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hx35 exhaust housing size Alternate Size Compressor Housing: T04E (more compact) Compressor Housing with 3" inlet 2" outlet GT3076R compressor hsg Style 4" inlet and 2" outlet with built in Ported Shroud Also had holset turbo, Cav Injection Pump and injectors serviced. $67. Comes with a ported compressor housing with 5" Inlet with 3. HX35 HX35W 3519336 Auto Engine Parts Turbine Wheel for Turbo CHRA 3537817 . 8 a/r Shiva. Also the new stainless steel exhaust housing option with the v-banded inlet is a sweet upgrade to allow for a quick simple install or removal. 20+ psi by 4000rpms can be seen in the hx35/40 with the hx35 12cm^2 turbine housing with a non-divided t3 manifold. The small bep housing around a t31 size hx35 turbine wheel is probably not enough to merit any of the hx40 compressor wheel upgrades. I wondering about the exhaust side housing and the cold side outlet. the housing size is directly related to compressor size. 00mm Exducer Compressor Wheel Polished Housing (Slip-on Connection) Using the stock exhaust housing and an open T3 manifold with the 2. Exhaust Size: Description The Intermediate Exhaust Pipe (IEP) has the most streamlined waste gate port on the market which gives the stock charger the ability to Hx35 Diesel Engine Turbocharger Electric Turbo Charger 4037469 4033150 , Find Complete Details about Hx35 Diesel Engine Turbocharger Electric Turbo Charger 4037469 4033150,Diesel Engine Turbocharger 4033150,Hx35 Turbo Charger,Electric Turbocharger 4037469 from Turbochargers Supplier or Manufacturer-Shiyan Sunon Automobile Parts Co. (The drawing is actually of a quick spool valve I am developing). this would kill top end as the gate would never flow enough and efficiently enough to provide good top end flow. The site navigation utilizes arrow, enter, escape, and space bar key commands. There can also be Letters at the end like 'W', that gives us more information about the Turbine housing. Turbo housing is the housing used for turbo. The size of the wastegate hole in the turbine housing is about 0. 9 and 6. 94-98 HX35's are 8blade compressor 54mm x 83mm, turbine 58mm, 12cm^2 dual volute wastegated housing. Caution: The compressor wheel blades can be easily damaged when the compressor housing is removed. 45a/r. 63 T3 housing and my Holset HX35 turbine wheel. This was 502ci at 14psi 1016rwhp. I have a Holset HX35 (7 blade) which comes with a ported OEM Turbine exhaust housing, which is around a 12cm a/r in size. I'm willing to trade for the right car. add to cart. for sale, toyota supra turbo kit. 54 is big for somethin' that only runs 8 psi. the only reliablity problem that i heard was the turbo's were failing if you weren't running a restrictor nozzle in the oil line. 830". i think its around 50ish mm. If you need your turbine housing machined for the 67mm x 76 turbine, Leave a note in the checkout T3 . I have a holset Hx35 that is brand new, not reman, nos! I want to trade for a Garrett t3 50 trim with a svo exhaust outlet. Regular V-band exhaust outlet used on H1C & early HX35's. 5" v band exhaust. Are you guys swapping smaller exhaust housing onto these turbos or just bolting the hx35 straight up and running it as it blwnsmke , Aug 31, 2008 blwnsmke , Aug 31, 2008 do you know what size turbine wheels they have in them? The smaller housing will spool faster typically The DDP 110's are good (but don't do it until your lift pump situation is fixed) - you're already pushing way beyond the capabilities of your stock system with your current mods I'm upgrading my 90 to a hx35 in about 2 weeks not sure on if I'm going to use the stock first gen exhaust housing or the w/g'ed 12cm housing yet. Turbine Housing (HX35/40) Compressor Cover Retaining Ring Quantity 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 6 1 4 1 2 1 . I have a holset turbo from our 99' automatic that has an upgraded exhaust housing laying on the work bench. It comes with a new flange for fabricating a Downpipe connection. The HX35W has a plate like this on the front of the compressor housing: The HX has a brass wastegate signal elbow at the turbo, a rubber hose connecting the elbow to the wastegate actuator, and the turbocharger assembly is bolted together. 00. 63 A/R housing for Holset hx35/H1C Turbo Exhaust Housing. 46 kg/s at 3. Tim's turbos . PDR HX35/40 Hybrid Turbocharger, New Outright - No Core Upgrade for earlier Cummins engines with this performance turbo Does not come with exhaust housing or actuator. and i was wondering how u guys feel about useing an holeset hx35? it has a 14 cm exhaust houseing, and i got to look in to what size comp. Do you know if it's the hx or the hy that came with the silencer ring or do both have them? What exhaust housing did you use on it? Jeremy. Holset HX35 Turbochargers. com Some other turbo manufacturers use A/R and in this case, the housing in question is 1. 5 liter capacity, the Holset HX35 turbocharger has high flow aerodynamics capable of providing up to 0. 63 and . 7 liter Cummins engines. Sometimes you can find informative forum posts on parts and accessories for the Toyota Tercel online. ideally, you want to have a turbo whose max efficient psi is within 5 psi above what you will be running, lag will be minimized. the previous HX35 had originally been setup with a 12cm housing that was bored out so it WG’d both sides then a 14cm housing with 60 mm wheel upgrade but on steep mountain grades and switchbacks it failed to respell. Everyone says to get it custom made but then I would have to tow my car to a shop and all the ones in my area seem to be booked for 8+ weeks. thanks Also would anyone know the physical outside dimensions of the hy35 or hx35 compressor housing? I need to see if its the thicker exhaust flange that is causing my Both these turbos are pretty similar, I believe the HX35 is larger than your typical GT35R, so potentially more lag. l6 DIESEL OHV Turbocharged. 8L to 3. You will need to use the hx35 exhaust gasket between the manifold and the first section of the Adapter plate. I'd REALLY like a T4 footprint and a 3 vband outlet. Each model has several different compressors and exhaust housings that have spool characteristics and compressor maps, with different surge lines. 45 • T6 exhaust flange AURORA PLUS • Capable of 1220 Horsepower • Addition of Aurora 7000 or 7500 • Lowest EGT’s 60LB Exhaust Valve Spring - 89-98 Dodge Cummins Diesel (0) Reviews: Write first review Description: 1989 - 1998 Dodge Cummins 6BT Sold Individually (6 needed for complete replacement) Buy HX35 Turbo 3802770 3537132 6BT Turbocharger Truck for Cummins, Find Details include Size,Weight,Model and Width about HX35 Turbo 3802770 3537132 6BT Turbocharger Truck for Cummins. Tweet. Its pretty much like a HX30 turbine and HX35 compressor. Holset, Cummins Turbo Technologies, is the only supplier of variable vane turbochargers in applications requiring very large diesel engines, such as heavy-duty trucks and off road equipment. 32ar to a 1. there was no difference in compressor wheels until they switched up to the HY35/HE series of turbos Is an oil restrictor needed? I'm pushing oil FAST out of the exhaust housing. Holset turbos are awesome! great quality and reasonable prices, especially considering the vast used availibility of them. 280-480hp capability Displacement range: 1. i recently rebuilt a holset h2a and tried finding a smaller housing for it. 5'-2002 HX35's are 7blade compressor 54mm x 78mm, turbine 58mm, 12cm^2 dual volute wastegated housing. anyone know if 12cm represents the housing hight or the bore where the turbine wheel goes. These turbocharging "qual tests" ensure BAE produces a safe and reliable turbo for OE replacement applications. With a freer flowing turbine side, be it via a ported factory (12cm 2 ) housing or a larger A/R housing (14cm 2 or 16cm 2 ), the HX35 can support more than 450rwhp. 82 a/r Holset HX35 Turbine housing; Compact and Light Weight (<10 lbs) 500 Hp Capable (600 HP capable if Machined to HX40 Series) Here is the HX35 or H1C quick spool turbine housing. I just don't think the hy35 will flow enough air for it. I am going to be using the stock 12cm^2 housing so i would think the spool is going to be pretty good. 3 liter motor I would bet it should hit 20 psi by around 3k-3. Turbocharger Rebuilding Service. The 8cm from Tim's would be pretty comparable to the hx30, but the problem is there is no waste gated housing that I've seen. T3 flange. Spool is a lot like a T3/T4 with a Stg5 turbine wheel and the . it was on my cummin before i upgraded it to a hx40. Turbo is a gas compressor used for forced induction of an internal combustion engine. In today’s society everybody wants more boost or intake manifold pressure and to obtain more boost you decrease the size of the turbine housing (exhaust housing) of the turbocharger. 5in v band turbine outlet. Am currently running the engine-in but as soon as we get to 1400/1500+ revs there is excessive black smoke and the exhaust water also black. Make sure you find a small enough exhaust housing for these turbos or else you're in lag city. are about the max size Holset HX35 OIL COOLING Turbine Housing 3532497 3533001 Cummins TURBO BEARING HOUSING Bearing housing is the support body of rotor components in a turbocharger. 62in centerline 1. 9L Cummins Diesel Trucks. P. Running a 12cm exhaust housing. Like the title says. i looked through google and only things i could find was people switching from h1c's to hx35/hx40 hybrids. i also just purchased a Hx35, mine has a v-band exhaust housing i will be running agp log, have a friend here that also runs one on his agp log with no fitment issues. Does NOT include wastegate actuator CHRA Specs-Dual Ball Bearing-Oil and water-cooled bearing housing -M14x1. Turbine Piston Ring Seal. as the exhaust housing is exhaust housing size and high elevation . Turbine stage is the size of the exhaust wheel Stage 1 is itty bitty. willl a 3" atp down pipe fit or do I need to make a custom adaptor to mount to the turbine housing VWVortex. HX35/40 Item No. See complete description Notify me before the end of the auction See price PIMPx, Pierburg boost solenoid, Walbro 255, FMIC, Gutted upper and lower intakes, HX35, Singer 38MM wastegate, Top Mount Header, Stinger 80lb injectors , Stinger BOV and 3in exhaust The small bep housing around a t31 size hx35 turbine wheel is probably not enough to merit any of the hx40 compressor wheel upgrades. cummins 3903652 hx35/h1c exhaust outlet v-band clamp. My build I am using an hy35 on a 232 v6 mustang. I have the HX35 on my 12v tow rig, and it boosts really high (maxes at about 30psi). I have been doing a ton of reading lately on the holset turbo's and their success on Rb motors, and i have come to a conclusion of what i plan on being my turbo application upgrad Keep in mind the stock filter/housing is good for at least 400 hp. 9L 359Cu. $55. The HX35 Is defiantly an upgrade over the stock GM Turbo and as long as you don't tow heavy too much it is a great Upgrade, The HX40II is a Better suited size for the 6. from what iv read the h1c/hx35 housings would work. id be a little skeptical of the 18cm housing id think the spool up advantages of the hx35 might be diminished some but the use of the non WG housings may be an option for more mild engine setups. I did get a different exhaust housing on the replacement HX35 I got from GSRacing after blowing my first one up, but the difference was in the exhaust v-band position, it had a shorter 'nose' to it so my downpipe didn't match up Last weekend I went into my garage and eyeballed a . Like the Holset, the oil inlet is a threaded M12 and oil drain is threaded M8. Truckpipestore Is Selling High Quality Exhaust Pipes That Is A Turbo And Manifold Outlets Truckpipestore Is Selling High Quality Exhaust Pipes That Is A V-Band Clamps For Turbo Pipes New Turbo H1C H1E turbocharger Rebuild Repair Kit Kits with Upgraded HX35 HX40 Thrust Bearing Fit with Holset H1C H1E turbocharger, not Chinese version turbo This kit uses the HX35 HX40 thrust bearing, but its machined to allow it to bolt to the H1E/H1C bearing housing. Only problem with that idea is feeding the entire engine to one port that is effectively half a . more info And with a larger (14cm) or modified (ported) factory 12cm exhaust housing, exhaust flow increases, drive pressure drops and the HX35 can support 450 rwhp — not bad considering these engines start out with 160 to 215 hp at the crank, depending on the model. 50 is the size of the housing not the size of the compressor wheel in it and really doesn't not effect how much the turbo can flow very much. 3575186. . 63 a/r turbine housing to fit an hx35 or hx40. Holset H1e H1c Hx35 Hx40 67mm X 76mm 10 Blade Turbine Wheel Shaft Upgrade Upgraded Turbine Housing W Shaft Upgrade 67mm For Dodge Cummins 5. Even if you machine out a housing to fit, you still are going to run into issues with fitment and downpipe size. Note: There are multiple exhaust housing sizes for both the primary and secondary turbos which can be used to custom tailor each twin turbo system to individual customer needs. Biggest problem is the turbine housing. The HX40 compressor half moves more air. The turbo transition plate is 1/2" thick the thru holes are designed to fit the M10 bolts or studs. Holset HX35 Exhaust Housing. EXHAUST MANIFOLD. This unit will bolt up to the factory exhaust manifold and also to the factory downpipe Oil inlet fitting. So what else do i need to run the hx35 turbo i know injectors but what else do i need to do any crazy mods to the motor. Courtesy of Smelly240 im trying to get a base on the signals coming from the can bus to the module that controls the vgt adjuster/actuator. This outlet elbow is the same elbow that comes stock on all 94-02 Dodge 5. The specifications and rebuild information in this manual is based on information in effect at the time of printing. The Nissan turbine housing's wastegate bolt pattern is different from the standard Garrett pattern, so if you use the Nissan turbine housing then you have to use the Nissan wastegate or make your own. 3069053 V-Band Clamp. 9L’s with 14cm 16 cm and 18cm non waste gated exhaust housings. Popular in a wide range of automotive and bus applications the Holset HX40 is widely used in Europe and North American applications. The objective of a turbocharger is to improve the engine's volumetric efficiency by solving one of its cardinal limitations. Brand new Garrett GT4202 (GT42 w/ 102mm wheel) journal bearing turbo assembly. , Ltd. Tim’s Turbos rebuilds and sells turbochargers for a full range of makes, models, and equipment, from cabs that haul trailers across the country to back hoes on construction sites and diesel engines that power through the rugged countryside. China Hx35 Turbocharger manufacturers - Select 2018 high quality Hx35 Turbocharger products in best price from certified Chinese Wheel And Shaft manufacturers, China Turbo suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. Specifics and Features: High Compression/ Boosting HX35/ HX35W Oversize Turbocharger : Capable of Boosting Horse Power up to 400+ BHPHigh Quality Material, Cast Housing with Durable Steel Internal Wastegate Insertion; No Need for Extra Add-On Includes: 1 X HX35 TurbochargerHardware, such as, Bolt(s) and Gasket(s), if Any is Shown in the Picture compressor housing (8) turbine housing (5) bearing housing (4). [Archive] High Performance Turbocharger and Engine Related Modifications Discussion Forum - Specific To The GM 6. Exhaust housing compared to a BEP housing for an HX40 and my ghetto adapter. 5 and really wakes it up, I see you have 4" exhaust which is good but you will need a good tune, I use a Heath Tune and it works well with the Turbo, Lower EGTs and better Holset Hx35 Turbo 16cm 550bhp+ Twin Scroll T3 holset hx35 turbo charger housing size 14. There are some rough castings and tapering sections, particularly before the turbine, that I was thinking of flattening out. and will take 32 psi all day or would another hx40 do the trick. The hy has a v-band connection to the center section, the hx is bolted to cha. Shop with confidence. borg warner turbine housing s500sx-e t6 twin volute 3. Now a naturally aspirated 4 cyl will most likely loose hp due to lack of backpressure if they decided to go to a big exhaust. Welcome to Mazdaspeed Forums. 4x4 and 4x2 applications. When installing the different exhaust housing, you'll have the turbo off, so on the bench is a good place to set the wastegate. The factory HX35/HY35 can only handle so much fueling, before it just gives up. Find Line5 Wh1c Hx35 L now! Jiamparts supply more than 3000 kinds of turbocharger and 20000 kinds of turbo spare parts (Compressor wheel, Turbine wheel, Turbine housing, Compressor housing, Cartridge, Repair kit) with good quality & pretty competitive price. The Ported Compressor Housing is designed with a 4" intake and exclusive inducer bleed ring. Find great deals on eBay for hx35 flange. The Holset HX40 series offers a wide range and high performance for multiple applications. In. The Holset HX35 12cm housing is roughly equivalent to somewhere between a . 50ar housing on my Precision Turbo 106mm it picked up over 200rwhp at thye same boost level. I was kind of confused about the 50/55 info as well. Otherwise, you don't need to pull the turbo off to adjust this. Used on most hx35 and H1C turbos. The Borg Warner performance line features an assortment of carefully chosen K and S series turbochargers to meet a wide array of high-performance engine requirements. Should be some more numbers on the back side of the exhaust housing, IIRC the 90's had a 21 sq cm housing. Fits: All Classic Muscle Carswith T4 Turbine Housing Turbo Charger (Universal), All Classic Volkswagenswith T4 Turbine Housing Turbo Charger (Universal), Al holset exhaust. $399. few threads on other forums like my question but none that had the answer to what im asking. tial exhaust housing Manufacturers Directory - find 23 tial exhaust housing from tial exhaust housing online Wholesalers for your sourcing needs from China. Turbo size is 74/76 with 26cm housing. Most of those turbos are a T3 flange so an adapter from a 1256 or a whole exhaust center section from a 1456 will work. The only way I can see that head gasket blowing is from to much boost. This results in a 13% increase in choke flow allowing more air into the compressor wheel, and inducer bleed broadens the range of the compressor wheel, smooths out air flow and eliminates turbo compressor surge. 0:1 pressure ration. The car hasn't been put back on a dyno since swapping to the larger housing, but it's definitely making more power. or would i have problems controlling boost below 20PSI because of the size limits of the EWG due to Location 38mm ? Last edited by johnt2k7; 12-08-2014 at 11:08 PM . Bearing Housing Oil Baffle Inlet Baffle Thrust Collar Heat Shield Oil Seal Plate Bolt. See complete description Notify me before the end of the auction See price PIMPx, Pierburg boost solenoid, Walbro 255, FMIC, Gutted upper and lower intakes, HX35, Singer 38MM wastegate, Top Mount Header, Stinger 80lb injectors , Stinger BOV and 3in exhaust When I changed the exhaust housing from a 1. The same fitting screws into the turbo housing and the oil filter housing on 94-98 Dodge 5. Tractors, Tractor Parts, Replacement Tractor Parts. not the size of the downpipe An unmodified HX35 from a dodge truck has a 12cm housing, ~. The HX35 is a 54mm turbo (Inducer) Twinentry T3 flange. Fits H1-C, Hx35, and hybrids with 3" v-clamp. What size exhaust housing do your 50's have? Holset seems to offer quite a few different sizes for their turbos. Also, since my understanding is that the HY35 has the same compressor wheel as the 7 blade HX35, will a compressor housing from an HX35 work on an HY35 with a side firing outlet, since the HX35 all have downward facing outlets. Therefore, you would see 21 somewhere back there, or in the case of an 18. cm/cm. com - what size downpipe should i use on a holset hx35 The main difference between the S300 removed and a stock HX35 is a 14cm exhaust housing versus a 12cm housing. We manufacture and fabricate flanges forsale in the auto aftermarket including inlet flanges, outlet flanges, turbo flanges, pipe flanges, header flanges and AN fittings. A form of supercharger, the turbocharger increases the pressure of air entering the engine to create more power. It spooled exactly the same. index > Turbo Systems > Holset > HX35 HX35W > Upgrade Kits > High Performance Upgrade by BAE Holset HX35 HX35W HX40 HX40W 60. This is designed to work with the stock 94-98 turbo oil feed line. Package is irregular, so additional shipping charges apply. Stainless Diesel Exhaust Manifolds are the best on the market, with z ero failures in the 12+ years of being run on daily drivers, race trucks, pullers & semi trucks. Best bang for the buck is to find a blown up hx35 with a good exhaust housing and flop it on your h1c. 4L and should be roughly similar to a T3/T4 "hybrid" 50-trim that's commonly used with much success. The h1c is basicly the same as the hx35 but if you replace the exhaust housing with a 6-9cm it would be a good setup. Turbocharger Turbine Housing. Above picture is of the same Holset HX52 turbo Vs the smaller Holset HX35. The turbo has around 100K on it and I bought it from the original owner. 12. Toote kirjeldus. The Factory HX35 Turbine Wheel is 60mm x 70mm, and the Turbine Housing can be Machined to the HX40 64mm x 76mm and the HX40 67 mm x 76mm Turbine Wheel. Well I currently have a 96 with auto with a Stinger plus kit from banks when I bought the truck but then modified my fuel plate to a 100, slid all the way forward, afc all the way forward with BHAF, stock 3 inch exhaust, with the 14cm housing on my hx35 i believe Genuine Holset 12cm Waste Gated Exhaust Housing . 50 a/r on the compressor housing, the . com. I love this Z, but I definitely miss my Z32 even more. Holset Brand Turbochargers are the original, factory equipped turbo for the Cummins powered Dodge Ram, and many other commercial vehicles using the 5. '71 240z L28ET I am currently in the market for a TT Z32. Holset HX35 (T3) manifold flange dimensions. 0 to 6. Proven to easily get on the stall with a stock 1g auto torque converter (dependent on air quality and turbine housing). 00mm Inducer - 86. Fits 96-98 Dodge 2500 and 3500 5. 12". Designed primarily for 6 cylinder engines of 5. I know they come with a 12cm stock, but I think that would be too hot for a 1st gen auto? The Third number is the exhaust housing size in cm 2, I'm not going to go into this, but generally speaking, bigger equates to laggier down low, but more power up top. It's as simple as swapping them, nothing else to it. With the HX35, with it's larger 12cm housing, it may be possible though. Another good example is having us machine a garrett t3 . Currently this turbo has a 12cm exhaust housing, would that be enough for about 350/400HP or will it choke the engine in the upper RPM regions and is a larger exhaust housing needed (and which one)? What size exhaust housing? I'd roll with a hy35 before an hx because the by is slight smaller compressor and turbine, with a 9cm housing vs the hx35 14cm or at the smallest 12cm housing The small bep housing around a t31 size hx35 turbine wheel is probably not enough to merit any of the hx40 compressor wheel upgrades. The underhood layout just makes the available room far too cramped to really do a smash bang up job on outlet flow. com The overall spec and wheel sizes are incredibly close to the Holset HX35, which is proven at 600bhp with a 12cm turbine housing, so while we've rated this at 500bhp , we'd be fairly amazed if it couldn't hit at least 550bhp on the right spec engine, probably more. That maybe your opinion and possibly a very good one but the exhaust housing on the above said H1C charger definitely has a smaller housing than the hx35 hybrid that I purchased, By smaller i'm reffering to physically smaller going by the outside measurements of the exhaust housing, I'm going to get around to changing the turbo out some time next week so I'll know more then, This turbo has Foreword This publication was written to assist field personnel with basic overhaul and rebuilding of the Holset HX30/35/40 turbocharger. Components . The h1c withe the 12cm turbine housing is better than the hx35 because of the smaller compressor and better than the factory 16cm but still will lag. However, the compressor inducer size on the HE351 measured 60 mm-a nice upgrade from TO4E roughly refers to the size of the compressor housing and the inlet on the compressor housing. The turbine wheel is a good half inch bigger diameter than the stock hole in the T3 housing, that's waaaaay to much material to remove. wheel. -Holset HX35 to HX55 adapter allows for the larger HX55 to be bolted directly to the exhaust manifold with no modification to the manifold or turbo. whats it off of is it actually at 50 trim t3(good for 250-275hp) or does it just say . Comes as seen in pic. T-4 87mm S400 Exhaust Housing. T3 . 5 sq housing 18 or 18. 90 A/R Exhaust housing 87 x 80mm exhaust wheel 4 5/8" exhaust outlet flangeVolute, twin f. 88a/r housing on my s363sx I noticed the ag housing was a much better looking piece in terms of casting and machine work. Please make sure Select your Turbocharger size and exhaust housing size! Related Items: 03-07 Cummins He351cw Reman 91-02 Cummins Hx35 Drop-in Replacement Turbocharger CUMMINS HX35 3536469 4089319 from china suppliers on Gasgoo. The exhaust housing on the GM Huffer is one of the biggest troubles with the final outcome. Good luck I think he is talking about the baby H1c which is more comparable to the hx30 with a 44mm comp wheel and a 12cm ex housing. Mophorn Diesel Turbocharger HX35 HX35W Turbo Charger with Internal Wastegate Turbine Fit for 99 to 02 Dodge Ram 2500 3500 5. But, your selection of exhaust housings will make a big difference. It is possible to enlarge the wastegate hole to about 0. What size exhaust housing for Hx35 on 91. I recently went up in turbo size, so this one is no longer needed, and just taking up space. It is for my hx35 with the bep T3 exhaust housing. :) sweet deal if u ask me . hey im lookin to turboing my car and build my own rear mount kit. The Super 40 can reach up to 700PS with fuel applications and up to 400PS with diesel applications. Holset HX35 Turbo Outlet Flange, WG Blocked, 3/8", Mild Steel The wastegate hole has been removed for this flange (for an external wastegate application) Process: Waterjet Cut for High Precision and NO Thermal Distortion Bullseye Power's Bolt On DSM Housing allows you to bolt on a Holset HX35 Turbo with simplicity and proper fitment. Make an Inquiry for HX35 Turbo 3802770 3537132 6BT Turbocharger Truck for Cummins at OKorder. Exhaust Gas Turbocharger. Which may look cool, but smoke is really just unburnt fuel, thus wasted horsepower. worst case is an hx35 turbine wheel the same as the h1c wheels demention wise minus the wheel The small bep housing around a t31 size hx35 turbine wheel is probably not enough to merit any of the hx40 compressor wheel upgrades. 5" exhaust system. 3" to 4" machined flange with mandrel bends. MORE INFO INTRODUCING THE GARRETT GEN2 GTX SERIES! Turbo Models from 475HP to +2,500HP the 2. H1C turbine wheel I have is the same one seen on the BIG H1C which has the same compressor size as the HX35. theneil. 5 Diesel Engine. for 89-02 H1C or HX35 Dodge. It depends on the exhaust housing size, they both flow the gas needed from the engine so it is a shared effort. I seriously doubt that. The elbow is pyro ready (1/4"). Unbelievable prices on Precision Vband Stepped Hx35! Showcasing a vast collection of precision vband stepped hx35 on sale now. I am getting parts ready for by new motor, I will be using a Holset hybrid turbo, it has the HX35 turbine housing on it, ( I don't have it back just yet ), I need to know what size exhaust V-band flange they come with and where is a good place to purchase the V-band flange from, I plan to build a custom exhaust from the turbo back and need the right flange on the turbo. Combines GEN2 technology to the popular size GT2860RS for +100HP gain. A pair of 341's should spool a couple hundred RPM sooner. The hy35 exhaust housing will not fit the hx. Opening up the exhaust flow of the factory turbo (especially the Holset HX35 on ’95-’98 models) can add significant power, along with reducing EGT. 5 water ports Compressor Specs-0. Just looking if anybody knows if the Holset HY35 or HX35 (12cm exhaust housing) can be mounted on a stock manifold (milled down or spacer for T3 compatibility) without hitting the rear mount? Will be interesting, IMO I think the turbine housing is a bit small considering the size of the compressor, but yea, its deffo more suitable for 450 than a HX is, which is more of a 600bhp turbo. 70 A/R compressor housing 4" From looking online though it seems the exhaust size will be too restrictive for a V8 and is good up to 2. Whats nice is you can use the stock divided housing on our manifolds and they will still spool quick. Legal Privacy Policy Terms of Service Company Return Policy Shipping Policy Holset Part Number Reference Customer Part Number Primary IAD Holset Assembly Number Description Generic I’ve seen a few guys run a HX35 on 6. Trade leads from hx35 turbine housing Suppliers and hx35 turbine housing buyers provided by weiku. what's the closest I can get to this w/minimal An HY35 with its 9cm² exhaust housing or an HX35 with the HY's smaller housing (vice the HX's 12cm² housing) is a very nice match to the SRT-4's 2. 5 Auto Anywho, I'm looking to get an hx35. 9L Truck 6BT Cummins Engine (HX35 / HX35W) The hy35 exhaust housing will not fit the hx. 3k rpm. It is already a twin-scroll T3 mount - at least legit Holsets are. 2 & 6. If you are building your own system or already have the t3 v-band style manifold inlet, this is perfect for you. Turbine A/R is the size of the exhaust housing roughly . Garrett Dual Ball Bearing GT2876R. Picture of a/r measurement from Garrett Turbos: Picture of a/r measurement from Garrett Turbos: A Stage III exhaust wheel is a larger/higher flow version of a standard Stage I wheel. On Sales HX35 3532630 Bearing Housing For 6BTAA Engine … On Sales HX35 3532630 Bearing Housing For 6BTAA Engine,US … turbocharger and turbocharger spare parts … customers with high quality and … . 89 AR and will spool fast enough for the 1FZ-FE. 5" on there let alone 3", and you don't want that considering these turbos came stock on the cummins with a 4". Cars (US) » holset exhaust. 9L 12 Valve Cummins trucks. At Turbo Lab we can Machine your HX35, H1C, or HX40 Turbine Housing to a larger Turbine Wheel. T-4 S400 . This site focuses on a broad group at unbelievable prices. the only difference between the H1C and the HX35w are the exhaust housing size and the H1C is non-gated versus the HX35 which is gated, and the manner of how they are held together, H1C uses the v-band clamp, while the HX uses the Snap-ring. $759. If the exhaust housing is big enough to flow the gas, then the wastegate doesn't have to be any bigger, except to control boost. Featuring lots of line5 wh1c hx35 l on the internet. Holset Hx35 Turbo 16cm 550bhp Twin Scroll T3 Turbo Purchased the turbo for a project (Fabrication of exhaust manifolds) new and unused 2. download holset hx35 hx40 turbo rebuild guide and shop manual 1995 2002 dodge ram 5 9 cummins diesel truckschilton chrysler full size trucks 1997 01 repair 7 blade HX35 8 blade HX40 (With HX35 exhaust housing that has been machined to fit the HX40 wheels) 8 blade HX35 My 8 blade HX35 (I might trade my brother this one for the 7 blade HX35) will the non-wg exhaust housing from a h1c bolt to the rear of an hx35 ? the h1c is one of the larger ones, not the small h1c's. 63 is itty bitty too. I got the hx35 off a cummings pick up with 20,000 miles on it for 200. The GX35 small engine is lightweight, easy to start, and durable. This is a direct fit on the Holset 60mm by 70mm turbine wheel. One end clamps on with a v-band style clamp, but ONLY includes the elbow, the other end allows for connection to a 3 inch intercooler hose. The exhaust housings on the h1c, hx35, and wh1c are all interchangeable. The turbo will be a Holset HX35 which I've purchased some time ago. Tuned originally at Addict Motorsport Design in Seattle on the old K26/HX35 Hybrid where it made 310 horsepower and torque. This will limit what this turbo is capable of flowing, but it will bring down the capable flow rates of the turbo down to size with a smaller engine to help spool time and over all efficiency. 98. 9sq. Left and right arrows move across top level links and expand / close menus in sub levels. i bought a 12cm housing for it and its way to small the wheel wont even fit in it. N what is good injecter size for that turbo thax for the help. The 4cyl must be turbo and must have alot of boost Im pushing 25psi out of a Holset HX35 My exhaust gases are flying out and the least amount of restriction getting out the more i can get in there. Choose from a stock rebuild, 7 Blade HX35 wheel, 7 Blade HX40 wheel, 6 Blade HX40 wheel, 60-1 Billet Wheel, 62mm Billet wheel, or even a 67MM Billet compressor wheel! No one does better quality turbo rebuilds and upgrades then us! The BD-POWER 1045911 TURBINE HOUSING 16CM (NON-W/G) is designed to replace the factory exhaust (turbine) housing on a 1988-1993 Dodge 5. I think the hy with it's small exhaust housing will be running out of air before 500. It is connected to compressor housing and turb A/R is the Area to Radius ratioliterally a measurement of the size of the exhaust housing. 63 housing though, with much more top end due to the bigger wheel. Holset Turbochargers Parts. 9l He351cw EWG would be after the turbine housing on the Down pipe flange (pics below). There were no content items found in this category. | eBay! • A/R housing: 1. Check out 96Mustang460cid 1991 Ford Mustang in Broken Arrow,OK for ride specification, modification info and photos and follow 96Mustang460cid's 1991 Ford Mustang for updates at CarDomain. and it uses a T3 flange. 3. 82 Garrett T3 exhaust housing. HX35/HX40 hybrid for gen2 Also the s300 based turbo has a true 4" exhaust housing, no elbows or necking down to hook up to the turbo. 938" with a 15/16" end mill, and still have plenty of sealing surface left around the periphery of the puck. Its a journal bearing and is oil cooled only. We were pretty severely limited by the tiny hot side housing. The Holset turbine housing will bolt up to a T3 style manifold which you can buy aftermarket for a DSM, but I wanted to go with a more sleeper route and bolt it up to my Evo III exhaust manifold. 9L Cummins measures somewhere around 54/69/14, which means it has a 54mm-inducer compressor wheel, a 69mm-inducer turbine wheel, and a 14cm2 exhaust housing. Turbo Exhaust Theory I stumbled across this information on a forum. Turbine Housing For Turbo Kp39 , Find Complete Details about Turbine Housing For Turbo Kp39,Turbine Housing,Turbo Kp39 Turbine Housing,Vw Turbo Chargers from Turbochargers Supplier or Manufacturer-Qingdao Toman Industries Co. You will be very lucky to even fit a 2. Next if your truck is like mine (auto) there is a hard coolant line just behind the exhaust manifold that will block the rear most bolt on the adapter flange from being used. What trans do you have? If your going for a Wicked Wheel, get a 05-07 wicked wheel so you can turn your HX35 into a hybrid. I do have some experience hogging out cylinder heads and was wondering if a similar process might helo my turbo. im in the process of starting a hy35w or he351cw build up on my 7m :) cant wait! i hear nothing but good news on these turbos and the instant boost and hard 1984 GMC Getaway van, 6. Bullseye Power (BEP) makes aftermarket turbine housings for Holsets that bolt right up to the DSM manifolds. Dodge Ram Diesel Replacement Turbo (96-98) HX35 Turbo. I love it. Please try again later. The turbo that breaks into the triple digit compressor wheel size & is capable of 1000 HP. Are the turbine housing for the hy35 and hx35 the same? Standard OM606 + 605 exhaust manifold turbo outlet flange (hole drawn to 50mm, would require manifold hole grinding out to suit). hx35 turbine housing trade offers directory and hx35 turbine housing business offers list. It did however have the silencer ring. 5l only. Airwerks Head Units. Stainless Steel Turbo V-Band Clamp HX30 HX35 HX35G HE35VE HE315W HY35W HE431VE HY55V HX55 HT60 H1C RHF3 RHF3V RHF4 RHF4V RHF5 RH Fits all of our turbo kits that feature a turbocharger with a 5-bolt exhaust housing. if you are referring to the wheel size you will lose a ton of efficiency if you put a shaft & wheel in a turbine housing that has a "slightly" different conture. This feature is not available right now. To view links or images in signatures your post count must be 10 or greater. I wouldn't get too hung up on the size as it was designed for a 6-7 litre diesel The turbine side is the HX35 with a 12-cm^2 housing, which closely approximates a . I was planning on going with the HX35 which came on the second gens (still 12v) but the HX35's had a smaller turbine housing. Posted by Nathan Ahrens on 4th Mar 2015 So I received my housing within 6 days of my purchase which is about what I expected and as I was comparing it to my . The Honda GX35 Mini 4-Stroke Engine is one of the world's smallest 4-stroke engines. The other modifications will be either a totaly standard engine standard CR, with tial waste gate large intercooler and 550cc injectors and stand alone management omex 710 hopefuly! 3. with a 60mm Holset HX35 [Archive](5),I'm trying to run an HX/HY35 or HX40 on my new 2JZ setup. This provides a simple starter solution for connecting your turbo's exhaust to Unrivaled spool characteristics for HX35 and HX40 turbos, even versus the smaller bolt-on housings without choking the power potential. They're slightly smaller in compressor/turbine wheels and even though both the 341 and 351 are listed as a 9cm exhaust housing I've been told the 351 is closer to 10cm. Holset Hx35 Turbo 16cm 550bhp+ Twin Scroll T3 holset hx35 turbo charger housing size 14. I've been searching and calling around looking for someone who makes a 3" v band o2 housing but I can't seem to one. 5" V-band outlet. $425. Its a HX35 from a 99 dodge cummins. I have i rb20 255 wal bro fuel pump and i some little stuff. 5" Intake/MAF Housing with T3 Twinscroll flange and cut and weld corksport downpipe on exhaust flange of HX35. The turbine wastegate housing is a twin-volute, and an adjustable wastegate actuator is preset at 26 PSI (325hp), which is safe up to 40PSI (450hp) with a Power Driven Diesel Turbo Tuner. 0LInternally wastegated . Trev's HX35 should bolt right up, but if it is Wastegated you might need to adjust the D. Many complain that the new injectors or chip they just installed just creates a lot of smoke. These housings are cast stainless steel so you can be assured that you won't have to worry about it. The size of the wastegate puck is about 1. Cars & Trucks Motorcycles Other Vehicles & Trailers Image Size: Sort: Best Match Ending Newest Most Bids. I read that the tdi's run 80-100psi oil pressure, which would be 20-40psi more than the trucks this turbo came off of. Secure the turbine housing (5) in a vice and remove the compressor cover circlip (91) using circlip pliers, Part No. I am selling my stock HX35 turbo, with the elbow included. 82 a/r Holset HX40 Turbine housing Compact and Light Weight (10 lbs) For instance, an HX35 turbo from a 5. Should make for a very good alternative to the GT3076. 78a/r housing in size. All names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are for reference purposes only, and do not imply that any part is the product of these manufacturers. 2L diesel-now has a remote mounted turbo system by me, running an HX35 with a billet super 40 extended tip compressor wheel, burning WMO, WATF, hydraulic oil and Jet fuel. 12cm Waste Gated Housing for H1C/HX35. 99. Generously sized bearings with watercooled housing options for applications with highly cyclic operations support a recently upgraded set of aerodynamic components. 9L Cummins. 35 PSI and whistle is awesome. hx35 exhaust housing size