thermostat, belt and the coolant level is ok. It started when we were driving across this farm field for an outdoor concert. This part will not fit Z4M models. It seems like it bounces from full to the actual level as the fluctuations increase as the fuel level drops. When the tank is full the gauge reads full and all is well. The fuel level indicating system is a magnetic type system, which consists of the sending unit located in the fuel tank, an anti-slosh module located on the back of the instrument cluster, and a fuel gauge located in the instrument cluster. If your fuel gauge is reading full and then suddenly drops to empty when the tank is nearly empty, the voltage regulator is probably blown and is delivering 12 volts to gauges. Hey guys, quick question. Re: Fluctuating 2001 Deville fuel gauge problem I don't know if this is a common problem on the '01, but on some cars, the baffles in the tank come loose, allowing fuel to slosh around as you turn, go uphill, etc. Our technicians tell us that on high mileage vehicles you may wish to replace the complete fuel pump module assembly if this condition occurs So if your fuel gauge is broken, check to see if any of the other gauges – like the speedometer and engine temp reading – are acting up. Other Fuel System Fuel Gauge problem of the 1997 GMC Sierra 22 Vehicle experienced fuel system problems twice, the sending unit inside the fuel tank with the fuel pump, wire assemblies and float, the wires and fitting plugs burned, the consumer is afraid that the vehicle may catch on fire. I was told by the dealer there are 3 separate TSBs out there on this: #081191 Oct. Car is not moving but the fuel gauge moves randomly. '93, and #083394 Jul. fuel gauge sending units have no "dampening" so they are free to dance up and down as the fuel sloshes in the tank. I have a 2012 Buick Enclave that the fuel gauge fluctuate. For instance, I had a half tank today, and it would fluctuate from half tank to just over a quarter tank periodically while I am driving. It usually occured about 40-50 miles after I had filled up. Nissan fuel tanks are coming up empty, even when the gauge says there's another 60-80 miles in the tank. The fuel level sensor in the fuel tank may fail causing erratic fuel gauge operation. I had it wrong the first time and had similar issues. 1995 944T auto transmission. When Im driving my car the needle in my fuel gauge seems to fluctuate a lot. Fuel gauge didn't go up, I thought maybe it takes a while to go up but it's been 2 days and it still hasn't moved. xx psi, and it stay centered around there but it goes all over the place at idle or any load/RPM. Hi all I have a 1996 F350 and recently the fuel gauge started acting up for a few days it would drop right down to empty then suddenly come up then drop again but only on the rear tank I unplugged the sending unit and tried to short out the wire to make the gauge come up nothing happened then yesterday the gauge went beyond full and stayed there even when I switch to the front tank it will The fuel gauge at times starts fluctuating when the gas has about 1/4 tank of fuel left and sometimes the needle would indicate the tank is empty and the warning light would come on. Even with modern computer controlled engines a vacuum gauge is still a valuable tool for diagnosing engine and transmission problems. The sender tells the gauge how much fuel is left in the tank, and this information is displayed on the dash of the car. An oil pressure gauge can fluctuate for many reasons, including an actual automotive problem as well as reasons like fluctuation in oil temperatures. At WOT you should not be focused on the fuel gauge anyway. About a month later it started all over again. That much is pretty obvious. Hi folks, I have a (new to me) 2001 Electra Glide (injected) and the fuel gauge is fluctuating. For the home mechanic! After so many years of deadly fuel mixtures, MY fuel gauge is fluctuating very badly now. I will notice that when driving and for no reason the temperate gauge and the fuel gauge will start to drop and sit at a random level. When parking down hill the gauge goes to full. Your fault could be in either the gauge itself or the fuel level sending units (or a wiring issue). Fuel economy is comparable to before these occurrences. In order to improve the accuracy of the fuel gauge, replace the fuel level sensor in the fuel tank. 14 Views So yesterday I am driving, have about half a tank of fuel and next thing the fuel gauge just drops to empty and the red "low on fuel" light goes on. The fuel gauge will fluctuate from time to time. The thing that has me worried is the gas gauge fluctuating. The gauge would sometimes drop to 1/2 or 1/4 tank and then gradually return back to normal after 10 or 20 miles. If your fuel gauge is not correct, it can cause you a host of problems. new to the whole european car thing, my subaru needed some work so i grabbed a 2000 328ci to drive while i work on the suby, really enjoying the 1976 Piper PA-28-151, "Warrior", 150 hp O-320, carb'ed Last couple of flights the fuel pressure gauge has been varying. It's only accurate after filling and then after usage is inaccurate. Remove the fuel pump module using procedures found in DealerConnect>TechConnect > 14­Fuel System > Fuel Delivery, Gas > Module, Fuel Pump > Removal > Front Wheel Drive NOTE: Mark the sending unit at the 4:00 position with 12:00 pointing to the rear of the vehicle. I'm having the same issue with the fuel gauge on my 2005 GMC Envoy. 0, 161,500 miles A couple of weeks ago, used the gauge at O'Reilly's. Anything less and it is reliable, with the night panel and orange low level warning light working correctly. A Fuel tank sending unit is a term for the mechanical assembly inside your fuel tank which measures the level of liquid in the tank, then reports its findings to the fuel gauge on your instrument cluster. Changed the oil and filter and no change. I live in Europe and has alway put 98 octane in the car. Fuel moves inside the tank while you are driving, which causes the sensor which is just a float attached to a potentiometer (variable resistor) and the sloshing causes the signal to fluctuate. 1999 and 2000 years have a TSB for bad fuel sender units and a revised motherboard for the back of the gauge cluster to fix this problem. These gauges feed the information pertaining to fuel level in each tank to magnetic couplings and potentiometers which in turn pass on the information to the aircraft fuel gauge. The tank has to be dropped. It'll be a 3/4 of a tank, drop to below 1/2, then back up to a little over 1/2, etc. Fuel economy gauges, which show both average and current fuel economy, are standard equipment in 92 percent of 2011 vehicles, according to Edmunds data. 3L Jun 08 2012, 2:27pm So being a new User to the forum, I am not 100% sure if this is the best place to ask for advice, but here it goes To check the fuel sending unit. 7 auto 44 gal tank 2wd 140,000 miles fully loaded,etc that has the fuel gauge that works (i think doesnt read exactly right but close) but does what I would call vibrate- it fluctuates up and down ever so slightly very rapidly. Hi guys, When Im driving my car the needle in my fuel gauge seems to fluctuate a lot. ASSUMING. So if your tank holds 10 gallons, 8 to 8. Hello, I noticed on the truck I just bought that the fuel gauge fluctuates a lot and doesn't seem to give a very accurate reading at all. Sometimes the gauge fluctuates a little but then returns to full even when low. 3 Answers I just replaced my fuel pump and now my fuel gauge dosent work. Fuel Economy: 47-50 in the Passy, 25-28 in the Chevy, 20-23 in the Cummins 97 TDi, 209k 5spd. Fuel Pressure Fluctuation The target differential fuel pressure is of course 39. It would go down 1/4 tank at a time and then go back Fluctuating fuel gauge. The fuel gauge is supplemented by a low fuel warning light, which will illuminate when the fuel tank is nearly empty. Fluctuating fuel gauge. What most people don’t realize, though, is that your fuel pump is submerged in gas at the bottom of your fuel tank. -about 75% of the time I start my truck, the fuel gauge will read empty and remain there (turning on the "low fuel" light). The gauge would read for a little while, then drop to empty with the fuel light flashing. I know there is only a 1/4 tank. It tends to read full with anything more in. Fuel Gauge Not Working Is the fuel gauge needle in your vehicle stuck beneath the pin or is it fluctuating from the full mark to the empty mark in a haphazard manner? Read on to know how you can fix your vehicle fuel gauge that is not working properly. The gas gauge is a constituent that is spotted in the fuel tank of an automobile. I had thought about the fuel rail pressure sensor but with the issues I have already had with the fuel gauge in the past was thinking it may have to do with whatever crap I got in the tank awhile back. I have a 2004 ST with about 14,500 miles. lighter and headlights. BMW E46 Fuel Level Sender to Instrument Cluster . Fuel delivery, fuel condition, and fuel volatility are an important part of today's vehicles. Fuel Gage Fluctuating i dont know much about the tek's electrical but you could have a bad fuel pump, or a bad fuel gauge. The fuel and temp gauges are off about half the time. fluctuating fuel gauge. I wired the cart for the gauge along with the oil pressure light, stereo, cig. The art of tuning an engine is not new, being important since the birth of the internal combustion engine over 100 years ago. Some owners may comment about excessive fuel gauge needle fluctuation when making turns or braking with less than a half tank of fuel. If you test the sensor, I am sure you will get fluctuating voltages at same engine speed. IF your fuel gauge is eratic from full to half, it is possibly your passenger sender IF your fuel gauge is eratic from half to empty, it is probably your passenger sender IF you run out of fuel with a quarter of a tank left, it is probably your in-tank pump on the drivers side. I have a fuel needle on the fuel gauge on my 2011 challenger 210 that is boucing around while the boat is running. You could end up stranded on the side of the road, you could be late for meetings, or not be able to pick up the kids. 8–21. Instead of using the included plug, a billet aluminum adapter can be installed enabling the use of a Radium fuel pressure gauge, as shown. I bought this new for my wife. What I am dealing with is a fluttering fuel gauge. Today's fuel eats away at the contacts and no longer makes a very good connection there for it doesn't know where the float is. 1998-99 Oldsmobile and Pontiac vehicles built prior to October 1, 1998. I have a 99 suburban 5. Im having some issues with my fuel gauge, it fluctuates alot whether im driving or im just starting it. As fuel is consumed the gauge bounces around between E and the actual fuel quantity. The sender is a float that is in the car's gas tank. Average failure mileage is 101,800 miles. Most fuel gauges are a variable resistor, connected to a float. Karmann Ghias and Buses had them even before this. A volt meter connected from the output from the voltage regulator will show a fluctuating voltage if the voltage regulator is working properly. i also did the electronic Hi, I have a 1999 Nissan Altima and for the past few weeks the temperature gauge has been fluctuating from normal to below normal, seems to happen Gauges Come Standard — and Skew High. I bought it in June 2010 with 7,000 miles. The 1999 Chevrolet Blazer has 5 problems reported for fuel gauge goes haywire. The needle swung rapidly from just above 40 to just below 50. Hey all I have a little niggly issue with my 81 GH Sigma. The E30 (3-series 84-91), E36 (3-series 92-98) and E46 (3-series 99-05) models all use a “saddle bag” type fuel tank. The fuel gauge for my 2003 Chev Impala (3. I have put 12k miles since ownership at late 2015. fuel gauge inaccuracy—fluctuating tsb 13-2-8 miles/kilometers to empty ford: lincoln: 2009-2010 expedition, f-150 2009-2010 navigator issue part number part name The biggest "in your face" issue is the fuel gauge fluctuates. How do you adjust or calibrate the gauge so it reads correctly. Answer This is a floating fuel gauge issue and occurs in most GM vehicles. The fuel gauge fluctuates and does not show an accurate fuel level. fluctuating fuel level? ///M3 Forum. Average failure mileage is 108,450 miles. I replaced my dead oem fuel pump with a Walbro 255 in my R32 gtst, and now the fuel gauge is fluctuating everytime it moves. Normally the fuel gauge stays powered on even during some sleep modes to prevent the SOC from fluctuating all over the place after it wakes up from sleep. Once corrected, I ran a separate ground from the sending unit to the body and have had no issues since. When my fuel gauge starting doing this, I replaced the fuel gauge sending unit in the tank. If you take out the rear seats you should be able to see the two access points to each side of the tank. The fuel tank sender is used to measure the amount of fuel in the fuel tank and send an electrical impulse to the fuel gauge. The most common gauge problems are either a bad ground at the tank, or a sender problem. The gauge was accurate after the installation until the car was filled up with gas, as I used up some fuel it the gauge would go to empty sometimes and the low fuel lamp will come on. PartRequest. My problem is that the gauge keeps bouncing inbetween 57-60 when The fuel gauge on my 2000 did the same thing about a year ago. I have been to the dealer 8 times!! to try to rectify the problem. Fuel Gauge Malfunction Help on 2002 Silverado 1500 5. Just recently my fuel gauge has been fluctuating from where it is really at (8-9 gallons) and about 3 gallons. The design of the tank is what causes this movement. '91, #085893 Dec. 5 would be normal telling you there is a 1. '97 GC, 4. 114K miles) has all of a sudden decided to act up. This fits the fuel rail valve perfectly and has a standard output fitting that was much easier to connect a hose and gauge to. Hi guys, I was just wondering if it is normal for an old car to have this problem or is it something that needs fixing. As stated above there are 2 senders. It's actually been doing it for a couple years now. If the voltage going in is fluctuating, the voltage going out will be too. It only seems to happen when it is under a half a tank. My fuel gauge in my 2003 Chevy Venture Van is acting up. Would take some time and driving (half an hour) for i You can see both the fuel gauge and volt meter are working. I noticed it packing for a family trip and we are planning on driving 100 miles tonight. I'm trying to locate the fuse for my gas gauge. Initially the fuel gauge was pretty accurate, but within the last few months it has been getting increasing inaccurate. This happens when the fuel gauge assembly in the gas tank is set as a. If I start driving it will S L O W L Y creep up to where it belongs. On inclines or curves, the fuel gauge pointer may fluctuate or the low fuel warning light may come on earlier than usual due to the movement of fuel in the tank. It is not in sync with digital readings. The fuel gauge will read full when there is 19. 5 gallons of fuel left in the tank. More info on the Radium Fuel Pressure Gauge can be seen HERE. swinging from almost full to half to 2/3 full. If you don’t keep an eye on your fuel gauge, you could run out of gas. 340LPH E85-Compatible High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump (Offset Inlet) 340LPH High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pumps (Offset Inlet) 400LPH Metric Fittings High Flow Inline Fuel Pump Found it! I found a $37 solution to the schrader valve adapter at American Hose and Fitting, Inc in Kent, WA. I had this temp Gauge fluctuating problem (84' 318i) for a long time and I finally solved it. Incorrect/Fluctuating fuel gauge reading - posted in Service & Maintenance: I've been having the gas smell issue for a while now which I've been told that the VCV needs changing so in the meantime I've been venting the vapour occasionally by unscrewing the gas cap to release the pressure buildup. It's just stuck on completely empty and it's not moving at all. The issue has nothing to do with the engine so posting in the engine forum is the wrong place and also the wrong place to search. i have a 95 civic lx, and the fuel gauge fluctuates when I make turns. Replaced the fuel pump and sending unit w/sensors as advised by a reputable garage, still have the fluttering gauge. Re: New Fuel Pump Noise, Fluctuating Gas Gauge « Reply #13 on: February 20, 2013, 03:48:15 pm » The screws that holds the slider brackets that hold top to the bottom are missing all but one, and it looks kinda empty inside. Note: This E46 Fuel Starvation kit is intended for race use and will work with a factory fuel gauge and a stock wiring harness, but the gauge reading isn't always perfect. If one of the sensors is not reading properly, the fuel gauge will be erratic. Now, I put 10 gallons in the tank which carried me up to 3/4 tank and during the course of the day How Do Wideband Air Fuel Sensors Work? Text and Photos by Mike Kojima and Dave Coleman. The car still has a little under half a tank now and yet, this morning, I turn the ignition to the first turn, and it still shows empty (and light still on). Fuel Gauge Not Working Have you ever been driving on what you thought was a full tank of gas, only to see your fuel gauge drop to empty when you accelerate? Fuel gauges can go on the fritz for any number of reasons. To check the gauge first get a reading on the tank resistancesay 80 ohms. I have a 2004 2wd Toyota rav4, and recently my fuel gauge hasn't been cooperating. My speedometer will work sometimes when I drive and then it can all of a sudden start moving about a d eventually end up at 0mph and when going around a corner my fuel gauge sways. It was a blur because it was moving so fast. com The fuel gauge in my 2001 Tahoe (approx. Used Auto Parts for Sale. In most cases, the gauge will fluctuate to indicate low oil pressure. There are two main parts to a fuel gauge: the sender and the gauge. . You will need a voltmeter to check the reading from the sending unit to know for sure if it is working or not. l 3) Fuel gauge fluctuates at 1/4 tank and below while driving. This got me to thinking there has to be a more permanent solution for this problem. The most typical fault would be at one of the fuel level sending units. It is an annoyance and i want it fixed before im stuck somewhere out of gas when the gauge read quarter tank at one point and 0 at another. Sorry if this is a noob question, i'm still learning the ropes. 4; 72,000 miles) started acting strange lately. Hi all I have a 1996 F350 and recently the fuel gauge started acting up for a few days it would drop right down to empty then suddenly come up then drop again but only on the rear tank I unplugged the sending unit and tried to short out the wire to make the gauge come up nothing happened then yesterday the gauge went beyond full and stayed there even when I switch to the front tank it will This definately sounds like a bad O2 sensor. After the fuels runs down between a 1/2 to 3/4 the needle will begin to flutter, sometimes raising past the full mark. The gauge issue is either caused by a defective IPC (Instrument Panel Cluster) or a problem with either the sensor on the "sender" (often a combined fuel pump unit that is in the tank), or the wiring for the signal for the sender. The fuel gauge is composed of two components: a sender in the tank and a gauge on the instrument panel. If your fuel gauge is starting to give incorrect readings, it's possibly this sender. e46 Fuel Pump Failure You accelerate the failure date if you run it completely out of fuel a few times. This can happen if the little wires break inside the unit - I had to fix mine once with a steady hand and a soldering unit. The fuel meter assembly usually displays the fuel level as a needle on a gauge that is separated into sections, or as a digital, numerical readout. The cart didn't come with a gauge but I bought a fuel gauge which is a factory EZ GO gauge. "Fuel Gauge Problem" would be the term to use when searching. Owners of 2007-2010 Dodge Caliber FWD and 2007-2010 Compass or Patriot FWD vehicles may complain that the fuel gauge is not accurate or fluctuates at three-fourths tank or above. Dynamic movement of fuel in tank causes gauge fluctuation during vehicle maneuvers. . This is something I don't usually stare at, so maybe it's done it before, but as far as I remember it has pretty much always stayed right on the "5" psi mark. Hook a ohm meter to the tank wire & while you are driving see if it stays steady, if it goes up & down that's your problem. The fuel gauge isn't reliable and fluctuates whenever there is anything more than 20 litres of fuel in the tank. Mine fluctuates as well and I assume it is due to the lack of enough baffling in the tank, pretty normal in many cars, but not as noticeable in cars with an analog gauge. would like to check the fuse but cant locate it. The fuel meter assembly is the gauge or display, usually located in the instrument cluster, that displays the amount of fuel present in the vehicle’s fuel tank. Hey guys i tried searching for this but nothing came up, so here it is. Also the oil life remaining display is on all the time. at times it stays steady and then starts to fluctuate. The Bentley repair manual covers the removal and the testing of the sensors (Pages 160-15 through 160-18 , for your E39 5-series model). When I start my car up I can register a 1/2 tank. But the oil gauge is different. The mechanical parts are different, but after that it is basically a coil of resistance wire wrapped around a card and the wiper moves across the winding to change the resistance. Re: Fluctuating Fuel Gauge « Reply #7 on: December 16, 2014, 10:18:55 PM » Captkaos: yea it fried the sending unit at the level of the fuel that was in the tank at the time, so when the fuel level gets to that point the needle starts bouncing and it is time to get gas, but the right tank still works fine They fluctuate due to the design of the fuel level system. When it hit 155k the gauge went dead and i had to replace it with a unit with 126k miles. The Fuel gauge quick start code just makes the fuel gauge guess what the current SOC is when it’s first powered on after having no power. Situation: The fuel gauge may sporadically indicate an implausible fuel level (for example, indicating an empty fuel tank immediately after filling up). my fuel gauge will read 1/4 tank, the after I turn a corner it will go up to full and stay there. I have to keep hitting the button to make it go off. 3 v-6 motor. On the fuel gauge, make sure that the wires are installed so that they are insulated from the clamp on the gauge. This at times results in check engine lights that would fail emissions. Refer to the procedure in the Engine Controls sub-section of the Service Manual. The GM Fuel Gauge Mystery 1965 & Newer Diagnosing a problem with a GM fuel gauge or sending unit can be very frustrating and part of this frustration comes from not knowing the theory behind what makes that little needle swing back and forth in your dash or console. speedometer and fuel gauge fluctuating/ not working - posted in MkIV (Mk4) Golf & Bora: Hi everyone, Had a fault over the last couple of weeks. Fuel sender units are notoriously bad for giving a false reading and leaving people stranded with no fuel and 1/4 tank showing on the gauge. then i drove for a while stopped for a bit turned on the car little below half tank, then out of nowhere 5 mins of driving BAM my fuel light turns on, i dont think 5 minutes of driving can use almost a half tank, is this an easy senor fix or will it My fuel gauge doesn't work and if I measure the resistance of the sending units, they're just about spot on according to Bentley. The digital fuel readout below the needle seems to be reading accuratly. The sender consists of a float on an arm that varies the resistance the sender applies to the circuit with gauge. hell i just wish i had a fuel gauge!!i have never run out of gas in any of my cars while on the road, but i have run out of gas in the driveway in every one of them. 01-06-11 02:07 PM - Post# 2027921 I have a fuel pressure gauge needle that bounces up and down rapidly. After driving a while the needle will move up a little. Fluctuating Fuel Gauge. The 2002 Pontiac Aztek has 2 problems reported for fuel gauge fluctuates and low fuel light comes on. I have to drive at least 25 miles to have it register even a 1/4 of a tank and a full 70-85 miles for the gauge to get to show a more accurate level. If it goes completely bad, the fuel gauge will read empty while there is gas in the tank. You have no choice but to live with what you have. i know this is incorrect because i have been running the car for long periods and the car should be hot. if it is a sender assembly - it is not related to the IPC gauges. Haven't seen this problem to speak of on this forum so don't know if one of the many common issues with this model. I need help wiring a in a fuel gauge. The temperature gauge gets it power from the regulated output of the fuel gauge so the jumper strap connecting the A terminals of the fuel and temperature gauges My guess is your fuel gauge took a dump. Fuel Level Sensor Failure Each fuel tank is equipped with a level sensor that bathes in all that glorious ethanol and monitors the amount of fuel left in the tank. The other day it jumped from a quarter tank all the way to a full tank then started to slowly drop back down as I let off the gas. This Genuine BMW fuel level sensor provides fuel level information to the fuel gauge on E46 3 series. $340+ (Cdn) Never again. All sending units contain a "float" piece which does just what it describes - floats atop the surface of the fuel. Occasionally my Kenne Bell in-car fuel pressure gauge has showed sudden drops/fluctuations in my fuel pressure, falling from approx 39 psi down to 30 or 20 or even 0 and then up again and down and so on - however only when idling or coasting or highway driving - never under load. it is the sender, would this fluctuation likely be the sender? It reads full, then as soon as I burn off maybe a gallon or so, it just starts to go all over the map, reading lower if anything. When the gauge fluctuates to indicate high oil pressure, it is often indicative They fluctuate due to the design of the fuel level system. Ever since last week my 330i e46 almost stopped on the highway without fuel while the gauge still displayed almost a quarter tank and range said 100km. My new in July 2016 Red 2015 FJ-09 averages about 41 ~ 43 mpg on our crappy 91 octane E10 fuel and the gas gauge was fairly accurate and ran down normally until recently (at about 5,300 miles) when it started sticking on full until about 105 miles then suddenly dropping to half full where it should be approximately. Getting the fuel to the engine is a lot different today than it was back in the days of carburetors. For a generation or two, methods such as CO meters, vacuum gauges and the arcane and very subjective black art of reading 2001 Chevy Venture - Fuel Gauge Problems 03/25/2010 9:47 AM Fuel Gauge in 2001 Chevy Venture mini van, gauge keeps moving from full to empty and in between even though we know that the tank is full, what would cause the gauge need to move on its own for no reason Keith BMW E46 DIY (Do It Yourself). To explain the workings of an airplane fuel gauge in a simplistic manner: a float level gauge is fitted to each of the fuel tanks in the aircraft. Buy low price, high quality gauge bmw e46 with worldwide shipping on AliExpress. 133. When the fuel tank is more than 15 percent full, the ECM uses the signal circuit of the fuel level sender to calculate the remaining fuel level percent in the fuel tank. Took all night. '94. Or it will start with a particular fuel level, then have a completely different fuel level when I reach my destination. If you are having trouble with your fuel gauge fluctuating all over the place this fix may be for you. Engine is N42B20. ok so i needed to go for a drive to clear my head and when i started the car i had half a tank, thats cool. Alas, same problem with the fuel gauge at 99,140 miles on a 1991 Club Cab. Re: Fluctuating temperature and fuel gauge issue by Astron Boy » Tue Jul 07, 2009 12:25 am shmickmik23 wrote: The only thing i am not to sure on is if you meant that the original regulator is a 7v but the 8v will still show accurate readings on the gauges? my fuel gauge is significantly inaccurate, where the fuel is nearly empty and it reads about a quarter of a tank. So now it sits at 133k on the current gauge. I had the fuel sending unit changed in the tank of my 2000 Olds Silhouette a year ago because the gauge was fluctuating too. if your gauge is from a different panel ,it wont matter if your doing the transistor voltage regulator conversion as on Allpar, as that wont be dependent on the load as the one in the fuel gauge is. any how, the resolution was to have the entire cluster sent out to be rebuilt (no replacements are available). Fuel Tank Sensor, Right If you don’t keep an eye on your fuel gauge, you could run out of gas. Cause: Possible causes include a sticking sending unit lever, a defective fuel level sending unit, or an incorrectly installed fuel level sending unit. i took it out of gas tank and the snap ring that holds the float backed offand the float slid almost off. It's almost like the computer isn't seeing either of the sending units. I was a very common problem with GM's vehicles from the mid 90s till their current line. 2003 Sebring fuel gauge fluctuating while driving it (with gas in the tank), how can I do a troubleshooting and what - Answered by a verified Chrysler Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. If you determine that the gauge is bad, replace it or send it to an authorized VDO repair facility for service. O2 sensor diagrams and charts from NGK and Tech Edge . The manual says that it is a serviceable part. 5 K miles. When that happens, the needle at the economy fuel indicator ocillates back and forth. Beetles were first sold with electric fuel gauges beginning with the 1968 model year. Fuel pressure fluctuating wildly - leaking injector/bad regulator/something else? '97 GC, 4. When the fuel gauge shows “Empty,”we know there’s a few more miles left in the tank. At the time of replacement, the fuel gauge would not read full anymore, even with a full tank, but the fluctuation was gone. 8 gallons (75–82. My problems with the fuel gauge. Tank full - fuel gauge fluctuates all over the place. I have a perrin fuel rail and a liquid filled summit 100psi fuel gauge on it. Test for 1/2 Tank (45 Ohms) To test for 1/2 tank of fuel, repeat the last steps, except set the potentiometer to about 45 ohms of resistance. my luck aint gonna hold out much longer. A motorist can call it as a fuel sending unit. It is simply a float on a strain gauge that alternates resistance depending on the level of fuel in the tank. Dealing with a 1999 GMC Safari SLE w/ 4. com is the Internet's leading used auto parts locator. been doing this for three days this happens when i shift off from one to natural i took of my spectre air filter and put the stock box back in didnt help i k The fuel meter assembly is the gauge or display, usually located in the instrument cluster, that displays the amount of fuel present in the vehicle’s fuel tank. The digital fuel gauge gives the impression of precision, with all of the distinct pips, but its accuracy is no better than the old analog Hello, I noticed on the truck I just bought that the fuel gauge fluctuates a lot and doesn't seem to give a very accurate reading at all. My 05 rarely dropped and returned a bar due to the bladder in the tank which the 2010 does not have. Like the e36, the e46 has a saddle-shaped fuel tank that straddles the driveshaft. When you have issues with your fuel gauge, you will want to get it fixed as soon as you are able. 2011 Touring Fuel Gauge fluctuating / going up and down / going crazy - reads empty Today the Fuel Gauge went down to zero and the fuel light came on, when I know it had less than 1/2 a tank. the big fluctuation in voltage is from the old points type voltage regulator. 5V is the correct voltage for the gauges. i just slid it back on and it stayed good another 50,000 miles till i sols the bike. 5 L) in the fuel tank. What's been tried so far:New battery on suggestion of the local shop - they figured it would be good to start with a known good battery the batter was registered with the car properly after being replaced. Correction Install fuel level damper module kit P/N 12167652 following the procedure described on the instruction sheets included with the kit. If the gauge appears to be reading normally and you still suspect that the temperature readings are abnormal during engine operation, proceed to the temperature sensor testing procedure. Incorrect fuel sender installed/fuel gauge inoperative/fuel tank not filling properly. 4 tank left. Supplemental gauges have long been an easy and effective method of gathering and monitoring data on how the engine is performing, cooling system performance, engine tuning, oil pressure and temp, chassis dynamics, and just about anything else you can think of. i also found holes that were pin sized in my fuel line and relaced that also. Vacuum gauges have been a valuable tool to mechanics for years. In other words, the unit in your tank is getting a fluctuating or intermittent signal from the float and armature set-up. 2 years ago it would mostly stick at low fuel light. Then a few minutes later it reading over 3/4 of a tank. I've done the instrument cluster test and the guage worked fine. Has anyone been successful in repairing this problem with a new sending unit. Urgent feedback needed I don't have a fluctuating gauge, but a temp gauge I think is pinned all the way hot. It is mounted on the left side of the car. We carry BMW FUEL Pump Sending Unit (Level Sensor) - Used BMW parts with the following BMW part numbers. 99 percent of the time that I have seen a fluctuating gauge is was due to a sending unit malfunction. We help people find quality used auto parts from reputable salvage yards throughout the United States, while maintaining our client's privacy. Three weeks ago, I noticed that the needle moves from half-full to full when I drive the car, then when I am not running the needle goes back to half-full. For those that are wanting to do the repairs at home, this can save on the gas gauge repair cost. The Fuel Gauge / Temp Gauge went on my 2005 Aztec, The Temp gauge was not stepping down as it should,. 2001 Nissan Altima GXE 49000 miles Hi all A few months ago i noticed the temperature gauge fluctuating on my car,sometimes it drops to 0 ( the lowest number on the scale). Fuel Tank Sensor, Right My fuel gauge started bouncing on my 2007 ultra . A recall proves Nissan has the issue, but it only covers a small percentage of the affected vehicles. When doing any sort of repair or maintenance there is no replacement for genuine factory parts. com. Please select your year Re: Oil Pressure Gauge Fluctuating - TSB just removed the oil pressure sender its located by the oil filter and clean it out spray it with some carb or fuel injection cleaner you might get away by just cleaning it this way The fuel and temperature gauges can be bench tested by connecting a good ground to the gauge cluster and connecting positive 12v to the I terminal of the fuel gauge using a 3 amp fuse. Recently my gas gauge started fluctuating when I accelerate. -I just filled the tank up to the top yesterday and drove about 60 miles on the interstate. The oil pressure sender is similar to the fuel gauge sender. I will stop at the store, come out and start my car again and gauge will read between 1/4 and 1/2 tank. the Excessive Fuel Gauge Fluctuation (Install Fuel Level Damper Kit) Models: 1995-97 Chevrolet and GMC C/K 4 Door Utility Models Condition Some owners may comment about excessive fuel gauge needle fluctuation when making turns or braking with less than a half tank of fuel. The sensor's job is to let the ECU know how to adjust the air-fuel mixture. To ensure fitment and browse only products that fit, please use the vehicle selector on the left. A fill-up sends the gauge to E and illuminates the LOW FUEL message. I was told to replace the fuel sensor. Re: Fluctuating Fuel Gauge « Reply #7 on: December 16, 2014, 10:18:55 PM » Captkaos: yea it fried the sending unit at the level of the fuel that was in the tank at the time, so when the fuel level gets to that point the needle starts bouncing and it is time to get gas, but the right tank still works fine FUEL GAUGE problems with my E46 If it even mattersi drive a 2001 325ci I am having serious problems with my fuel gauge and it has been ongoing for the last couple years. Fuel gauge fluctuates like crazy - 1/2 to 1/4 then to below "E", then back up to 1/4 all in the space of <30 sec. Any idea what the issue is? fuel gauge inaccuracy—fluctuating tsb 13-2-8 miles/kilometers to empty ford: lincoln: 2009-2010 expedition, f-150 2009-2010 navigator issue part number part name a few days ago my temp gauge started to fluctuate and at times goes in the red zone and the check gauges light comes on and i get no heat, then it goes back down and i get heat. Re: Fluctuating fuel gauge The orange area or start of it tells you there is 2. Would go away after the fill up but not right away. With just under a quarter tank of fuel, the fuel gauge needle will fluctuate between the empty line and the 1/4 line. I'm guessing it fluctuates between the range of 35 to 55. Electric gauges are placed into the newer vehicles so it will be necessary to research more information on the electrical gauges. Re: fuel gauge fluctuates. If something is wrong with the engine, it can mean a greater problem than looking for the nearest gas station. Hi all Have an E46 M3 and the fuel gauge says its empty with the light on but i put fuel in the car and it was full. e46 fuel gauge fluctuating

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