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e waste sustainability E-waste, what is it? E-waste refers to any item with a plug, battery or cord that is no longer working or wanted. Our commitment to single stream recycling and compost collection has helped maintain strong waste diversion numbers and spread sustainability knowledge on campus. Responsible recycling will close security gaps that have led to data breaches, identity theft, and cyber crime as data thieves harvest sensitive information from e-waste. Only a few governments, like that of California, has levied the fee for the recycling of e-waste. 5 million to upgrade e-waste collection and storage facilities across the state and deliver an education campaign to support the ban on e-waste in landfills. At Hotel Irvine, food waste is taken to a facility where it is converted into biofuel for trash trucks. Home » Projects » Sustainability » Product Stewardship » Electronic Waste Recycling Society today relies heavily on the use of electronic products, many of which become outdated in a very short time, leading to a significant amount of problematic electronic waste (e-waste). Electronic waste, or e-Waste, is the fastest growing waste stream in the country. SERI is the housing-body for the R2 Standard and works with a coalition of partners to raise awareness of electronics repair and recycling issues around the world. 1, e-recyclers provide various options and services such as repair, refurbishment, recovery, recycling, and decontamination for handling waste electronic and SCSU is a leader in waste reduction and recycling, keeping a host of materials out of the general waste stream including single stream materials, e-waste, construction materials like concrete, asphalt, wood, and metals, landscape debris, fluorescent bulbs, batteries, mattresses, food scrap, and gently used furniture. The campus has a hazardous waste and waste minimization plan that includes e-waste. 4 As per current estimates, the ICT industry is expected to generate 53 million tonnes of e waste by 2012. Throughout the month, CSUB will also celebrate the new smoke and tobacco-free Kent State University is a single-stream campus, where different recyclable materials can be placed in the same recycling bin on campus. shari dan. Almost every element of the ICT lifecycle – from material acquisition to product disposal – affects the environment. It includes televisions, computers, mobile phones, kitchen appliances and white goods, to name just a few. In order to dispose of e-waste in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, an E-Waste Disposal request must be submitted through the Support Services Center website. Changing the e-waste cycle Recycling of the valuable metals in discarded electronic waste is an important source of income in developing countries, but the informal processes used pose serious risks to workers and the environment. Conserve Natural Resources Durable electronic equipment (computers, etc. 5 million non-regulatory support program for the forthcoming e-waste landfill ban. Recycle your unwanted household electronics for free at Emanuel Community Center! Call 911 (or 9-911 from a campus phone) for a police, fire, or medical emergency. Sprint’s product development chief The guidelines on the classifications, measurement scheme and indicators facilitate the implementation of harmonised concepts to measure the size of a country’s e-waste market, its transboundary e-waste movement and the e-waste recycling performance within that country. The student-managed ReUSE program operates around 18 on-campus reuse stations for office supplies and the annual Second Chance clothing sales and reader giveaways. During this all-day public event on April 24, 2018, experts in sustainability, population health, policy, and design processes lead discussions on the complex issues surrounding global production and transportation of electronic waste and its impact on vulnerable communities around the world. Where can I recycle phones in Chicago? AT&T, Best Buy, Office Depot, Sprint, Staples, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless all offer drop-off recycling programs. Township residents can recycle e-waste by bringing items such as televisions, cell phones, or “anything with a plug” to the Department of Public Works located at 504 Oneida Ave. Minimizing e-waste helps to conserve resources and reduces the amount of energy we take from the ea E-waste Electronic Asset Reuse and Disposal As an environmentally conscious corporate citizen, the University has adopted a Sustainability Commitment which includes the objective of transforming current waste management practices using effective strategies, infrastructure, systems and education to achieve best practice waste reduction, reuse E-Waste is defined as material having electronic components, such as computer boards, digital displays, or microchips. Green Business! SustainAbility is certified as a Green Business by the City of Denver. Call 1-833-787-4630 today to learn more. LG Electronics offers a customized e-waste take-back & recycling service that meets local needs and requirements in the countries where e-waste regulations are in place, and also provides product take-back & recycling service voluntarily in some regions. Electronic Waste Recycling The EPA states that electronic waste (e-waste) is the source of 70% of heavy metals in landfills. It covers a whole range of items from work, home and even the garden shed. e-Waste is waste that remains that cannot be reused or recycled. org , a global movement of 6 million young people making positive change, online and off! The 11 facts you want are below, and the sources for the facts are at the very bottom of the page. When it's time to upgrade laptops and printers or replace ink and toner, let Staples recycle it responsibly. Leading companies trust SRS to provide a globally coordinated e-waste recycling and ITAD single solution with a high focus on data security, regulatory and corporate compliance, value recovery and sustainability. enhancing sustainability of operations and global value chains Working with others, we aspire to reshape the way we work to achieve significant and lasting improvement in environmental and social outcomes, in a way that also improves our business. Targeting community awareness and education, as well as local government capacity and industry’s capability to deal with increasing volumes of e-waste. This can include – but certainly is not limited to – old cell phones, televisions, computer towers or inkjet printers. AsshowninFig. E-waste stands for electronic waste: all electronic products that we no longer use either because they no longer work or the technology is outdated. In order to conserve natural resources and the energy needed to produce new electronic equipment from virgin resources, electronic equipment should be refurbished, reused and recycled whenever possible. University Surplus has made a huge impact with reducing the amount of waste ending up in local landfills. (ER), will pick-up and securely destroy campus e-waste. Va. This definition includes digital cameras, television sets, handheld devices, cell phones, etc. The show, which ends Thursday, is presented by UB Sustainability. Without proper recycling practices in place, our ecosystem and environment are heavily impacted. Aktsoglou Department of Production Engineering and Management, School of Engineering, Democritus University of Thrace, 67100, Xanthi, Greece. Learn more about how to make your Lifestyle sustainable with Recyclebank. GreenBiz advances the opportunities at the intersection of business, technology and sustainability. First, the problem: According to the EPA, e-waste is the fastest growing waste stream in the country, with more than 2. We've also consulted with some of our members one-on-one to help them change systems to reduce waste, conserve energy, reduce water use and create a sustainability culture in the workplace. 's trash in landfills, but it equals 70 percent of overall toxic waste. e-waste, e-waste infographic, ewaste, electronic waste, environmental issues Find this Pin and more on Environment by Brad Henegar . Disposing of e-waste in an environmentally friendly way is the right thing to do, and in some states, it's the law. Enter your information to learn more about what electronic waste items are accepted at a facility near you or review our Locations to find local site information. In 2017, 22 supplier facilities were certified as Zero Waste, * including all our iPhone final assembly sites. Waste Reduction & Diversion: Waste is a major contributor to the impact of any event. Select a state below to see if regulations apply where you live and work. . Sustainability > E-Waste by the Numbers E-Waste By The Numbers Between the inconsistent laws around the world, the incredibly rapid advancement of modern technology, and the sheer amount of obsolete and unused electronics stockpiled in homes and warehouses, the e-waste problem isn’t getting any better. This includes the associated media required to make the device function properly. Secure E-Waste Destruction, Recycling & Resale Go to Information Security Program SF State's certified e-waste vendor, Electronic Recyclers International, Inc. S. The university’s sustainability goals include continually striving to improve waste disposal operations, reducing the overall generation of waste, and increasing the proportion of waste that we recycle or otherwise divert from a landfill. Durable electronic equipment (computers, etc. E-waste makes up two percent of the waste stream, but 70 percent of the hazardous waste in landfills. To better coordinate these efforts, the Waste Management Task Force, co-chaired by the Director of the Office of Sustainability and the Director of Utilities and Energy Management, created the Waste Reduction and Diversion Strategy to improve McGill's non-hazardous waste system. Share your thoughts on this week’s podcast with the community in our new Earthling Forum. e. Most e-waste components can be re-used and recycled for materials recovery, thereby reducing the need to mine and extract precious metals from our earth. E-Waste Articles to Green Your Home and Office At home or the office, outdated or unused electronics inevitably pile up. Sustainability: The three R’s rule The three R’s stands for: Reduce , Reuse and Recycle . E-Waste Recycling. • Electronic Waste, also recognized as E‐Waste, is a combination of used or as they generate less and less waste. LG Electronics offers a customized e-waste E-waste contains hundreds of substances, many of which are toxic. 93% waste diversion in campus dining centers. At a recent E-Waste event for our employees, 2,800 pounds of e-waste was collected. Penn’s Division of Facilities & Real Estate Services is in the process of implementing a campus-wide Solid Waste Management Plan. E-Cycle Program. In this article we look at the four major areas of impact: Energy consumption, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, electronic waste (e-waste) generation and water consumption. Electronic Waste, including monitors: The IATS department handles the reuse/recycling of computer equipment owned by the University (ONLY); personal e-waste can be recycled only during special events sponsored by the SRU Department of Environmental Health and Safety, such as the annual Community E-Waste Collection Days begun during Earth Week 2014. E-waste is made up of discarded electronics and electrical components. Photograph: 19697. Come join us! The waste we abandon to Waste and Recycling The University of Utah is committed to first, reducing campus waste; second, reusing products that can be given a second life; and third, recycling, which diverts waste away from the landfill to recycling facilities . . E-Waste Recycling and Confidential Paper Shredding By Cassandra on 06 March 2017 On Tuesday, March 28th the Office of Sustainability and the Knight Center will be hosting an e-waste recycling and confidential paper shredding event. In partnership with Total Reclaim and UW Recycling, we hosted an E-Waste recycling collection event at the UW Sustainability Summit. Earlier articles discussed the other two big environmental issues: energy (and global warming) and water. 5 million tons produced each year. This applies to any electronic equipment except desktop computers serviced by Information Services & Solutions (ISS). Her current projects include working on improving Baker's green roof, implementing a system to handle e-waste safely, and reducing food waste by using Greenware. Electronic Waste (e-waste) is one of the fastest growing segments of our nation’s waste stream. If you have additional questions, please call into our customer service department at 717-767-4456. Facts About Electronic Waste • The nation now dumps between 300 million and 400 million electronic items per year, and less than 20% of that e-waste is recycled. Penn Waste values the relationships we’ve built with our customers which is why we are being transparent about the need for a sustainability fee. 5 percent is recycled. The city produces around 20,000 tonnes of e-waste per year and the figure's rising. Consequently, development of a more complete, accurate and useful data Environmental sustainability and proper e-waste recycling practices go hand in hand. Each computer is disassembled completely, each component going into its own container. The health effects of these toxins on humans include birth defects, and brain, heart, liver, kidney and skeletal system damage. Reusable equipment that was not given the chance to be reused may end up becoming e-Waste. The control measures, which took effect on 1 June 2017, restrict the level of six hazardous Sustainability Waste Minimization & Recycling. 193 Review Article E-waste: Environmental Problems and Current Management G. Sustainability means strong finances, a clean environment, and healthy employees and communities. But in doing so, we create a variety of downstream health impacts stemming from the resources we use, the products we purchase and the waste we create. Batteries and e-waste must be disposed of properly, or they will leach toxic chemicals into groundwater. Most manufacturers are starting to implement device recycling programs to allow users to trade in old devices for discounts on new ones. Responsible electronics recycling policy will promote development of a domestic industry with the capacity and resources UC San Francisco has a robust sustainability program covering sustainability activities across the entire campus and medical center. In collaboration with members from major Information and Communication Technology (ICT) companies and organisations around the globe, the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) is a leading source of impartial information, resources and best practices for achieving integrated social and environmental sustainability through ICT. For general emergency info, read up on the Emergency Preparedness Information. Surburban Miners, a local electronics recycling company, will haul the e-waste and ensure none of it ends up in a landfill. has no legislation forbidding the export of toxic e-waste to the developing world. In Spain, less than 2% of all waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is recycled and a mobile phone contains hazardous toxic components that should go to a recycling plant and not landfill. Brazil has an increasing rate of e-waste generation, but there are currently few adequate management systems in operation, with the largest share of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) going to landfill sites or entering informal chains. The World Bank estimated that the world produced 3. In such cases, this e-waste is sent to the developing countries as most of them have liberal laws on the environmental front, and also the cost of labor is low. The department of Environmental Health and Safety and the City of Columbia occasionally hold e-waste drives as well. E-Cycling All e-waste such as batteries, calculators, electronic office equipment should be disposed of by contacting U. This item is open to the public and goes on rain or shine! Accepted Items: E-waste contains harmful metals such as lead, cadmium, and mercury. Electronic waste, commonly referred to as e-waste, is the largest and fastest growing waste stream, thus prompting the State of New Jersey to mandate the recycling E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams today and it is growing at three times the rate of municipal waste globally. We Won Recyclemania 2013! Article in The Grove. Green Events Many of the events on campus are working on ways to reduce their impact on the environment by striving for zero waste. E-Waste Harvesters ensures compliance with all federal electronic waste disposal which includes a series of data destruction processes that ensure your privacy. The "Go Green" team also administers the Community Enhancement Grant program. carolyn2013. 4 million tons, the United States generates more electronic waste, or e-waste, than any other country. Furniture & E-waste page in the Sustainability site. The University is committed to approaching E-waste as creatively as possible to avoid generating more waste than absolutely necessary. Sustainability for all is a community created by ACCIONA where users from all over the world learn and share sustainability. Sims Recycling Solutions Receives E-Waste Sustainability Award in India Posted by admin on January 13, 2015 Sims Recycling Solutions made history in India when it became the first e-waste recycler to earn the Responsible Recycler (R2) Standard and is further paving the way as the leading provider in the industry with their most recent award. This includes laptops, desktop computers and monitors, cell phones, televisions, printers and fax machines, and all the smaller parts that come with th Create educational campaigns about waste reduction and recycling that resonate with specific campus stakeholders (i. Foley used the city of Guiyu, China, considered the e-waste capital of the world, as an example. Recycling. E-waste represents 2 percent of the U. Founded in 1996, EC Sustainable is a leading sustainability, waste and resource recovery consultancy operating across the whole of Australia. 5 percent of e-waste is currently recycled. Staff and faculty can submit an on-line request to the Sustainability Office to pick up their unwanted electronic items. ; and also includes printers, ink cartridges, and batteries. Where possible we focus on prioritizing the reduction of waste most harmful to people and the environment. Sustain Mizzou, a student organization , holds drives during the fall and spring semesters. The Food Research Institute of the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Institute for Food Safety and Health will co-host “Food Waste and Sustainability: Strategies to Improve Food Safety, Food Security, and Nutrition” on September 27 in Burr Ridge, Illinois. Baker College Eco-Rep: Reb Bryant Reb Bryant is a senior at Baker that wants to improve her college on a lasting level. SV's project lead developing Victoria’s $16. Listen to “Earth911 Podcast, Oct. E-waste (electronic waste) is growing up to three times faster than general municipal waste in Australia. However, in order to see measurable results, they must address the largest growing waste stream in the United States: electronic waste, or e-waste. Everyone’s actions to recycle and minimize waste at Kent State University divert thousands of pounds of waste from landfills, protect the environment, and conserve natural resources. As the world and its inhabitants become increasingly dependent on technology, levels of electronic waste are reaching unprecedented heights, with the world in desperate need of a sustainable management solution for this rapidly growing category of waste. 000000/Getty Images Join the community of sustainability professionals and experts. Electronic Asset Reuse and Disposal. E-waste is any broken or obsolete item that operates on batteries or plugs into a wall. End-of-life electronic waste, or e-waste, is one of the fastest-growing waste streams around the world, in both developed and developing countries, according to the United Nations Environmental Programme. Cell phones are accepted at the University’s e-waste drop-off loations. Sustainability • Goal is to exceed 25% reuse of incoming items versus recycle • Cost effective e-waste disposal process for the state This e-waste drive is being held as a part of Campus Sustainability Month at all California State University Campuses. ANU has had a waste reduction and recycling program since 1999 - it was the first sustainability initiative on campus. 11 facts About E-Waste Welcome to DoSomething. Colleges and universities have widely embraced sustainability goals and commitments, from climate action plans to zero-waste goals. Residential jobsite materials are recycled during construction. Recycling 1 million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by 3,657 U. In New York State, Canon is a member of the RLGA Collective Electronic Waste Acceptance Program registered with the State Department of Environmental Conservation and in compliance with the New York State Electronic Equipment Recycling and Reuse Act. These toxic compounds, including mercury and lead, are an ongoing risk to our land and water. com The toxic effects of e-waste impact not only the the air we breathe and the water we drink, but it produces long-lasting health effects on our […] Toward a zero waste future With the world’s population expected to reach 9 billion people by 2050, the global waste problem is expected to grow as well, unless we change course. Waste and Biomass Valorization is the process of treatment of waste for (landfill) disposal, storage, and in some cases sorting. 1 Background Electronic waste, or ‘e-waste’, covers a range of items we all use and discard at work and at home. At GSA, sustainability is helping federal agencies meet their missions today, without sacrificing their ability to serve future generations. 12, 2018: Sustainability in Your Ear — Recycling iPhones & e-Waste Responsibly” on Spreaker. In the 1990s, depletion of raw materials and socio-economic concerns supported the direct recycling of waste and residues. “E”-cycle programs at office properties pick up and dispose of electronic or “e” waste. E-waste is a short version of the term "electronic waste," which refers to electronic entertainment, communication, data manipulation and information storage gadgets which are at or near the end of their useful lives. February 3, 2013 started Valencia College’s fourth year competing in the Recyclemania competition. We offer expertise in the following areas: Waste, sustainability and resource recovery strategies. When these elements are dumped into landfills they leach into our soil and water supply. To find out more about the sustainability work visit our sustainability site. 5 million community education program on 4 July 2018 to educate Victorians about the value of e-waste and how it can be recycled. Lauren Wood . 5 million tons of solid waste per day in 2010, and that amount is projected to double by 2025. Extracting metals like gold and copper from electronic waste isn’t just sustainable, it’s actually 13 times cheaper than obtaining the metals from mines, according to new research. Elon’s success in achieving its sustainability goals largely depends upon every member of the campus community taking an active role. The Office of Waste Reduction and Recycling awarded a Most Sustainable Shack Award to the student group that most incorporated sustainability into their shack. Peer educators set up tailgate waste diversion stations during a USC tailgate. Figure 1 represents the most commonly produced types of e-waste for the students living Cell phones are accepted at the University’s e-waste drop-off loations. The suggestion of taking a balanced approach towards sustainability for this cast of thousands is hard enough but is made even harder by three other reasons. Share your thoughts on this week’s podcast with the community in our new Earthling Forum . One of the College’s sustainability goals is achieving Zero Waste by 2020. Community Recycling Centre (CRC) You can take e-waste and other problem household waste to the Community Recycling Centre (Artarmon). Sustainability is a common term, but when applied to the environment, it can appear to have an eerie, almost frightening effect. "The environmental effects of current practices can be devastating," said Foley. At Dumpsters. Macalester has adopted the definition prescribed by the International Zero Waste Alliance to reach this goal. Sep 25, 2018 | News, Students, Waste Reduction. Given the environmental and workplace health hazards that arise from hazardous waste disposal and e-waste recycling, this credit is reserved for programs that take steps to ensure that workers’ basic safety is protected and environmental standards are met. eReuse is a UNSW student start-up and not-for-profit organisation with the goal of supporting a sustainable e-waste management system. To support the rollout of the ban the Victorian Government is investing $16. Sometimes the processes change, but we make every effort to stay up-to-date and make sure it never goes to landfill. Or visiting the following E-cycling bin locations: O-Hill, Runk, Brown Library, Clemons Library, Alderman Library, Fisk Library, Darden School. Gaidajis*, K. The Untold Story of E-Waste infographic has been created by Ecogreen to show the world where the e-waste is being sent to. Check our e-waste recycling page for a list of electronic items and pricing. Janet Scott, a chemist who focuses on sustainable materials, is working on a research project called CLEVER (Closed Loop Emotionally Valuable E-waste Recovery) at the University of Bath in England Electronic Waste Queen’s has participated in an electronic waste (ewaste) recycling program since 2005. This is the definition of sustainability as created by the United Nations World Commission on Environment and Development. E-waste is short for electronic waste - the stream of discarded consumer electronics and electronic equipment that have outlived their usefulness. United Nations University Institute for the Advanced Study of Sustainability 5–53–70 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8925 Japan Tel: +81 3 5467 1212 Fax: +81 3 3499 2828 TIPL is committed to the “E-Waste (Management) Rules 2016” for collection, disposal or recycling e-waste generated from end-of- life Toshiba products. of the e-waste recycling from a sustainability perspective (Kleindorfer et al. This requires an ongoing, integrated and systematic approach to energy management including assessing performance, setting goals, creating an action plan and tracking and communicating results. Request E-waste Pick Up: USC Environmental Health & Safety collects e-waste at no cost. Sustainability is both a value and a service for RTS. Akamai is committed to addressing the growing worldwide crisis of electronic waste. Today, we have a diversion rate of 65%, which means 65% of our waste is correctly recycled or composted instead of going to the landfill! The City's Sustainability Division is housed within the Public Works Department and is responsible for developing programs towards energy, water and waste reductions. ” After reviewing Bloomberg’s Sustainability Report, we highlighted some key metrics below: Electronic waste (e-waste) is one of the biggest environmental challenges of our time. e-Waste often contains hazardous materials, which can adversely affect the environment. ) owned by the University Contact Materials Distribution for help in arranging to either: (a) re-sell working equipment through the Excess Property Disposal Program , or (b) recycle broken items through the University’s e-waste disposal contract. 2005). Infographic highlighting the hazards of ewaste and how to dispose of such waste To support the rollout of the ban the Victorian Government is investing $16. Why recycle e-waste? Electronic components and materials are resources that can be re-used or recycled. This site addresses waste management, water and energy conservation, and corporate sustainability. E-waste is not allowed in your usual weekly rubbish collection. We have a number of sustainability efforts underway, including: Increasing the efficiency of our buildings: Managing our buildings in an efficient manner is a key focus for lowering our greenhouse gas emissions and reducing energy, water, and waste. w pqk of each e-waste product E k with respect to each sustainability criteri on¬ ¼C pq , p weighted fuzzy performance matrices Vvp ª º¬ ¼ pqk can be constructed under each sustainability dimension, where Waste Connections has designated locations that accept electronic waste such as televisions, computer monitors and towers. This includes laptops, desktop computers and monitors, cell phones, televisions, printers and fax machines, and all the smaller parts that come with th Waste reduction plays a role in achieving this goal. Our Sustainability Program Part of Inova's mission is to protect the health of the diverse community we serve. Food loss refers to the decrease in edible food mass at the production, post-harvest and processing stages of the food chain, mostly in developing countries. Electronic Waste Management Akamai is an e-Stewards Enterprise committed to processing our electronic waste responsibly. Fill out the Universal Waste Pickup Request Form to arrange servi Listen to “Earth911 Podcast, Oct. Serial entrepreneur Mark Bowles aims to be part of the effort to reduce e-waste--a problem to which he inadvertently contributed during his 25-plus years in the semiconductor, wireless and tech Waste and recycling are areas where your personal choices can make a difference. On that site you can read details about the sustainability report and about our suppliers. In addition to routine collection, the IT department and sustainability office co-host a large-scale e-waste collection event during Earth Week every year, where an e-waste recycling company comes to campus and accepts e-waste on the spot. 632 pounds of personal electronic items (listed below) were accepted at this event. Competing Interests. • In terms of sustainability, there are The subject of waste is the last installment of this three-part series on sustainability and the big environmental challenges. With their updated definition, Macalester will be considered Zero Waste when we regularly divert 90% of our total waste from a landfill or incinerator. Electronic Waste (e-waste) Recycling at Western Collection, reuse and recycling of electronic equipment has become an important area of focus because these devices not only contain harmful chemicals, such as cadmium, mercury and lead, but are also costly to dispose of in a responsible manner. At UL, we believe that it is important to reduce our overall waste stream, and one way to help us do that is by recycling those used ink and toner cartridges! On Tuesday, March 28th, the Aramark Sustainability Team hosted an electronic recycling and confidential paper-shredding event outside the three buildings they operate – The Knight Center, Knight Hall, and Bauer Hall – with the help of Washington University’s Environmental Health & Safety Department, and the Office of Sustainability. To achieve these goals, the Office of Sustainability supports the following initiatives to reduce our campus' carbon footprint. We offer comprehensive recycling, industry-specific waste management, quality control & sustainability solutions for businesses and corporations. The first reason is the vested interest of the individuals involved. As an environmentally conscious corporate citizen, the University has adopted a Sustainability Commitment which includes the objective of transforming current waste management practices using effective strategies, infrastructure, systems and education to achieve best practice waste reduction, reuse and recycling rates. Since then the program has expanded and includes: office paper, cardboard, comingled waste, construction waste, and garden waste and e-waste. As an environmentally conscious corporate citizen, the University has adopted a Sustainability Commitment which includes the objective of transforming current waste management practices using effective strategies, infrastructure, systems and education to achieve best practice waste reduction, reuse and Agbogbloshie is a neighbourhood located in the city of Accra, Ghana, and it is a clear case of this problem; it has become an electronic-junk dump for all that waste coming from Europe and North America, being considered the largest one in the world. 1 E-waste in Manesar, India in 2009; image provided by usnews. The university has options to recycle unwanted E-waste. Angelakoglou and D. At UL, we believe that it is important to reduce our overall waste stream, and one way to help us do that is by recycling those used ink and toner cartridges! In Spain, less than 2% of all waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) is recycled and a mobile phone contains hazardous toxic components that should go to a recycling plant and not landfill. In the absence of government regulation to control the problem, BAN developed the e-Stewards certification as a market-based solution. The study was carried out after Brazil’s government enacted a policy on waste management. Waste Assessment ERC professionals conduct an on-site waste audit, identifying and tracking waste streams from generation to disposal. Food waste works against sustainability in all three of these areas. At our Phoenix networking mixers, we've introduced e-waste collection to provide a secure location to dispose of e-waste. The program, funded by Arc, has recently launched as a pilot, and UNSW IT are proud to be able to support the initiative. Potential revenues from e-waste recycling in the European market in 2014 were as high as 2bn euros, estimates Sheffield University’s centre for energy, environment and sustainability. At EarthX, we focus on first reducing the waste produced overall, and then strive to divert these materials from the landfill through recycling, composting, donations, and repurposing. SCU has a goal of being a zero-waste campus (90% diversion) by 2020. Learn more about SLCgreen’s special curriculum, offered in the spring, for residents and sustainability practitioners who want to become recycling leaders. Harvard’s extensive waste reduction initiatives focus first on reuse, and next on recycling and composting. While the introduction of tablets into the marketplace helped to decrease printing by 45%, e-waste is expected to double to 25 million tons by 2025. Formal and grassroot efforts are happening in many areas of the organization. At Shack-a-thon, Alpha Gamma Rho Wins For Sustainability. Earn Recyclebank points by recycling and taking green actions and use points for rewards, and towards sustainable green products on One Twine. As part of the effort in environmental sustainability and overall plan to minimise the environmental impact of e-waste, NEA has implemented upstream controls via the restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS) in electrical and electronic equipment (EEE). Moreover, the current and the future production of e-waste, the potential E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream worldwide, and leaving a big impact on the environment and on consumer wallets. Individual waste diversion is a crucial part of waste management on campus and everyone can support the effort by properly sorting their waste. What happens to your e-waste? At Sustainability Trust we work with trusted partners to dispose of the e-waste that our customers drop off. Food waste refers to the discard of edible foods at the retail and consumer levels, mostly in developed countries. The Office of Sustainability is committed to achieving sustained energy and environmental performance. E-waste has become a major concern to the University over the past several years. To protect our environment and recover more precious resources, the Victorian Government is banning all e-waste from landfill from 1 July 2019. Topping off at 9. Sustainability is an institution-wide effort and a key objective of the Elon Commitment strategic plan. Recycling & Recovery It is a fact that obtaining precious metals and minerals through recycling of E- waste is much more economical than obtaining those minerals though the mining process. These items can be environmentally harmful if disposed of in landfill as they contain toxic and hazardous materials such as lead, mercury, cadmium and brominated fire retardants. com, our goal is to work with you to keep electronic waste from the landfill with our useful e-waste articles and resources. TIPL provides an easy and environment-friendly way to its customers to dispose-off Toshiba branded television, refrigerator and washing machine that have reached their end-of- life. The University strives for a zero waste campus. We stand by our results and provide data at every step of the waste removal and diversion process. Electronic waste – usually called “e-waste” – refers to any and all electric or electronic items needing to be disposed of. Currently the University recycles 37 percent of its total waste output. Only 12. Old technology doesn't have to end up in landfills. E-waste. Unlike Europe, the U. The University has a program that recycles a wide variety of materials including food and beverage containers, plastics, paper, metals, green waste, food waste, construction waste, electronics, and more. From energy resources to waste management, sustainability is at the core of the University’s infrastructure. e-Waste, LLC is an R2 Certified, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007-certified IT Asset Disposition company based in Hudson, Ohio. Sustainability Victoria's role in e-waste Sustainability Victoria launched a new campaign, delivering a $1. We aid OEMs, Value-Added Resellers and corporate end-users in the end-of-life management of their surplus, excess or obsolete IT assets in a secure, safe and responsible manner. This week, Neitzel is bringing students from across campus—including the College of Engineering, School for Environment and Sustainability, School of Public Health and Ross School of Business—to bring students together to come up with ideas, tools, resources and policies to engage consumers in issues surrounding the recycling of e-waste in Meg Walkosak . Recyclemania 2013 Underway- February 3 to March 23. Sustainable Electronics Recycling International (SERI) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the responsible reuse, repair, and recycling of electronic products. Electronic waste, or e-waste, encompasses everything from old cellphones, to VCR’s, fax machines, TV’s, and everything in between. E-waste, recycling, and sustainability ABC Catalyst E-waste, recycling, and sustainability This resource is a primary (&/or) secondary educational video from ABC Splash. Kelsey White . See the Actions to be Taken During Specific Emergencies. It encompasses all broken, unusable, or outdated/obsolete electronic devices, components, and materials. The new County Sustainability Office is here for you! Sustainability isn't just good for the environment-- it can also improve your quality of life! Sustainability & Film Series: WALL-E & Waste April 8, 2013 by Sara Kenning Using tried and true techniques that the company has mastered in the past decade, Pixar creates cute, comic movie characters to access serious themes that relate to the real world. homes in a year. The Sustainability consultants at ERC are the only ones in the industry to draw up a plan, pick up the waste, and then dispose of it through a variety of options. E-waste data collection & results for the IU Office of Sustainability . Sustainability is part of everyday life and essential for the future of environmental protection. Recycling electronics helps ensure that the precious metals, aluminum, steel, plastics and other materials are recycled. Minimizing E-waste is Important: The manufacturing of these devices and the use of rare materials that go into their production represent a huge source of embodied energy. The US produces more electronic waste, or “e-waste,” than any other country: 9. As such, Pepperdine provides containers throughout campus for collection of used batteries. This information was compiled to help students, staff and faculty in the Department of Chemistry effectively manage waste and to align the department with UC Davis' long-term commitment to environmental, economic, and social sustainability. Sustainability. Common products include computers, televisions, VCRs, stereos, toys, copiers, fax machines, laptops, and phones. The Singtel x SingPost E-waste Recycling Programme, launched on World Environment Day, 5 June 2017, is a collaboration between the two leading ICT and postal companies as part of their environmental sustainability efforts. While throwing old cables and computers out with your general office waste may seem easy, the better business decision is to responsibly recycle your old or unused electronics. Household hazardous waste (HHW) is anything in or around your home that is poisonous, flammable, corrosive, or toxic, as well as products (such as electronics) that contain certain materials like metals. For desktop That is one reason why electronic waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the United States. Let us take care of it at our E-Waste Drive! The drive will be held at the OfficeMax at East Broadway Boulevard and South Euclid Avenue. The article analyses the recently announced E-Waste (Management) Rules, 2016 and examines the improvements and the shortcomings of the new rules T he Digital Revolution which we have been witnessing since past three decades is being seen as a savior by taking our planet to a more sustainable path. In consideration of an e-recycling company's subjective sustainability preferences, the optimal weights reflect the best corporate sustainability performance of the e-waste products processed by the company under its current operational settings. 4 million tons annually and only 12. Sustainability is the process of maintaining change in a balanced fashion, in which the exploitation of resources, the direction of investments, the orientation of technological development and institutional change are all in harmony and enhance both current and future potential to meet human needs and aspirations. SUSTAINABILITY. global e-waste management and policies could help to off-set the hazards of e-waste and are the best approach for achieving sustainable development. This includes mercury, lead, arsenic, cadmium, selenium, chromium, and flame retardants. In this paper the environmental problems related with the discarded electronic appliances, known as e-waste, are reviewed. International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research, Volume 4, Issue 5, May-2013 1103 ISSN 2229-5518 Green Computing: E-waste management through recycling Ayesha Anam, Anjum Syed Abstract— Green computing is the study and practice of using computing resources efficiently and eco-friendly. • In terms of sustainability, there are A World Bank report analyzes the environmental, health, and economic impacts caused by inappropriate disposal of electronic waste in the country. Through its websites, events, peer-to-peer network and research, GreenBiz promotes the potential to drive transformation and accelerate progress — within companies, industries and in the very nature of business. The harmful effects of electronic waste in developing countries is the subject of a photo exhibit at the CFA by engineering professor Nirupam Aich. E-waste laws like this are critically important for keeping millions of pounds of discarded electronics out of landfills and getting them into the hands of responsible recyclers. Electronics waste is becoming a major global issue. Like other countries around the world, Canada is grappling with the challenge of reducing levels of unsafe disposal and processing of e-waste and increasing levels of reuse, recycling and recovery. (e) implement opportunities to improve agency fleet sustainability, including vehicle acquisitions as established in section 3(g) of this order, waiver authority, and fleet data management practices, by revising agency fleet management review and approval procedures to include the Chief Sustainability Officers designated under this section and USM is hosting the 6th Annual Free Electronic Waste Collection Day on April 14th 2018 from 9 AM - 1 PM. , faculty, students, staff, visitors) Improve the recycling program by increasing and standardizing waste disposal bins with a pilot program in USC Housing Artist-in-Residence Performance at E-waste Warehouse – A Review Saturday, September 15th, The LES Ecology Center’s current Artist-in-Residence, Keiko Miyamori, presented a 1-hour performance piece, You are Unwanted, Yet, You Radiate. In our Reliability Testing Lab, one of the tests uses a weighted pendulum that simulates a swinging arm hitting Apple Watch against a hard object. Huge accumulation of e-waste and their recycling through primitive means for extraction of precious metals are real concern in the developing countries due to presence of hazardous materials in e-waste. Sustainability is understood as the development that meets the present needs without compromising the capacities of future generations, ensuring the balance between economic growth, environmental care and social welfare. The Waste Management Hierarchy. It covers a range of items we all use and discard from our daily working and home lives, including televisions, computers, mobile phones, kitchen appliances and white goods. Construction & Demolition Salt Lake City requires recycling or reuse of waste generated from construction projects. This rule is part of the waste hierarchy which is a process used to protect the environment and conserve resources through a priority approach. Throughout the year, several e-waste drives are held to collect these items. The development of a more sustainable e- waste management system is contingent on the quality of data available for decision-making purposes. e waste sustainability