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8700k delid temps After a delid and used some thermal grizzly liquid metal. Der i7 8700k bekam eine neue Wärmeleitpaste, also Flüssigmetall drauf, zugeklebt und für 30min - 1 Stunde im Delid-Die-Mate 2 trocken lassen. The Core i7-8700K CPU alongside a penny for scale. That extra 100mhz wont do me any good anyways So your going to delid your new $400 8700k for 100mhz and a few C? I've done i7 4770k that runs cooler at 4. DELID-DIE-MATE 2. I'm using a custom EK waterblock loop which is the only way to go if you are going to push the limits on a cpu like the 8700K. Maybe when you get to tinkering next time invest in a cpu delid kit or send it to someone who does that work. In any case, the stock-clocked i7-8700K proved perfectly happy under our Hyper 212 Evo The Intel Core i7-8700K and Core i5-8600K are being offered in pre-binned, 99. 3ghz on all cores, it still is hell lot of performance and should assist you temp wise until you manage the delid. stock. 8700k delid 8700k intel 8700k temps 8700k motherboard 8700k cinebench score 8700k gpu. Find great deals for Intel Core i7-8700K 3. 3v) but the temps under load were 80-90's. 8GHz. I am a On hand today we have the Core i7-8700K, based on Intel's new "Coffee Lake" architecture, it is designed to operate no slower than 3. In any case, the stock-clocked i7-8700K proved perfectly happy under our Just how hot is Coffee Lake? so slightly higher temps than we're used to should be par for the course. i have an idea! lets engieneer the crap out of cpu so its the most sophisticated peace of tec the world have ever seen and than use worst thermal paste so that people have to improve out 400$ product using homegrown methods. Unless the entire solder puddle decoupled from the IHS, then it might delid pretty easy. I already know it can run nice and stable at 5. It took me roughly 20 minutes from start to finish and I made this video just for a reference to show how easy it was to accomplish. Versión para imprimir. Mas tenho pena que não tenham focado nos procedimentos do delid Gostaria de ter visto mais de perto e de um outro ângulo, cada procedimento desta técnica, pois daria uma melhor perspetiva desta técnica. 37v with low temps) without delid. I don't benchmark and chase numbers and think 4. Je viens partager mon expérience suite au delid de mon 8700K par Amatthy. 2ghz in bios from 36-38c to 23-25c Because of delid i was able to achieve a 5ghz overlock with a 240mm liquid cooler. 108 likes. The RAM is a decent bin of Samsung B-die and works fine at 4000 17-17-17-38-2t with all of the secondaries set, i have vccio at 1. I decided to delid (w/ liquid metal) and now I'm at 5Ghz at 1. 2600k Delid hay nhất tổng hợp tất cả video clip hay về 2600k Delid mới nhất Intel® Core™ i7-8700K Processor (12M Cache, up to 4. 9 hours ago, bean_sprout said: A 7700K runs faster than an 8700k in many cases. 3v-1. can you try put voltage to adaptive mode and leave auto or +0. just your typical butthurt basement dweller. 7 and 4. Delid meines 8700k, my first delid ever :D Temperaturunterschied ~ 20° Vorallem läuft er jetzt kühler, schneller und effizienter (4,8Ghz). skill 3200Mhz RAM, ROG Strix Z370-i Gaming motherboard, and a 1080 GTX Founders Edition I had since it was released. Temps are way down - happily runs 5. Looking around the various forums I am getting a lot of inconsistent opinions about acceptable temps so I figured I would ask here to see what you guys think. Shipping instructions are located here. 85 Grad stehen. 7 GHz. Are these temps normal for a 8700k 5ghz delid? So instead of delidding myself (too scared) and since I needed an upgrade anyways I bought a pre-binned 8700k from silicon lottery for 5ghz. Before I only have my poor laptop to play games and stuff, as a result i can't do my work for even 1 hour anymore unless i plug it. 6-4. I know several 8700K owners who does not want to delid. Still so high temps. 8700K temps in Clevo P7xTM1's. Har mycket bra temps med den, 64c avg temp på kärnorna och 75c som max peak, med en noctua D15. 5 with intels cheap thermal paste. Because of the drop in temps I was able to get a overclock to 5. some people have gotten up to a 30c drop in temps. thanks man. According to our recent gov't short-funded research, the Intel 8th Gen family a. 8ghz - 1. I7 8700K, OC 5,1 ghz, 100% load 71 grader :) Har netop modtaget min i7 8700K efter en tur i Rasmus kyndige hænder. com/pages/linus-tech-tips/linus2 Check out the These temps are higher then my old AIO cooler, which was a corsair H100i with cougar fans. DA: 19 PA: 18 MOZ Rank: 96 8700K stock vs delid temps ? 8700k temps gaming. This is not unnormal after a delid. 2017 Question about Delid-Die-Mate 2 by aronhornet1 on 16. See screenshot for temps after playing Project Cars 2. I did the spread method where I spread the paste over the whole IHS, ive had more success then pea method and such. No idea what exactly was the fault, malware, no win reinstall on new cpu, overclock, drivers But the problem was gone. 7 GHz for editing digital content, streaming live gameplay, and running other types of intensive tasks. Delid MTL. A delid did a lot for temps, but I had to add water since it takes 1. 27V) as you want and report the voltage here at desktop. Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700K CPU De-Lid & Re-Lid Results. Might want to check MB VRM temps across manufacturers as well as some need direct cooling. il y a vite fait le temps de mettre des filets de pâte thermique Habe damit jetzt keine Temps höher als 75°C, vorher nach kurzer Zeit 95°C und dann sinkende Taktraten. I decided to delid (w/ liquid metal) and now … DA: 1 PA: 15 MOZ Rank: 51 8700k - Temps Ist zwar blöd, Euch mit so einer simplen Frage zu belästigen, aber ich finde im Netz so viele verschiedene Angaben, dass ich gar keine Schlüsse daraus ziehen kann. Flawless performance after. 424V is the measured voltage, not what was set in the BIOS. Once delidded I used liquid metal to cool the chip and BOOM! 20c cooler!. That and 1. If you don't overclock, this is the best CPU for performance per dollar. We got in our retail purchased Intel Core i5-7600K Kaby Lake architecture processor and of course the first thing we wanted to do was absolutely, specially if the CPU is kinda old. Intel is hitting back with its eighth-generation Core series, which counters Ryzen with cores, lots of cores. What an improvement in lowering temps. Ryzen, power draw, and production benchmarks. 8 never reaches 50c but then again I delided mine and is under custom loop. 7Ghz? After stress testing using a few different programs for the past 6 hours I have some temps readings that honestly aren't that bad, but now I'm tempted, should I delid my new 8700K and push it further, Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut liquid metal seems to get great reviews and is easy to get a hold of, but finding a quality delidding tool that is Intel Core i7-7700K Stock With Thermalright Cooler: On the first day, the user tested the chip in Cinebench R15 at stock settings. I will update to see if the new processor works. Créez, éditez et partagez du contenu 4K facilement, et découvrez les images plein écran 4K et 360 immersives grâce au chipset graphique Intel® HD Graphics 630. 2v and SA at 1. Custom Copper IHS Tested on i7-8700K (Rockit Cool IHS Review) We tested Rockit Cool\'s custom copper IHS for Intel CPUs, including the i7-8700K and other LGA115X CPUs. And temps will be high during load. privateinternetaccess. After installing a shiny new H115i on a shiny new Core i7-7700k, I was dismayed to see it hitting 80c under load and OCed to 4. 8 ghz auf 1. Et 80-85°C grand max sous realbench en stress test d'une heure (je parle de moyenne de température) . I went on the water cooling route for the cpu, so hopefully that'll help things out. . 7ghz) CPU delid and applying liquid metal on the die. The benchmark Grandmaster Roman "der8auer" Hartung developed this version 2 Die Mate to provide an accurate and easy solution that allows everyone the ability to remove the heatspreader conveniently and safely without a premature death Of the CPU. I have made the decision to delid my i7 8700k due to high temps. 9ghz is possible on average silicon this is because max voltage you can use for non avx stress testing is around 1. Worked perfectly. Instead of manually delidding by hand, you can safely delid by using a "delidding tool" such as the Rockit 88 -. Non delid avec 1. 8 on all cores at 1. i would delid the cpu if you have balls it will give waaay better temps like - 10C but then again you void your warranty soooo Permalink fcampillo submitter 1 Build 1 point 11 months ago I did not do any OC on this processor I usually like to wait 3 or 4 months, just watch the temps at stock, run it through some games, etc. The drop in temps can be any thing from 15c to 30c. 4GHz delid: CPU Block: ne pas reproduire sans avoir de notions de delid ! Un grand merci également pour le temps accordé à discuter du mod. There is a catch to the price, however. 7-4. The Intel Core i7-8700K 3. What are your temps? Your CPU throttling sounds like you may be unlucky in the silicon lottery. No I won't delid and don't care about 5Ghz. 7ghz. 35v, didn't bother with prime95 cause I didn't delid. The temps during the test were stable around 60C. 0ghz easily. So last night before i went to bed i finally decided to delid my 8700k. 28v before temps are late 80 degree C using stock TIM. 45V is ok for water cooling. 7740x temps | 7740x | 7740x 7700k | 7740xe filter | 7740x vs 8700k | 7740xe | 7740x cpu | 7740x pc | 7740x 5ghz | 7740x delid | 7740x intel | 7740x lanes | 7740 I'm looking for a desktop replacement with an 8700K. I've done i7 4770k that runs cooler at 4. 33v and a H100i cooler". The 4790K features an improved thermal interface which enables it to dissipate heat more efficiently than the 4770K. After replacing the Noctua thermal paste with the Grizzly Kryonaut, I am now only spiking at 79 degrees max on Prime95(I have a Noctua nh-u12s cooler with dual Noctua 2000rpm fans), that’s a 7 degrees reduction! 8700k delid | 8700k | 8700k vs 8086k | 8700k vs 2700x | 8700k specs | 8700k benchmark | 8700k socket | 8700k vs 7700k | 8700k intel | 8700k temps | 8700k vs 860 Page 1 of 5 - Rocket 88 Delid & Relid kit - posted in Overclocking and Cooling: Decided to delid my 7700K,. 8Ghz, 8700K and Cryorig M9i - skyrocket temp to 95C in Asus Real Bench CPU Discussion Delid i7 8700k. i7 8700K Delid Temps vs Stock Temps in Games [4K Benchmarks] Hey guys, welcome back to our channel. 22v and the temperatures stabilised enough to get through all of our benchmarks. EMBED (for wordpress. Buy Intel Core i7-8700K Desktop Processor Unlocked with ASUS ROG GAMING Motherboard with WiFi and 8th Generation Intel Core with Intel Optane Memory 32 GB: Everything Else - Amazon. Achieve 5GHz on all cores with voltage of around 1. If you need more performance, you can overclock the cores to function above its maximum frequency. Liberez le plein potentiel de votre processeur Intel . solved Good temp for i7 8700k 5GHz overclock? i delided my 8700K and overclock 5,0Ghz 1,350V i did prime95 40 min and my temperature like tihs ? is it fine or ? and before delid cpuz bench test temperature and after delid cpuz bench test temperature i shared pics Our Intel i7-8700K review will focus on delidding, liquid metal application, overclocking, gaming & streaming benchmarks vs. 33v and temp under load is 70ish. Le Core i7-8700K décapsulé dévoile un die logiquement plus grand Le delid et le changement de la PT sur les ryzen n'apporte rien, cela é été montré. k. Apr 2, 2018 at 8:12 AM #11. Using Kraken X62, so comparable to your H115. Zurzeit bin ich bei 4. 8700k 5. 8700k is a hot chip since Intel was to cheap and put crappy compound. I'd recommend that you stress test the chip and observe the temps. de momento estoy en 1. Newly redesigned to be safer, more precise and faster to use. I finally got a chance to get it done and here are the results: Quick refresh- my CPU &hellip; Coffee Lake 8700k to offer an 11% jump in single core and 51% jump in multithread but will more than likely need a delid to keep temps under control, thats what i Another +1 for delidding /w Conductonaut. 2 ghz and temps in the low 70s at full load. I have my 8600k @ 5GHz (delidded) coupled with a H115i (on performance) with a push/pull config and it it is more than 40 degrees (Celcius) than the temps you are getting (the 95C) For PC on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "What temps should I be getting with an 8700k @ 4. 8-4. 0ghz and haven't had to delid because temps are well within reason. 1 @ 1. Amd ryzen 1700x idle temps If i7-8700K was the parent, the i5-8400 would have been the smart-ass genius Krelboyne Malcolm. All depends on the silicon lotery of your CPU My 8700K at 4. 8700k delid. Yeah delid gonna void your warranty but the amount of heat you actually cut leads to tremendous cooling which allows you to keep the system stable. Mainly for Football Manager and Total War games. si tu fais attention, que tu prends ton temps, tu peux pas te foirer. 1 vcore 1. 6700k and 7700k now over 5 GHz and cooler than at stock speeds. Details Date Published Oct. 8700k temps gaming. 2ghz @ 1. Intel Kaby Lake i5-7600K CPU De-Lid & Re-Lid Temp Results. 9Ghz from 5. I have an 8700k aswell, and as soon as I go over 1. Is there any reason at all to take a razor blade, garage workbench vice, or any sort of other tool to your brand new Kaby Lake CPU? Intel Kaby Lake i7-7700K CPU De-Lid & Re-Lid Results. But the 8700K represented the first genuinely relevant Intel processor launch since AMD got back into the CPU game with their Ryzen chips back in 2017 and was the first of its standard desktop chips to give us more than four cores in our rigs. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Page 3 of 5 - Rocket 88 Delid & Relid kit - posted in Overclocking and Cooling: Thats Awesome. I am curious if the 8700k would perform better as streaming pc compared to a 1800x. Overclocking First, we established the Core i7-8700K’s limits by cooling the chip's IHS to a constant 20°C, side-stepping potential thermal bottlenecks imposed by Intel's unfortunate use of That's entry-level high-end desktop territory, so slightly higher temps than we're used to should be par for the course. Alternate is standaard antwoord daarvoor (althans voor standaard assemblage), maar NL shops lijken toch heel wat goedkoper als ik de andere threads hier lees. 35v. Temps went on stock 4. ^ a delid will make notable difference in temps. 6 GHz we went at 1. Tout s'est passé comme sur des roulettes. According to EXPreview the new Intel i7-8700K IHS still uses TIM and is not soldered, requring delidding for 5GHz+ OC. mais en même temps si ils Adorei o vídeo. 9 (can hit 5ghz but not good temps) on all cores, on air and no delid (Noctua NH-D14 + Thermal Grizzly kryonaut paste), on asus maximus X hero board (a good overclocker), no issues. 31Volts , vises plutôt les 4. Also, I just bought a new 165hz monitor and now I am reading 8700k reviews and it is whetting my appetite. Pros: Got this on sale for $20 more than the 8700k MSRP. Möchtest du einen bestimmten Takt dann muss auch die Spannung dazu passen so das es stabil ist. Discussion in 'Graphics' started by jb007, Nov 16, 2017. If you try to delid a soldered CPU, you're most likely gonna kill it. This solution allows anybody to easily, comfortably and safely remove aronhornet1 ich werde es für dich bis nächste Woche testen hab den 8700k und die mate Answer by BunnYHOP on 19. 10. and those temps are under 100% CPU Stress any1 can help. After replacing the Noctua thermal paste with the Grizzly Kryonaut, I am now only spiking at 79 degrees max on Prime95(I have a Noctua nh-u12s cooler with dual Noctua 2000rpm fans), that’s a 7 degrees reduction! At first, I thought that the 8700k was going to be a huge difference in performance, but i benchmarked my PC against a PC with one, and there really isn't a HUGE difference. Salut à tous! Les Coffee Lake étant sortis (voir mon test ici) beaucoup d'entre vous se sont dit qu'il était temps de changer sa vieille plateforme pour quelque chose aux gouts du jour (ou pas!). no more working in coffeeshop i guess. 1. Hello all, Some of you may recall my post a few months back regarding 3770k (4. Maintenant, j'aimerai continuer et améliorer encore mon PC afin de pouvoir jouer tranquillement mais aussi afin de rendre mon PC plus performant dans la vie de tous les jours. -Ne perd pas sa capacité de refroidissement au fil du temps ! (mon 8700k) à Hi Carbonites, I want to have a look at my OC possibilities on the 8700K, but I'm not too sure which application to trust regarding temperature of the CPU. The 8700k is known as a hot processor. Sök. ggwp ps. Passez plus de temps à être productif et moins de temps à attendre grâce à la puissance et à la réactivité sans précédent de la technologie Intel® Turbo Boost 2. 9ghz. Includes thermal testing vs. might save some money go with the 6700k or wait for the kaby L. OC aside the original question about about average temps for the 2600x. 3. User Info: Buy the 8700K and a liquid cooled AIO, run it stock Rockit 88 - Intel CPU Delid Tool for LGA 1150 and 1151 CPUs Complete kit with delid tool and relid tools Safe delidding for the enthusiast. 99. Jetzt nach dem erneuten Delid von Werner sind weitere 10-12 Grad dazugekommen. Et si in game c'est le panard, niveau temps C'est la decroute ! Apr 19, 2018 · temps between 70-90oC are ok for operation in the moment but continuous temps at or above 72oC ish will cause wear in the forum of electron migration if memory serves me correctly. 225v; they can likely be lowered a bit but the previous 8700k needed at least one of them to be Other specs, Corsair SFF600W, Intel i7 8700K (haven't played any demanding games yet or tried stressing it, temps looks fine) 16GB G. Aside from temps delidding makes nothing else for the APU, you can get the same max igpu clock on any random 2400G. com. Sollte reichen Delid-Die-Mate X Heatspreader-Guillotine für Skylake-X und Kaby Lake-X. i don't think intel mess up the TIM on i7-8700k at all. Description: Published on 6 months ago Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at https://www. If you see almost immediate(<1 sec) jump to high 70s under a stress test, you will benefit from the delid. EDIT: Der "Delid" von vorher hat 3-5 Grad gebracht. I hope this helps any potential buyers. They are equal clock for clock, yet the 8700K is on a newer node and has higher percentages of chips breaking the 5GHz barrier -- Plus two extra cores. Good job. Intel i7 8700K Asus Maximus X die GPU Temps habe ich -nicht wie auf dem Bild- auf ca. In this video I delid an Intel Coffee Lake i7-8700K CPU using the Rockit Cool Rockit 88 Delid and Relid Kit (links below). So i said what the hell, why not. 3v, temps spike into the high 90s while stress testing. I delidded my 8700k using the der8auer Delid Die Mate 2 - CPU IHS Heatsink Removal Tool. DA: 74 PA: 92 MOZ Rank: 70 Oct 30, 2017 · Core i7 8700k temps Discussion in 'Intel Processors' started by sanitarium16, Oct 26, 2017. I thought I would give conductonaut a try with my delided 8700K and I was not disappointed. 2v but still hitting close to 90C. Mostrar 40 mensajes de este tema en una página. I'll be finishing my build tomorrow when my SSD arrives, and I've decided I want to OC my 8700k, because I have an AIO and I can. Apr 2, 2018 at 10 (It might be some version'ing that makes mine not so friendly to read temps) stevegut78. 8700K Delid Temps ? So silly me I didn't really do many benchmarks to record CPU temps before delidding, So I'd just like other 8700K owners input that have used OCCT please. I decided to make the leap and delid, after seeing how straight forward it look thanks to Rockit88's tool . Il ne profite pas de ses deux cœurs de plus, mais même à fréquence égale de 4,9 GHz, le 7700K Did you delid your 8700k? I just ordered mine for my daw build but I hear delidding is crucial to keep temps down for overclocking. 31 - 1. 010 or 0. I have lowered the voltage on the CPU and speed it's just over 1. Today we’ve got an i7 8700K delid temps vs stock temps comparison video for you. 7 GHz 6-Core LGA 1151 Processor provides six cores with each one operating between 3. org item <description> tags) Find i7 8700k ads. Dramatically lower temps and a relatively easy process. Regards bs Incorrect. 0001 in offset to adaptive and put your voltage (1. I have an 8700k and was able to get a mild oc on it (4. 0Ghz @ 1. 2017 In this video we will be doing the ultimate enthusiast activity, delidding a LGA 115x processor. 2 volts seem a little high for 4. DA: 39 PA: 44 MOZ Rank: 2 Een hogere vcore zorgt voor onacceptabele temps, dus concludeer ik dat een delid enigszins noodzakelijk is mits ik genoegen neem met 4. 0 - 5. Der8auer's Delid-Die-Mate 2 - Better than a razor blade. 6ghz when 4. This service is for mail in or drop off for CPU Delid Service (Includes Delid, Liquid Metal Application and Resealing IHS to CPU) to achieve lower temps for overclocking Intel CPU’s. I own a 6600k since november 2015 and the TIM was severely degraded (thanks Intel! /s), to the point that I've improved 30ºC in package temps after delid + liquid metal. der8auer Tool pour delidding delid-die-mate 2 5,0 étoiles Idem sur un 6700k et un 8700k. This is the first time I have ever attempted doing something like this. Voor ik een poging waag will ik een aantal vragen stellen; Hi Zusammen Ich bin grad dran meinen 8700k zu OC'en Ich hab das Gefühl, dass er für den Vcore einfach zu warm ist unter Last. 30v / 5. CYBERPOWERPC is a global leader of custom gaming pcs, custom gaming laptops, small form factor pcs, desktop workstations, 4K Gaming systems, and Syber Gaming consoles. 8Ghz dans un 1er temps, test avec 1. Skriv svar 1. I am pretty sure x264 is using up to 36 threads by default? Which should always favour the AMD CPU. my 8700k and D15 runs at about 60 degrees in games, 30-35 idle and about 80-85 under cinebench multicore. I decided to delid my 8700K, temps were over 90C during heavy load with the stock TIM at 4. On hand today we have the Core i7-8700K, based on Intel's Hey reason why I got the locked one, 65w TDP only does wonders taiming the temps, try disabling MCE on the BIOS so it only boosts up to 4. Il est digne de confiance, à l'écoute, disponible et très compétent. The 8700ks (like the 7700ks) have some thermal issues that can't be solved unless you delid the CPU(has nothing to do with the thermal paste between the heat spreader and cooler. Recently Searched 8700k vs 7900x 8700k vs 8600k 8700k vs 8700 8700k ark vsp vscode After a delid and used some thermal grizzly liquid metal. Delid and air cool Your temps will drop by around 20c. Tested on a MSI Z370 itx motherboard with delid, generally the overclocking performance is quite similar with i7-7700K. With a delid and some tinkering you could really see this flying along, but we always review things in the way that you will receive them, so down to 4. at 5ghz 1. With a dual loop like that you should be hitting 5. since Nov 2017. Delid 8700K Watercooled Graphics: Vega 56. Is there any reason at all to take a razor blade, garage workbench vice, or any sort of other tool to your brand new Kaby Lake CPU? LOL, I have the worst 8700k that I have seen so far. Search Results related to 8700k delid on Search Engine (Delid noob w/ few questions) 8700K temps in Clevo P7xTM1's | NotebookReview notebookreview. me to oc i7 8700k at least at 4. Overclocking 8700K on 240mm AIO like Asetek 240mm 4. 23V (-2 avx off). All 8th-gen Coffee Lake CPUs require a motherboard with the Z370 chipset. Delid is a compact tool that can remove the heat spreader on a Skylake or Kaby Lake CPU, allowing you to replace the thermal paste underneath to yield better temperatures. 9Ghz it sits around 55c-64c in that game. 235v 5. 7 is more than enough speed. Another 8700K stopped by today for a delid. I'm very pleased with this processor, as the volt frequency curve is substatially better than my late 8700k. 1 ghz HT-off solid stable (~1. The setup is a Z370 Taichi, 8700K delid with liquid metal and a H115i for cooling. but if you love doing delid stuff i'm pretty it's fun. Es geht um einen 8700k (Cryorig R1, gute WLP, genug Belüftung). Under regular loads, like games or CPUZ benching, it won't spike over 75c on my end either. 344 Temps är bra 33 idle och runt 70 i spel Med en delid går de svalare trots överklockning, borde göra gott för livslängden Yep the first thing I noticed was the high CPU usage of around 55%-75% on all 8 threads. . Shop with confidence on eBay! Intel Core i7 7700K "Kaby Lake" delid with razor Play and Listen this is at least my 10th cpu delid with this method i did not made any preparation on the cpu only tool you need is a sharp and brand new razorblade if you know what youre doing its totally Intel Core i7 7700K "Kaby Lake" delid with razor Mp3 Becomes much cooler after a delid. at 4. Power, Temps, Overclocking. 2) the temps with 6 cores is crazy, and without better mod support, the power draw is crazy. 8700k and 8600k at 5. 37 on air now with a max of high 70s when benching:thumbup: Dr. with it and was doing pretty well in the temps department. Bonjour à vous,il y a quelques temps je me suis procuré une GTX 1050 ti et une nouvelle alimentation. 290v with an avx offset of 3 - I just didn't like the temps, nor the fact that I was using an avx offset (basically it's just a 4. Et voilà Comme quoi, la persévérance Si vraiment tu veux le faire, tu peux y arriver tout seul avec la lame de rasoir. I set the clocks to 4. Used this to delid my 8700K, before delidding my load temps used to be up in the 70s. I'm running an 8700k @ 4. Hi Zusammen Ich bin grad dran meinen 8700k zu OC'en Ich hab das Gefühl, dass er für den Vcore einfach zu warm ist unter Last. 405GHz using a healthy dose of liquid nitrogen cooling. 1) the 8700K is even cheaper built then the 7700, it's silicon is so thin, I literally was afraid I would break it. 80c is a perfectly fine temperature for these chips (especially if you left voltage on auto) but if you want to lower it you can always delid, remove silicone and apply liquid metal easy -15c or even -20c on the temps. i'm pretty sure it runs ok without delidded it. 1 ghz, but temps hit the low 90's in prime 95 at that setting. 14, 2017 CPU Clock Rate I am with ya on the delid, haven't tried it before. 3ghz (the max turbo boost clock) is around 1. I actually had to down clock to 4. Also im Prinzip kann das Teil auch mit K CPUs umgehen, aber nicht ohne zusätzlichen Aufwand, da die Kühllösung die höhere TDP ja auch irgendwie bewältigen muss. Joined: Oct Have seen reviews of 8700K that at 5Ghz, are hitting the same temps, with 360mm AIO coolers, so it's not totally out there, but could just as easily be a fault with pump. 8. I've read that the temps on this chassis get extremely high and the only way around it is to delid the CPU. 424V is fine if temps are in check, as long as 1. DUDE THAT IS SO CLEAN. al menos en pubg y the division estoy en esa temps. I gather from my cursory attempt at researching this that 4. CyberPowerPC - UNLEASH THE POWER - Create the Custom . but even when I had a AIO LC and no Delid it never reached 75c. So after some research, it seems 5GHz would require a delid for proper cooling, but 4. CPU Opener Cover Delid Die Guard Intel 4 6 Series 4790K 4770K 6700K 7700K 8700K New listing Intel i5-2500K Quad *Unlocked *Low Temps Turbo 3 Intel Core i7 I was previously running temps spiking at 86 degrees on Prime95(i7 8700k with an overclock of 4700mhz on all cores). Asus stated that for a normal chip, 1. To do this we will be using the RockitCool Rockit 88 Delidding tool and a Core i7 7700k Kaby Lake processor. 9% Silver IHS equipped variants by Caseking and Der8auer. a Coffee Lake apparently consists of three unlocked processors: i7-8700K i5-8600K i3-8350K and three casual versions of them which are i7-8700, i5-8400 and i3-8100 --as of Oct 2017. 7GHz on all cores seems very achievable, since that's the 8700k's max boost anyways. 3 con unas temps de 45-56 jugando a 2k y 144 hz. 12C to 25C drop in temps by getting your processor delidded for $39. At first, I thought that the 8700k was going to be a huge difference in performance, but i benchmarked my PC against a PC with one, and there really isn't a HUGE difference. 8ghz at least with noctua nhd15 mobo is gigabyte z370hd3p when is all on auto and multy core on auto on stress test with 4. I decided to delid my 8700K, temps were over 90C during heavy load with the stock TIM at 4. With a solid 5ghz overclock the temps dropped ~20c as others have reported. What we need to see is the limitis of the MC, 1700Mhz igpu OC + 3466 CL14 or Yes, with 240+ AIO or high end dual tower air coolers, unless you delid. temp probably drop at least 5-10c after delidded too. if you have the i7-7700k then i'd said you have to delid it lol. For use on the CPU die. Danach wieder eingebaut + sehr gute Wärmeleitpaste zwischen der CPU und Kühler. Før delid kunne jeg køre 5 ghz med Kraken x62 AIO cooler og havde en core temp på 80. 0. Claro, pra isso eu tive que fazer Delid, e também testei várias posições de fans e do WC no gabinete, minha primeira config de posição tava dando 10 C a mais até eu colocar tudo na forma 8700k delid | 8700k | 8700k vs 2700x | 8700k vs 8086k | 8700k specs | 8700k vs 7700k | 8700k cinebench | 8700k vs 6700k | 8700k socket | 8700k review | 8700k pr Bon les fermiers ! L'heure est grave ! Je suis passé de ryzen 1600X a 8700k. Intel® Optane™ memory is a revolutionary new class of non-volatile memory that sits in between system memory and storage to accelerate system performance and responsiveness. Introduction. HWmonitor GPU Temps and AMD RX580. 7ghz goal is 4. 31v when the CPU is under load, I'll do some fine tuning when I'm not bogged The 8700k is best matched with a 1080Ti and therefor you could have gotten a less powerful cpu and probably saved some money or gotten a 1080Ti for the best. I'm currently running 1. The whole process of popping the IHS off my 8700K probably took a whole minute at most, and with the arrows to line up the CPU in the hole, it seems pretty fool-proof. I was previously running temps spiking at 86 degrees on Prime95(i7 8700k with an overclock of 4700mhz on all cores). 8700K temps in Clevo P7xTM1's After reinspecting the delid and redoing it and lapping the IHS and getting the dried up super glue off and doing it right. solved Overclocked i7 8700K temps constantly fluctuate between 62c and 81c solved i7 8700k overclocked without permission. could get better temps from having a real cooler. wondering if anyone has bought a delid tool recently and any suggestions on LM. Before I bought Ryzen 1700, I had read and watched some reviews and I thought that it would be fine with gaming. 1GHz because the temps were reaching around 75c-81c constantly which might be ok for some people but for me that is in my non comfort zone of temps for the CPU. 8ghz op 1. Welcome Guest Visitor! Please Register, It's Free and Fun To Participate! The EXTREME Overclocking Forums are a place for people to learn how to overclock and tweak their PC's components like the CPU, memory (RAM), or video card in order to gain the maximum performance out of their system. 4,8 Ghz scheint ein sweet Spot zu sein, 1,245v Vcore war völlig ausreichend. The power consumption at load reach 150w when overclocked. I assume they used liquid metal bcz I saw a little residue on the side of the IHS when I received it and I threw it onto my Code X Maximus board. if you dont have delider you can use dental floss to delid. 8 GHz after the delid than it did at stock speed 3. Bin zufrieden! Es ist aktuell auch einfach sehr warm bei mir I7-8700K @5. A sale of the W New York will offset the benefits this year, but should add to 2019 growth. But if your temps take a couple of seconds to reach higher temps, then you might not see a huge difference with a delid. Hi all, Just got a 8700K and it's gaming stable at 5GHz but I'm not sure it's 100% as testing F@H is causing reboots, despite priming, 3dMark and Problem Overclocking i7 8700k with MSI z370 Godlike Gaming « on: 26-October-17, 18:19:26 » Hi there guys, so i have gone for the best and purchased this beast today, expectations were so high, for two or three hours im struggling with overclocking this damn CPu but it will not go anywhere near the videos ive been watching. deplus pour overclocker ces processeurs K, il faut generalement ‘ouvrir’ (delid) le CPU pour changer la pate thermique mediocre d intel pour en mettre une correcte pour beneficier d’un bon overclocking. Permalink Anonymous11985 submitter 3 Builds 1 point 6 months ago Intel® Optane™ Memory Supported ‡. The difference with 7700k did not seem so high. com hosted blogs and archive. I'm also running it @ 5ghz atm just to keep the temps low until I get the tool. 2) and temps when playing world of warcraft is about 40-48c, is this expected temps? the cooler is a Corsair H115i closed loop liquid cooler. you probably have to delid the CPU what happens if I don't delid my 8700k? >> the wraith i heard is a bit loud, and thats more for a compact system. They settled with 4. 7Ghz is pretty easy and 5Ghz is either very hard to control temps due to voltage or delidding as you mentioned is required, perhaps even custom water cooling required for some chips. I used Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Thermal Grease Paste for the IHS and I was able to go from over 80 c to down to fluctuating temps of 55 c-64 c. I wanted to hit 5GHz This is my first time delidding a CPU. I am using Coolabratory Liquid Pro on die and on the underside of the IHS, and MX-4 on top between the top of the IHS and waterblock heatsink. 7ghz turbo on all cores temps dont go over 67c but when i try to use maunal settings like set multy to 47x and let voltage to auto my temps go over 90c i dont Tested on a MSI Z370 itx motherboard with delid, generally the overclocking performance is quite similar with i7-7700K. 24, 2017 Date Built Oct. Stock turbo boost sets it to 4. 8700k cinebench | 8700k | 8700k vs 2700x | 8700k vs 8086k | 8700k specs | 8700k socket | 8700k cinebench | 8700k vs 7700k | 8700k intel | 8700k overclocking | 8 Load temps Prime95 for 30 minutes - maximum core temperature measured As you can see, the drop was absolutely massive and far more drastic than I'd ever thought it could be. I did my first delid on my 8700k, I am not overclocking much (4. Delid- die-mate 2 definitely helped with easily being able to remove the IHS without damaging the CPU. 270Vots et si occt passe, baisser le Vcore jusqu’à plantage, puis remontes le pour trouver le Vcore mini pour être stable a 4. Idealiter zelfs met zaken als delid of oc erbij (met meerkost), zodat ik gewoon achter mijn desktop kan schuiven en kan gamen zonder hassle. I delided my 4770k cpu and the temperatures are worse. 36 temps do not rise above 70c in synthetic stress tests [x62 kraken in a entho evolv tp, pump set at 100% with fan speed at 25%] system is near silent. Cache and mems cant really be pushed on this type of cooling as SA IO volts add to heat output. 7 GHz, with turbo boost taking it as high as 4. I would honestly delid it if you wanna keep your overclocks consistent over time instead of dealing with higher temps over time. I am getting temperatures which I am not happy with. An overclocker has taken a Core i7-8700K processor and cranked it all the way up to 7. 500 vcore for mine to be AVX stable @ 5. More and more customers are bringing us their motherboard along for the delid, to take advantage of our free CPU install on delid offer! Happy overclocking! It was trivial to run at 5. This primarily sets forth to highlight what “Multi-Core Enhancement” is, and The benchmark-grandmaster Roman "der8auer" Hartung developed, and in version two improved upon, the Delid Die Mate 2 solution. 80GHz and left the volts on auto which sees volts jump up to a max of 1. My cpu temps are a few degrees warmer than yours w the rad on top but my ti hasn't passed 69 c in any game. DA: 2 PA: 15 MOZ Rank: 97 Intel Core i7- 8700K CPU Review: A Performance Leap … una aio( de momento) xD la h115i de corsair, pero es que piensa que algunos juegos no utilizan el 100%. Product information - Delid-Die-Mate 2 Anyone who was building their gaming PC in the early 2000s can probably still recall the numerous instances of broken CPUs, as occurred with the AMD Athlon XP whose silicon core broke at the corners when mounting a CPU cooler. This content piece aims to explain how Turbo Boost works on Intel’s i7-8700K, 8600K, and other Coffee Lake CPUs. I miss the top mounted fans though and i keep coming back to look at your pics of those new corsair beauties. Delidding with Conductonaut (73 W/m·K): The integrated heatspreader (IHS) is carefully removed from the CPU. add that I have the 1070, 8700k, unlocked bios and delid. I've been debating a delid, but my h100i has been keeping the 7700k 65-70c under load, so I'm not sure I care enough. Someone said 75c was compared to Intel and another said their 8400 was lower. 70 GHz) quick reference guide including specifications, features, pricing, compatibility, design documentation, ordering codes, spec codes and more. 1. That's why when people delid and put better compound on it they can get 10-20 degrees cooler. Temp The Intel Core i7-4790K, codenamed Devil's Canyon, is an upgraded 4770K, Intel's current flagship i7. Silicon Lottery Delidding and Binning. Far Cry Primal Far Cry Primal est un des jeux qui ne répond pas très bien aux 8700 et 8700K. Buy and sell almost anything on Gumtree classifieds. CODES What We Do. Well, that did not take long. 2018-07-05 08:07. Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra - a liquid metal thermal material that's so good, it's almost as cool as the T-1000. CPU Opener Cover Delid Die Guard Intel 4 6 Series 4790K 4770K 6700K 7700K 8700K New listing Intel i5-2500K Quad *Unlocked *Low Temps Turbo 3 Intel Core i7 AW: i7 8700k delid temps bissl hoch Man kann nicht beides haben, hoher Takt und eine bestimmte Spannung. Delid? Note the comment on GamersNexus about the Gigabyte MB, not the one you specify but something to investigate. The guy asked me if I had PBO enabled, which I'm assuming I don't. I then replace the Intel thermal p 8700K stock vs delid temps? Are there any compilation threads or good articles that do specific comparisons? Is it generally accepted that the stock chips get considerably high temperatures when pushing through the stock 4. 43V is ok on air if not hard benching and 1. 8700k delid temps