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302 head swap This is one of the biggest steps in your 302 budget build. These pistons have a standard diameter of 3. Page 1 and in the basic GT350 head swap in post #2? My question is would it be ok/worth putting these heads on my completely stock 302 motor? (with aftermarket intake, cam, ect to come later) Are the GT40 heads a direct swap out for the stock heads? The 302 Windsor (302W) heads have 7/16" head bolt holes, the 351 Windsor (351W) have 1/2" head bolt holes. RHS Head Swap - LQ=HP A Bumpstick Swap and a Set of RHS’ New Heads Make a Truck Motor Really Haul. plenty of 4v 5. Unbelievable prices on swap muscle! Showcasing our curated catalog of swap muscle available for buying right now on the internet. 6 liter V-8, but I know virtually nothing (other than the info I have read on these forums, which is actually quite a bit of VERY good info!) about doing this. Swap Fitrite Kit 302-2 Holley Mounts Pan Engine Conversion Motor Ls Cpp Oil With Cpp Fitrite Motor 302-2 Oil Kit Engine Conversion Swap Mounts Pan Holley Ls With Holley 302-2 Ls Sale Innovative 92-95 Civic 94-01 Integra Conversion Motor Mount V6 J32 J30 60a Sale Innovative - $395. Hi Grumpy, I want to build a high reving v8 for my datsun Z. The specs stated above would be a very good street/strip head and would satisfy most 340/360 engines. I have a stock 79 Mustang 302 and just want to wake it up a little. Cars got them 1977. The head swap for the 331 came courtesy of Edelbrock in the form of its aluminum E-CNC 185 heads. The primary difference is cooling passages, because the 351C has a dryintake manifold and the Boss 302 has a wet one. Equipped with a 2. I have also put a cran 280h cam in it. Modifying a car to the point of doing a motor swap requires two things: a huge amount of time, and an even larger amount of money. 2. Far less than Hello LSx Guys!. Here is How To Install Cylinder Heads on Small Block Ford 302 5. 0l v8 (mostly stock). 6L 3V Camshaft Drive Kit Ford Racing M-6004-463V Small Block Ford 289 302 351w V8 Polished Aluminum Fabricated Valve Covers Sbf Cj7 Small 72-86 Jeep Cj Block Swap Sbc V8 Chevy 3row Cj5 Radiator+shroud+fan For 72 Aluminum head swap parts question Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a used set of Edelbrock Performer heads PN 60399. 050" cam and gain even more power Supreme posability, and the head actually extends out with and audible click to give full range on the beast mode head. Cxracing Engine Swap Kit For. lincoln, 90% of the parts swap on 4. 0l Upgrade Exhaust Cam Set M-6550-m50bexh Ford Performance - $840. Shop swap 33k headers in stock and ready for shipping right now! Your Rescue Plan documents will be delivered to you via email only to the address associated with your Amazon. I don't even know if they are still even around, but, they used to make the best heads, for small blocks. The majority of aftermarket heads are just the opposite which require a bolt spacer or a step down bolt which is available from A. Will not fit Veney head or Brad head. Depending on the condition of the earlier heads, it might be cheaper to get a modern set of aftermarket heads. (it retracts for transformation) The heads swap just fine, ditto the eyes. 10's LSD I have a 84 cj-7 and was needing advice on a 302 ford swap. R. They come complete with studs, guide plates and 1. 6s one word. So i pulled the original motor out and i had a '76 302 that fairy new so i stuck it in. Why not just swap your cylinder head? Or look for an easier to find, easier to do, cheaper alternative to the KA24DE? KA24E. Ford 302 cylinder head parts diagram along with s i ebayimg 00 s ndqwwduwma z bfqaaoxycmbss sd 35 set id 2 furtherfordification tech images schematics engine fe02 furthermores content repairpalcdn images emu operation taxonomy 165 165 images 35882 full 1486681159 moreovers hellcat org attachments sensor 166625. Obviously, the 363 stroker was stout enough to take advantage of the extra airflow offered by the CNC-ported heads, as the head swap netted 56 hp and 12 lb-ft of torque on an already impressive package. 0 Oil Ls2 Car Ls 5. If it's a factory 351W head, the intake water passages will be different. Six budget ford heads work - hot rod network, Today’s small block ford street engine builder has it easy. I realized I never finished this post. so. 94 valve head gained literally 1 second on my model a. An example of a symmetric hand-over- whereupon they bound and moved. 95 I won a set of D0OE-C 351W heads that were remanufactured by Ford on eBay last week. 0l Liftout Ford Ho Swap Conversion Engine 302 Complete 1994-1995 Ford Mustang Nice 377 Rotax Complete Top End Assembly Cylinders-heads-pistons Nice 377 - $295. 3s to run with the pride of having a V8. 0. Ford racing 4V Heads and Powder Coated DOHC Cam Covers for the 2003 2004 Mustang Mach1. Head Bolts The Magnum uses different head bolts than the LA engine — all of the long bolts on a Magnum are the same length. The 1969–1970 Boss 302 cylinder head is little more than a modified 351C head casting revised for use on a 302 block. Which heads are better 1970 Mustang 302 heads or gt40 I have a 1970 Coupe with a 302. Well, the 351w head swap will actually lower your compression ratio and reduce performance. Avoid the 1997. Ford Performance Sbf Z2 Top End Cylinder Head Package 289 302 351w Small Block For Sale Online 1964 Small Block Ford Pickup Truck Engine Swap Motor Mount Kit 289 Aluminum head swap parts question Hey guys, I'm looking at buying a used set of Edelbrock Performer heads PN 60399. The car felt really strong for the test drive but I cant wait to see how much it will push with heads. M. Competitive prices on swap 33k headers and related items. Bolt these onto your DOHC and make as much as 50 more horsepower from the heads alone. Hooker Headers manufacturers a swap header for 1983 to 1994 two-wheel drive Ranger and Bronco II's with 289-302's, part # HOK-6802. 00 1969 1970 Z28 Camaro 302 Corvette Chevelle 350 Heads 3927186 186 J-13-9. Both the 305ci and 350ci TPI engines used iron cylinder heads, and the Vortec would be a perfect swap. 8/351W) - 289 to 302 head swap - I have a 1965 289 and I just put 302 heads off a 88 ford f-150 on it. 0L Ford. 6 500GB with 2 platters and 4 heads. The car is a 4 speed so most likely will swap in a T5 at the same time. BUT take any of the heads, swap in some one piece swirl polished valves, do a throat and polish job, gasket match. HDD ID: Seagate 5400. 0/302, 5. 95 Manifolds, Exhaust, Head Gaskets. Begin with a clean work space. 6 valves. Not all that long ago, the small block fan’s only choice for Ford cylinder heads was the classic 351W Ford heads swap on a 302. As they are suited for the 351, they have larger head bolt provisions than 302 heads but included is a set of shims to allow for them to be bolted to a 302 using factory size head bolts without any issues. Browse 302 1 available for sale right now online. Only issue is three different balancer adapters, two different balancer basically. 0/2. Unfortunately, the Vortec’s different intake manifold bolt pattern made this swap unrealistic. it’d be done tastefully and with a view towards what the Mustang SVO was scheduled to become had it remained in production. I made an appointment with the Engine Doctor, Jon Kaase. New 5. Castheads. The 351W uses 1/2" head bolts the 302's use a 7/16" head bolt so you would have to redrill the the heads to 1/2", which would be a total waste since there is zero advantage in doing it. Engine Swap 302 Ford Motor Mount Kit For 1932-48 Studebaker $100. The engine is a carburetor conversion, its a 302 with Edelbrock Performance intake and a Holley 4-barrel GT-40 P Head Upgrade GT40P's were the heads put into the 97+ Ford Explorer/Mercury Mountaineer with the 5. . 500 lift and 160+ @ . 0 302 in the way of the Cobra version with the GT-40 cylinder heads and a speed parts market just overflowing with 302 goodies, I can understand their frustration, especially when the new 4. Today, the aftermarket lineup of Ford cylinder heads has plenty of castings from which to choose. Ford Sb 289 302 Solid Ft 210cc Cylinder Head Top End Engine Combo Kit. 6l There was a class for 6 cylinder dragsters and a guy cut and welded a couple of Boss 302 heads and made it fit the inline Ford 6 Tpi Swap . engine swaps are This is one detailed document explaining how to swap heads on one Seagate 5400. Ford Racing 1985-1993 Mustang 351w Engine Swap Accessory Drive Kits M-8511-b351. Installing fully rebuilt 302 bored 60 over, heads This site promotes an exhaustive array of items for sale right now online. In order to extract some extra power, we are going to swap the heads and put in a more aggressive cam. com Ford 351W Heads Porting the factory Ford 351W heads is popular for road racing classes. Here is a small resource for Ford engine data. Page 1 and in the basic GT350 head swap in post #2? Ok, im looking into doing a gt40 or gt40p head swap and im a little worried about just diving into it since ive never done anything myself this in depth so i have a few questions. 0 Car Oil Aluminum Holley Ls3 5. 30:1. 4 gap. Edelbrock Heads for 318. While I'm in there I'll be putting new lifters and cleaning everything up as much as possible. And consider the power inroads Ford had made with the 5. PI Intake & Cylinder Head Swap Info Needed I am extremely interested in purchasing a Ford Racing PI intake and getting some PI cylinder heads to install on my 1997 Thunderbird 4. 3 Holley Swap Ls2 Ls Muscle Engine Ls1 302-1 Pan Cast 6. $120. rebuilt motor including GT head swap. 00 Swap Fitrite Kit 302-2 Holley Mounts Pan Engine Conversion Motor Ls Cpp Oil With Cpp Fitrite Motor 302-2 Oil Kit Engine Conversion Swap Mounts Pan Holley Ls With Holley 302-2 Ls Sale Innovative 92-95 Civic 94-01 Integra Conversion Motor Mount V6 J32 J30 60a Sale Innovative - $395. the blocks have different combos of crap but u can use an aluminum cobra 4v block in to build a light gt motor, and use a iron gt 2v block w 4v heads . 1953 - . 00. Holley 302-1p - $499. They are basically on bottom end like an L98. Holley 302-1 Ls Engine Swap Muscle Car Oil Pan Cast Aluminum Ls1 Ls2 Ls3 5. Cylinder Head 8-302 Fits 78-79 Ford F100 Pickup 9813816 $90. My goal is to keep as much of the original look of the 79 motor as I can. I'm basically looking for a budget head swap me and my boys can do over their winter holiday. During teardown I noticed the heads were 1977 cast smogger heads, they had to go. 0l Ford Racing J Aluminum Cylinder Heads 302 Gt40 Cobra. Manifolds, Exhaust, Head Gaskets. not all that long ago, the small block fan’s only choice for ford cylinder heads was the classic 351w ford heads swap on a 302. 95. 2" domed pistons. Cylinder Heads: https://latemodelres. 0 is a cologne block so no. Head bolts on, but water and oil passages are different. The same air flow will apply to the 360 engine. You're going to regret the swap unless you change to a piston that fills the 915 chamber some, or you mill the living hell out of the 915s The 302 swap will not allow the pi heads to be bolted to it. The bellhousing bolt pattern is the same as a 302, so all trannies that bolt to a 302 will bolt to a 351. 0l High Output Decal Sticker Ho Mustang V8 302 Gt Swap Efi F150 Tbird 2178 New 5. I wouldn't even swap the head gaskets if everything looks good. It was a fun car but in the end I wanted more and I ended up swapping in and LY6 6. 02/1. Cylinder head swap 4. 8 is an essex block and the 4. 99. Well it's hard to believe that this whole engine swap actually started out as a simple cam swap which turned into a head gasket replacement session, then it stepped up to swapping a 20R head Ford Racing 3 Valve Boss 302 Head Changing Kit Modular 3V Head Rocker Arm and Lash Adjuster Kit FRPP M-6529-3V 2005-10 4. Chevrolet 235 Engine Swap This article comes from Patricks and I am including it because of the number of requests on how to do this procedure. 0 to 4. There are versions availble for the fornt sump and double sump oil pans. 0l to 4. Search. 1953 - 1964 Small Block Ford Pickup Truck Engine Swap Motor Mount Kit 289 302 Ford Windsor . Click to find out more about this ford windsor heads, 302 factory cast b type, at just_parts Small Block V8 (221, 260, 289, 5. A lot will be needed to swap the motor, including k member and wiring, to name two. 5 Quarts 302-1p. Head gasket and block: Head gaskets designed specifically for swapping Cleveland heads onto the Windsor block are available from Ford's SVO department at 313-337-1536. Get your GM Truck on the road daily - get your project on the road with this swap kit! 1988-1998 GM Trucks LS Conversion Kit. It was a inline 6 with a blue clip motorcraft brainbox, wandering if it will just plug up to the 302 i have and if so what tranny and transfer combo would b easiest match? Having tested heads on an otherwise stock 5. Our pricing wouldn’t be much different at all for the kit parts, which tends to keep the budget buyers from looking at our kits. GT350 Heads on 302? Discussion in 'Boss 302 and S197 Technical Forum' started by cholmes1, Jun 23, 2016. The car already has a 224/228 . It will now pull the hills rather than shift down. Hey guys, as some of you know, I'm going to swap some GT40Ps onto my truck for a few reasons. Purchase a $400 typhoon intake, a $40 distributor, $50 in lifters, $30 in pushrods. The good doctor told me about a new set of 302w or 351w heads that are ahead of their time like morphine to a cheap bottle of whiskey. Aerohead concentrates on improving factory O. Swap in a truck/RV cam and you'd have torque for days. Car 302 For Sale Holley Gm Ls Retro Fit Oil Pan Polished Muscle Car Swap 5. I have a few limitations because of my car and some drivetrain components. 200 lift if the port is properly done. 0l High Output Decal Sticker Ho Mustang V8 302 Gt Swap Efi F150 Tbird 2177 Did this engine swap this past year . Holley 302-1 . The whiskers are such a nice touch. Shop right now! has anyone here run 351 heads on a 302, for those who have what pushrod length are you running? I have 69 Windsor Heads (Casting=C90E G) for a '89 302 Block. More Help Get an alert with the newest ads for "aluminum heads" in Alberta . 5 are interchangeable as long as as the a VVT head goes on a VVT block and a non VVT head goes on a non VVT block, due to an extra oil hole in the heads/blocks. So if you find a pair of 1976 351W heads they could go either way, OK or the same (or worse) as you have now. It was a daily driver until some valves started pinging. 0l . I want to swap out the existing 350 small block engine in my 93 Silverado pickup (it has center bolt valve covers). Hey guys, with so much talk about the 3RZ Conversion and its benifits/drawbacks, I thought I would start this thread for a more common place for those seeking more insight to the 3RZ. > For aesthetics sake I'm considering a tri power carb setup. This includes: Heads, cam, lifters, timing chain, timing chain cover, water pump, engine mounts, and all sorts of other stuff. At 29. 1987-1995 Ford Mustang 5. Most stock Fox Body Mustangs can expect an increase of 20-40 horsepower over stock heads (at the crank), so around 15-30 rear wheel horsepower. 2ton it right, it takes the same, if not or more $$ to get the early 351 heads to come close to what available from the aftermarket now. 0 L mustang swap Pirate 4X4 has a thread on the 5L HO mustang engine started in 2002 still going strong! I think it has over 15,000 posts and lots of great info. wondering to swap stock rockers off the 78, heads, yet, i have to buy the screwed in studs. If you swap "real" '69-'76 351W heads onto a 302 you need to use the 351W style intake manifold gaskets, as the 302 gaskets will leak water at the unique 351W intake manifold water ports. Ok Boys and Girls, I know a lot of you have questions on doing a swap out of your poor 4 bangers or mere 4. in the 70's it was popular because we were initially dealing with lower octane (in the 60's 105 octane was common) and then unleaded gasoline hit in 1976/1977 and detonation was an issue so the #1 solution was to lower the cylinder pressure and compression ratio's. The 302 heads are already low flowing heads for a 302, on a 351w they will starve it for air some. Ford Performance 302 351w Fel-pro 1031l 1031r Race Head Gasket Set M-6051-r351. I purchased the 1988 302 Felpro Head gasket kit which includes all the gaskets from heads up. Mazda B6 DOHC Head Swap . Ford Performance Cylinder Head Bolt Kit for Mustangs with a 289, 302 or 351W Engine. That alone made this swap worth it. 6 roller rockers. Must use head bolt kit M-6065-D289 to install cylinder heads on 289/302 production blocks or head bolt and head gasket kit M-6051-A50 Designed for bolt-down rocker arms part number M-6564-B351 for a 1. Make sure The head swap for the 331 came courtesy of Edelbrock in the form of its aluminum E-CNC 185 heads. 0 | GT40P Heads. The Boss 302 cylinder head was an all new design with huge ports and valves (even bigger than the Tunnel Port’s) for maximum breathing efficiency. 8/351W) - 302 vs. Get a complete junkyard 4. They flow 140 some cfm on the intake side which is horrible. I have the GT40 TurboSwirls, very good head for the money. 8l 170ci 3. Why would someone put 289 heads on a 302? The easiest, of course, is to swap a 1966 to 1970 1/2 289/302 into your car as these have the 3 bolt balancer and the 28oz imbalance. The head and cam set on this motor is made for a heavy truck so it is biased towards torque. 68-s 302 on a budget build a ford build on a budget cam install cam installation camshaft classic car engine classic cars cleaning the engine donor 302 e303 e cam engine for muscle car engine paint fast v8 ford engines ford racing ford small block gt40p heads hot rod engine hot rods how to install a camshaft how to install an oil pump how to Holley 302-1. 00 12-688-47 Comp Cams Oval Track 4 And 7 Swap Firing Order Solid Flat Cam Kijiji Alerts are an email notification service where Kijiji users can have the newest Ads sent to your email address. Small Block V8 (221, 260, 289, 5. 6 was down on power big time, compared to the GM twins. (and therefore the two heads) swap places” microtubules immobilized on a cover glass, The active portion of the kinesin motor is (10). Holley Engine Oil Pan 302-2 6. If the C4 is behind a 289 in that Mustang, it'll bolt right up with no issues. 5", they are 2" longer than the Chevy counterpart, but the same length as the AMC V8's often found in Jeeps. 00 Which heads are better 1970 Mustang 302 heads or gt40 I have a 1970 Coupe with a 302. Discussion in 'Technical' started by justin has a 74, PS, I think 302 is like this, head gaskets marked FRONT. 00 It has side bolt valve cover heads; it is a stock-type new engine, ie flat top pistons, etc. 1978 Mercedes 240D with a 1987 Mustang 302 HO motor and a 1983 C-6 tranny. to/cylinder-heads Valvetrain Components: https://latemodelres. $499. 9 engines. If you are going with earlier ones, they need hard seats. A stock 351W cylinder heads will flow in the 160 to 170 range on the intake side and just below 130 cfm on the exhaust. 710", the pistons must be ordered 0. There are many repositories of similar data on the web and there are some links to these on this page. 00 said to ran 5000 miles on it. 0 for the swap Find Summit Racing® Vortec Cylinder Heads SUM-151124 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Are you looking for a good set of heads to up the performance factor of your Vortec engine? 1994-2004 Mustang Heads Add a set of 1994-2004 Mustang cylinder heads & accessories to your SN95 or New Edge for a huge horsepower and torque gain. The trans The head swap is no different from any other head swap. I have a stock 302 that I am looking to get a little more juice from, by swapping to 351w heads, and was curious if I need to get different sized pushrods. Speedway Motors Ford 289 302 351w Engine Swap Tubular Crossmember Motor Mount $59. 6 ratio. Shop 289 302 in stock and ready to ship now. Lingenfelter offers engine building, engine & chassis tuning components and installation for most GM vehicles. This was proably the most stressful part of the repair because the gaskets were identical. Catalytic convertors combined with carburetors were problematic so many were gutted [illegal of course] like you found . These Trick Flow Twisted Wedge and Ford Racing PI heads are the perfect upgrade to any 4. 1 gap but the AUs had a 1. Re: Head Swap 3. "It's possible to swap a set of heads from a 1990 Vortec truck engine onto the original '55 265. He battled some issues at first that turned out to be totally unrelated to the swap. This in no way means a motor swap is easy, economical, or even a good idea. 1964 Sb Chevy Cylinder Heads 3782461 Pair Malibu Nova Vette 461 Small Block 1963. 2qt Aluminum For 1955-1987 Chevy W Ls Swap. You might have smacked some pistons with a few valves ruining the valves along with the possibility of damaging the head and pistons that hit. I am putting some GT40P Heads on my 91 coupe. 302 has been used on this drive. 200 bore 426 hemi with fuel head, . SYNOPSIS To use the Small Block Chevy 350 head on a 400 block, it will be necessary to drill six holes in the cylinder heads. Just one thing to keep in mind for all is I will not be including a cam swap in the write up. and probably why Edelbrock discourages the swap is lack of compression in a 318. 6 2v-4v MODULAR is the key word. Find Chevrolet Performance Vortec Cylinder Heads 12558060 and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! These cast iron Vortec cylinder heads will fit 1958 and later small block Chevy engines, and offer a 20 to 40 HP increase over earlier cast iron small block heads. That means that almost all parts swap between a 302 and a 351. The standard EL XR8s had a 1. The heads I had previously were a set of fully ported and polished '70 351W's, three angle valve job, screw in studs and roller tip rockers. The 351W heads will not be worth the trouble of swapping onto your 302 block. The cylinder head installation is a thorough process and there are steps you must take to ensure proper cylinder head alignment and torque specifications. The large cannister in the exhaust was a pre-catalytic convertor which would have had a "honeycomb" catalytic material inside . 6 hard drive. 915 heads vs 302 heads. This is a discussion on 302-351W Swap within the Leaner and Meaner Birds [1977-1979] forums, part of the Thunderbird Model Years category; I currently own 2 79 Tbirds with 302's and FMX trans. Mazda B6 DOHC head on A-engine. We pulled it from the junkyard and added a Lunati hydraulic roller cam, some head mods, and an intake and You can swap heads complete with rocker arms and valvesprings as long as cam in your '76 350 is less than . Early 302's ran much smaller combustion chambers than any 351 head, so what your friend calculated may be true. Swap Muscle Car Ready to Ship. My first EFI swap was an LT1 with a CC306 cam and ported heads. 3 6. P. This is the Track Boss intake for 351W applications with 351C heads. 3 Howard's Chrysler $399. $1,300. The more affordable of the two will be the standard GT cylinder cylinder head with its revised intake and exhaust ports that outflow the outgoing BOSS 302 CNC heads. 050" or install some small domed piston. Mopar V8 Size Comparisons At only 25" wide (valve cover to valve cover), the Mopar Small Block is 1" narrower than the Chevy V8. 7 ratio rocker arms. Done the 351W head swap twice on 302's, as previously mentioned, not worth the trouble! To regain the loss in compression ratio, you'll need to mill the heads approx. Head Comb No. 2l 196ci L6 Sohc E12 M30 Cylinder Head 1277358. Personally, I run DART, or currently called World Products, I think. thanks A Boss 302 style windage tray is an inexpensive optional part of the recipe. 0 or 3. The motor is a 72 318, mild cam of unknown pedigree weiand 8007, 1" ported spacer, and a spread bore holley 650 dp. motor is a 30 over dish piston , 93 truck motor with a 420/440 lift cam, 1. 1969 1970 Z28 Camaro 302 Corvette Chevelle 350 Heads 3927186 186 K-24-9 K-28-9. The Vortec heads reigned supreme in every category and when paired with a decent cooling system, the Vortec heads will be as dependable as any cast iron head that came before it while increasing the over-all performance of your engine. However, with the 78-85 heads, thats not the case, as the 351W heads increase the compression by almost a full point. Right now I can buy a 351non roller that needs bearings, crank resurfaced,hone and rings with good gt40 heads, swap pan, balancer, flyweel , comp 292h flat tappet cam all for $300. 95 Blueprint Engines Hp8103 Muscle Car Series Aluminum Cylinder Head. Pulling a 302 from one of my Fox body mustangs (1987) to swap in another I have already built. With that being said all heads and blocks are interchangeable from 2. I have a 93 TBIRD Lx with the 5. Visit this selection of Maverick 302 W Marti now! I think a head swap is the only way to get significant performance increases out of the 200, since I don't see how any porting could be done with the stock log manifold cast into the head, and since the log manifold only accepts a 1V carb. 5+ Explorer/Mountaineer heads because you need a particular header to work on those heads and it would most likely cause clearance issues with your framerails. 6 rockers, airgap intake, and a 750 holley. 6. 302 ford cast iron heads keyword after analyzing the system lists the list of keywords related and the list of websites with related content, in addition you can see which keywords most interested customers on the this website Ford 351 Windsor Cylinder Heads - Brzezinski Racing Products. 0 5. The advantage they have over other pre magnum head is the redesigned exhaust port that flows more and has a better intake to exhaust flow balance. com account and can be found in your account message center within the Buyer/Seller Messages. As for a V6, VG30E. 30 pass last weekend of october , to a 12. Someone please educate me on a head swap. 57 valve package, the Edelbrock heads offered an additional 135 cfm over A good 340 head with the 1. 88 valve should flow in the 235/240 range @ . The Vortec engine camshaft, roller lifters, and pushrods from the Vortec engine won't swap to yours, your block has no provisions for the hydraulic r 2) 351 head bolts are bigger around that 302 head bolts. Shop swap 33k headers in stock and ready for shipping right now! -I have up for trade my 1979 4 speed Z28 Camaro With a very sought-after 1969 DZ 302 engine W-Camel Back heads, engine has been bored and stroked. GT40P's, 600 cfm Holley, Performer intake and matching cam, Blackjack headers on a 302. o. Given your proposed combo a set of 302's or Magnums Heads for the money, for Mopar 340, AND 360 AND THE NEWER magnum 5. Engine Oil Pan Holley 302-2 Ls Swap 67-69 Camaro 64-72 Chevelle 68-74 Nova. 050" cam and gain even more power Which heads are better 1970 Mustang 302 heads or gt40 I have a 1970 Coupe with a 302. 0l Oem New Ford Ford Performance 2012 Boss Mustang 5. To really wake it up get a set of Canfield 18 degree or AFR 185s. Do a 4. For the low dollar route, get a set of GT40P heads and some port work, or a set of world heads. Engine Swap Cast Aluminum Ls3 302-1 Muscle Ls1 Pan 6. 00 Photo of Franco's Engine Rebuilders - "1968 bronco w/a 302 h. for $100. As Scott points out, later heads are vitually the same. Lingenfelter Performance Engineering was founded over 45 years ago and is a globally recognized brand in the automotive performance engineering industry. swap to a set of vortec heads (1996-02 chevy truck 350) and that bolt on head swap will gain you 30-35 HP, plus if you use fel pro 1094 head gaskets with it, you will have around 9. E. That means the 302 head bolts don't take up all the space in the bolt hole on the 351 head which leaves you open to the risk of the head moving and popping the head gasket. This is one BADA$$ car too much to list. 4s and 4. theres always those guys that say they want to build a 302-327, or 350 sbc combo, and spin it to 7000-8000rpm rather than a 383, and slap vortec heads on it so as to save the cost of better heads, then expect to spin the combo to 7000-8000rpm plus, on a stock 350,because it will rev higher, the problem is valve control and short block durability, every experianced engine builder will tell you swap to a set of vortec heads (1996-02 chevy truck 350) and that bolt on head swap will gain you 30-35 HP, plus if you use fel pro 1094 head gaskets with it, you will have around 9. Showcasing our large variety of 289 302 available for sale today. " - El Monte, CA 1968 bronco w/a 302 h. 0L Ford, we can say a head swap is not the first modification to be considered (pick the cam), but the gains offered by the extra head flow will be useful after you apply the proper cam and intake manifold sometime down the line. If you get a stock std 351 with flat top pistons and the slugs about 31 though down the bores like in std conditon and wack on some 302 closed chamber heads at approx 58cc with normal head gasket at 41 thou thick, you will have around 10. cylinder heads for the budget oriented engine Machining the 350ci cylinder heads to match the 400ci heads is an excellent way to keep your 400ci engine alive. The gains will be so small if any at all especially because most 302w heads and 351w heads are identical other than the head bolt holes. The Boss 302 proved successful in Trans Am racing and it was sold to the public as a high performance option in Mustangs for two model years, 1969 and 1970. Tpi Swap Tuned Port Camaro Trans Am Fuel Rail Adapter Fittings 6 An Nickel Plate Tpi Swap Tuned Port Camaro Trans Am Fuel Rail Adapter Fittings 6 An Nickel Plate Tpi Swap . Additionally, some of the Magnum engines used Torque To Yield bolts, and as such are not reusable. 0 heads on a 2. There are 3 holes that you must drill in the Windsor block, however, to match up with the Cleveland water passages. 0 For Sale Online. you cant put any of the heads from them onto each other. These heads are usually replaced with the superior E7TE 302 castings Again, Ford used the E7TE casting numbers for the EFI 302 and the EFI 460. Sparkplugs for GT40P Heads - MustangWorks. 8 the 3. Best way to assess the damage is to pull the engine and take off the heads. to/valvetrain How To Install 302/351 Mustang Camshaft & Ti 63 Falcon 302/black and rust/shed isn't moving Remember that with a PI head swap you will be at over 10. Re: 302 head swap? wouldnt kill it any would it? the heads that are on my motor now need to be gone through, and that 351 ran good untill it locked up, so i thought i might use the heads untill i get the 351 rebuilt Last September my 302 was running poorly due to bad valve seals. 25 compression, which I acheive with . 3L 5 speed 4. the only one you could do that on is 4. The Chevrolet 'inline 6 engine was Chevrolet's sole engine from 1929 (when it replaced their 171-cubic-inch) inline 4) through 1954, and was the company's base engine starting in 1955 when they added the small block V8 to the lineup. Aerohead Racing Component is a stock division of Indy Cylinder Head. Th i s MAG head also may be retro-fit to the 273, 318, 340,360 "LA" en gines, BY ADDING THE MAG TYPE ROCKERS, STUDS 302-351W Swap. 2v to 4v Head swap 3 Answers After I have exhausted my bolt on modification options, im moving to the heads. yes my nose was whistling, just coming off a cold. 591 and a 112 lsa. Last month, we showed you a buildup on Tim Moore’s budget 5. 2 and 5. Shop a curated catalog of 302 1 in stock now online. Truck engines got "302" head with the smaller valves in 1975. Ford 5. 0 302 Premium. Cylinder Head Innovations for 302w Heads & 351w Heads. 302 5. 351 head bolts are 1/2" 302's are 7/16". 4) If you swap the crank, be sure you use the same external balancing as the crank was designed with. but, i do see on craigslist of roller 3/8 sbf pdm? rockers 1. make sure it faces front. Would GT40 or E7 heads be a direct swap? Rebuilding the heads from my mustang. 030" oversize, which are readily available. 8L motor. went from a 13. 34 pass the first weekend in november. 289 heads - I just bought a used 302 but it has 289 heads. I read a lot of posts on 302, 305, and 377. 591/. But, you might want to consider not reusing the old balancer (if it is more than a couple of years old or has cracked rubber). I would have saved a bit if I had done the LS swap first. 430" lift. 8 Cylinder Head Smog Thermactor Plugs Sbf 351 Tfs-5140026 Holley 302-2 - $378. Dan's engine recipe incorporates pistons from the 1980 - 82 Ford 255ci truck engine, which is a small bore version of the 302. 3/2. Find ford 302 heads from a vast selection of Cylinder Heads & Parts. Comp Cams - $80. Volvo DOHC head swap 2010-12-21 . Some of the rocker studs were damaged in shipping so I was planning on returning them. 0L, or 5. We are not interested ion making a small block ford (302) based swap kit for an E46 chassis. The E6TE 302 heads where the "heart" shaped chambered,shrouded valved EFI castings. $423. 1986-1995 Ford Car 302. head swap starts today. . i went to every store in town and they all were indentical gaskets. If you're re-building a 289, 302 or 351W engine, make sure you have all the small parts and pieces you need before venturing into the project--order this Cylinder Head Bolt Kit M-6065-D289 by Ford Performance today from CJ Pony Parts! E7 heads are on fuel inject motors but regardless a 302 intake is a 302 intake heads don't matter 2007 F-150 SuperCrew Lariat 2003 Explorer front end swap, 7/8 drop, 2. I run 64cc chamber 351w heads on a 302 and have 10. Ford Windsor 289-302-351ci Alloy Cylinder Heads + Studs And Guide Plates Bolt On Ford Mustang 302 5. Product Description. 9l block since they are both cologne blocks I'm getting a set of GT40Ps from a 220kw AU fitted shortly (with the roller rockers) and I'd like to know what spark plug to run. 680". 75:1 compression then could use a bigger cam like the 204/214*@. 6 compression ratio I don't even know if they are still even around, but, they used to make the best heads, for small blocks. 302 The Camaro was Chevy's the LT used a new block and head design with "reverse flow CFE ProKing Inline Valve SBF. If its well below that with aother 64cc head, Id consider either going with a smaller chamber head, or you can go with the 64cc head if thats the only option but have them milled down some. This swap kit is for 1988-1998 GM ½ ton 2 wheel drive trucks and SUVs. what size push rod do you use on a 302 with a older style 351 head and a set of 1. 5:1 compression, and that is truly pushing it for that a vortec head swap from a 93 1. Much of the published information on the 351W head swap is wrong, as it was related to earlier 302`s with stock heads that had smaller chambers, so the 351W heads lost compression. 6L, 5. Dad did get the hybrid 300 6 with ls1 head running and it made it down the track. Trick Flow twisted wedge 170cc head with good parts to match cam Your 302 can get you plenty of the power you need but you will do some work for it. 426 Hemi Annealed Copper head gaskets, For 4. 0 Head swap on the 258 (currently in a running YJ, was a crate motor, only has 7K miles since it was installed) 3. During the winter, I decided to breathe new life into the heads. Holley 302-2 Ls Engine Swap Oil Pan Ls1 Lsx Ls2 Camaro 302/351w intake manifold installation instructions no part of this document may be reproduced without prior agreement and written permission of Was able to drive the jeep down the highway at speed and I do have to say, there is a bit more torque from the 351w over the 302. Windsor . Motor is originally from an Explorer. Despite the claims that 302 heads give you more power and have smaller combustion chambers is all false. The pre 1976 351 heads have bigger ports than the 289-302 heads which is why they were a popular swap when we didn't have all the good aftermarket cylinder heads like we do now. 0l 302 Swap Ford Ho Conversion 1994-1995 1994-1995 Mustang 5. The ProKing is a (ultra) high-port, 10 degree inline (windsor style) racing head designed for serious racing use only. Free Shipping on orders over $100. this question is for a body. 0l Sbf Kit Swap Oem New Ford M6675a50 Pan V8 Engine Mustang Oil Racing Oil 302 V8 Kit New Racing Sbf Ford Oem Pan Engine Mustang M6675a50 Swap 5. 5. What Are The GT40 Head Power Gains? Although you will see different gains from car to car and with more mods, we can give you a ball park power gain that you will see from doing the swap. 043 thick. Although mostly a racing cylinder head, it does have a purpose on the street--yielding as much as 7,000 rpm and a whopping 500 hp. The 351 Windsor has a wider block than the 289/302 small-blocks, so it requires a wider intake manifold. They flow better than the regular GT40 heads (originally available on the SVT Mustang Cobra from the early 90's I believe), especially on the intake side- though the exhaust valves flow slightly better as well. Duratec head swap I am switching out my 2. I have the exact combination you describe. Or if you are up for it, you can always swap pistons, and/or have the deck surface machined if necessary. Single slammer. 39 Engine Swap Cast Aluminum Ls3 302-1 Muscle Ls1 Pan 6. 1978 - 1986 Bmw 528i 2. 0L (302). James Duff Enterprises offers headers for use in a Ranger or Bronco II when equipped with a C4 and 302. 0 is a vulcan block the 3. As for the best head for a 302 is a catch 22. com : Ford Forums Featuring a large, friendly Mustang enthusaist community with message forums, chat, classified ads, a performance analyzer, and the ability to post your own Mustang on our User's Rides section and upload your own pictures, sound, and Holley Gm Ls Retro Fit Oil Pan Polished Muscle Car Swap 5. Get great deals on eBay! The cylinder head installation is a thorough process and there are steps you must take to ensure proper cylinder head alignment and torque specifications. 3L (from Ford Racing), I'd like to shave a little off the new head to leave me about 10. Buy now! I am going to swap the stock 302 non-roller block for a roller block, GT4-p headed motor. Actually, for any engine its a catch 22. Ford 302 V8 . Re: 302 Rebuild - GT40 Head Swap Post by Steve83 » Sun May 14, 2017 6:21 pm Follow the instructions at the bottom of the caption of the first diagram I posted on this page to stab the distributor properly. To fit the prepared Rover cylinder bore of 3. 0L head to a 2. Junkyard Builder. Liftout Mustang Engine Complete 5. 302 head swap