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indonesian timber species The same The Bornean Orangutan is endemic to the island of Borneo where it is present in both the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak, as well as in four of the five Indonesian Provinces of Kalimantan: North, East, Central and West Kalimantan. Life After Logging - Reconcling Wildlife Conservation and Production Forestry in Indonesian Borneo An environmental watchdog has accused a palm oil company in Indonesia of failing to extend a sustainable forestry pledge to a timber concession that it also operates. Bringing you authoritative information on taxonomy, legislation, distribution and trade in MEA-listed species. I. 2 Evidence from Sarawak indicates poor regeneration rates for ramin in loggedover forests 3. S. From all of hardwood species that available nowadays, there are five types of wood that are often or commonly used by the carpenters or companies in Indonesia as main material to make a wide range of furniture Indonesia is a net exporter of timber and timber products and although exports are going worldwide, the Far East contributes to the majority of the timber exports. Vriese, and Acacia mangium Willd from Indonesia was conducted. The tree species we work with are chosen for their suitability to local growing conditions and their value as commercial timbers. D. News about Endangered and Extinct Species, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times. Falsified numbers are contributing to widespread forest degradation from illegal logging and the over-exploitation of Amazonian timber species, according to experts. MANAGEMENT OF TEAK PLANTATIONS FOR SOLID WOOD PRODUCTS*/ William Ladrach, President the Indonesian archipelago on the islands of timber species, including oil Biomass of a man-made forest of timber tree species in the humid tropics of West Java, Indonesia Timber Prices listed below are compiled from indicative prices provided by selected sawmills from different regions of Malaysia. Abdurahamin Martawijaya, Iding Kartasujana, Y. ” Legal timber trade leads to more business opportunities for Indonesian timber producers. Classes one to four, the lower the number the higher the performance in terms of durability. 800. Illegal logging is stimulated by short-term logging permits, often issued for periods of only one year, and by the practice of permitting the regional autonomous corporations to selectively extract high-value timber species. Alibaba. (block board, plywood, etc. The sapwood of all timber species has poor resistance and so the natural durability rating applies only to the heartwood of a timber species. Indonesian teak furniture made of teak root wood and reclaimed teak. You see, in the world timber trade, the wood of many species with similar characteristics can sometimes be lumped together and sold under one name. Manila, Philippines, 16th March 2018—The thriving illegal wildlife trade from Indonesia to the Philippines has come into the limelight once again with the discovery of hundreds of threatened Indonesian wildlife in a Philippine home. The Indonesian government accepted that just under 90% of its timber production during 2003 was probably illegal. Dehumidification drying schedules were worked out for 27 commercial Indonesian timbers from Riau, Lampung and Central Kalimantan. An exotic species, it was introduced from India in the 4th century A. Jakarta, Indonesia, 31st March 2014—The Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System (Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu - SVLK) is poised to gain recognition in the European Union (EU) and generate more trade for certified companies with the recent signing of a Presidential Regulation. e. Rubberwood (Hevea Brasiliensis) is considered to be one of the most ‘environmentally friendly’ plantation hardwood, because the source is harvested from a renewable source, unlike other timber species that are cut down for the sole purpose of producing furniture and other timber products. Plant and animal life. Heartwood varies from light red to dark brown, darkening on exposure; sapwood is distinct greyish-brown, usually 4-8 cm wide. Given the future state of Indonesian forest resources in 2020, there would be also direct employment generation in the range of 675-836 000 even though there may be substantially larger numbers of people who are “forest dependent” and people who work in small-scale On the 30th of September 2013, Indonesia and the European Union signed a landmark Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) a move that is expected to boost the country’s already burgeoning timber industry and open up opportunities in related sectors. Different types of wood timber by A to Z . We propose to develop a two-year project on species identification and timber tracking system using DNA methods for important Indonesian timber tree species, the red meranti group; and light red Meranti. Moreover, the flora making up the Indonesian vegetation abounds in timber species. Learn the technical and marketing information for lesser-used tropical timber species (LUS) and find alternatives to commonly used timber species here. Sumatran orangutans exist only on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Intsia bijuga is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae, native to the Indo-Pacific. Borneo and Sumatra are the only places on Earth where tigers, rhinos, orangutans, and elephants live together. Lightwood is predestined as a timber construction material. Investigators pretending to be customers have covertly filmed Indonesian timber traders allegedly talking about how they exported a protected hardwood to China, where environmentalists say it is turned into furniture and building products for use worldwide, including Europe and the U. dark red meranti. In Indonesian rainforests there are thought to be as many as 40 000 different species of plants. The mindi tree is highly adaptable to most environmental conditions, is resistant to disease and insects and thrives in open areas. It is known colloquially in English as Bornean ironwood, billian, or ulin. The acoustical properties of four Indonesian tropical hardwood species were evaluated in this study. Major Buyers & Markets. Their mission is to revolutionize the national timber industry together with architects, building contractors and users who value timber as a living and breathing natural resource. What is being done? Among the most influential of the many international conservation agreements that have been signed is the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES Timber trade. light red / yellow / white meranti . The dipterocarp family is renowned for its timber (meranti), resin, vegetable oil and tengkawang or illipe nuts. It ranges from Tanzania and Madagascar east through India and Queensland, Australia to the Pacific island of Samoa. We evaluated the most common timber production systems worldwide in terms of their impact on local species richness by conducting a categorical meta-analysis. Timber Flooring and Hardwood Flooring Wholesale Supplier in China, Offering Wide Range of Exotic Acacia flooring, Teak flooring Material and Varieties in Different Size and Options. Sarawak Timber Moreover, several Dipterocarpaceae species were identified as producer of non-timber forest products such as tengkawang (illipe nuts) and damar mata kucing (dammar resin from Shorea javanica ). Panjiva uses over 30 international data sources to help you find qualified vendors of . After 2 years of working with my legislator (Mathew Hill), there is now a new law in Tennessee regarding the use of lumber cut from native timber. Communities collect and sell the wild seeds – known locally as kawang – to sell in markets. There was a clear trend that smaller density indicated smaller MOE. macrophylla is widely planted for its timber. With over 800 thousand m3 in processing capacity, we have one of the largest processing capacities in Indonesia and are among the top five tropical hardwood plywood producers globally. . Indonesian manufacturers and suppliers of wood species from around the world. In Indonesia, the mahogany is very popular especially for many areas in Java, there is known as a timber tree species of high commercial value so many people who grow and can be sold on the domestic commodity markets. Timber is one of the few available natural building materials. Atlas Kayu Indonesia, Jilid II (Indonesian Wood Atlas, Volume II) . Decking comes in many different species, both softwood (pine) and other hardwood decking species, offering variable strength, size and flexibility, as well as colour, grain and density. This selection of which species to plant is made together with the farmer on who's land the trees will be planted. Nielsen, Pinus merkusii Jungh et. PT Kutai Timber Indonesia (PT KTI), a leading timber company in Indonesia believes that forest conservation is the heart of the industry. 27, 2005, article in the New York Times. For 30 years we've been inspired by all of you to develop creative reclaimed and sustainable wood flooring, paneling, and siding. BANGKIRAI (Shorea laevis) General. The presence of the Sumatran tiger is an important indicator of a forest's biodiversity. Mandang, Sowanda Among Prawira, and Kosasi Kadir However, the woody species teak, one of the world’s premier timber species cultivated across 65 countries has only 3,269 nucleotide accessions including 6 ESTs available so far in the public domain (7 November 2017, date last accessed). 2. Mahogany is the national tree of Dominican Republic and Belize. This guideline is basically follows the two CITES guidelines mentioned previously, with an intensive modification in such a way to suit with the condition in Indonesia and the biology of The Indonesian Ministry of Forestry is committed to implementing specific actions at the national level and has recently endorsed a wide-ranging regional plan to combat illegal logging. Indonesia, Malaysia . Rainforests are also rich sources of timber. BACKGROUND With the Indonesian Timber Legality Assurance System (SVLK), Indonesia is the country currently An Indonesian government scientist wrote that "the mine's production was so huge, and regulatory tools so weak, that it was like 'painting on clouds' to persuade Freeport to comply with the ministry's requests to reduce environmental damage," according to a Dec. The species studied were Dracontomelon mangiferum, Durio carinatus, Palaquium leiocarpum, Cotylelobium melanoxylon, Xylopia malayana, Shorea pauciflora, Terrietia [Heritiera] javanica, Koompassia malaccensis, Canarium sumatrana, Dialium platysepalum, Dipterocarpus REENPEACE CLIMBERS AGREE TO END OCCUPATION. Since the number of species of commercial timbers are increasing, better knowledge of the properties and uses of these timbers is A total of 840 specimens made from 9 tropical timber species were tested. 38/Menhut-II/2009) establishes the Timber Legality Assurance System (TLAS). Indonesia's flora also abounds in timber species. How it made the Top 10: There’s an exception to every rule and the newest species of fanged frog is such an exception. Dipterocarpus alatus is a medium-sized to fairly large tree of up to 40 m tall (sometimes more), bole tall, straight, cylindrical, branchless up to 20 m, up to 150 cm in diameter. 1 Quick reference guide: identifying legal timber from Indonesia This quick reference guide supports the Country Specific Guideline for Indonesia. The timber trees selected are mostly fast-growing species for pulp and/or light use timber. Bangkirai (or sometimes named Balau) is a highly rated timber that is frequently used for trusses and structural wood members in areas where termites habitat, however, it is fiction to believe that Bangkirai is 100% termite resistant as many others tend to believe. 8m / 9. Whether you want to specify hardwood for structural or external applications, softwood for framing, or locate an engineered wood product suitable for your specific project, you’ll find a wealth of information – including appearance, common applications, durability, strength Forests managed for timber have an important role to play in conserving global biodiversity. Indonesian civil society groups have called on their government to reform its legal timber certification system, pointing to widespread illegal practices among certified companies and an auditing Rubberwood. Mahogany is a kind of wood—the straight-grained, reddish-brown timber of three tropical hardwood species of the genus Swietenia, indigenous to the Americas and part of the pantropical chinaberry family, Meliaceae Taun is the main joinery species available in PNG, and is an increasingly important species for Philippine sawmills, joinery, and furniture industries. 1 % of Merbau is a valuable dark hardwood used to make flooring, decking, outdoor furniture, doors and window frames. Rivaling Brazil in terms of biodiversity, Indonesia is home to 1,531 species of bird, 515 species of mammal, 270 species of amphibian, 35 species of primate and 38,000 species of plant. the confidence of Australian importers in Indonesian timber products These may include national laws governing the right to harvest particular species or from particular areas, international agreements that cover trade in certain types of timber and consumer-country laws that support trade in legally harvested forest products. The forests are home to marvelous creatures like the proboscis monkey, sun bear, clouded leopard, and flying fox bat, and endangered animals like the Sumatran tiger, Sumatran rhino, and pygmy elephant. Strength applications in hidden work in furniture, building, and transport decking, plywood. All tropical timber specimens showed that the MOE (Modulus of elasticity) had strong relationship with density. In response to unsustainable timber production in tropical forest concessions, voluntary forest management certification programs such as the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) have been introduced to improve environmental, social, and economic performance over existing management practices. About 30% of these are other timber, 4% are veneers, and 4% are plywoods. Indonesia’s vegetation is similar to that of the Philippines, Malaysia, and Papua New Guinea. Sharp tools are required-otherwise it stains, glues and polishes satisfactorily. This Wood Species series of entries comes to us from guest writer Rob Wilkey, an Atlanta-based woodworker and industrial designer whose expertise is in small home goods, furniture, and large installations. Name: Limnonectes larvaepartus. Mahogany is a kind of wood—the straight-grained, reddish-brown timber of three tropical hardwood species of the genus Swietenia, indigenous to the Americas and part of the pantropical chinaberry family, Meliaceae. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY • Kwila or merbau is a widely distributed timber species on the island of New Guinea. Timber taken from naturally regenerated forests comprises more than 10% of Indonesia's non With more than 30 years of experience in Indonesia and wood industry, Samko has pioneered the use of sustainably grown plantation timber to create attractive, strong and durable plywood and veneer products that beautify residential, commercial and office spaces around the world. 800 m3/year and 280. Including both land and sea ecosystems, Indonesia has more species than any other country on Earth. The novel device will help researchers, customs officials, and other enforcement authorities quickly and accurately identify timber species. Abstract. Davies Timber Marine Plywood is a high quality structural panel product, which has good external properties. we do have varieties of meranti (shorea); 1. Wild meat. Many in the wood products industry agree that Ipe is an unrivaled species for decking applications. 31. Merbau is also used for premium flooring and is suitable for light and heavy traffic. Queensland Kauri withstands some exposure. Key exports include processed goods, namely: plywood, pulp and paper, mouldings and joinery, furniture, sawn timber and veneer. The Philippine Islands, as well as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Southeast Asia, produce a great variety of hardwoods. It is a kind of precious tree whose fragrant wood is used as spices, incense ingredients and aromatherapy. That's the story behind Philippine mahogany. Our products use commercial timber species that has often been used as teak, merbau, bangkirai, camphor, meranti, mahogany, Sungkai, rosewood, coconut wood. Rustic furniture for indoor and outdoor made in Java and Bali by teak furniture factory and manufacturer with years experience export furniture worldwide. We reviewed 287 published studies containing Land use maps. Here are the top six tropical decking choices to consider. A briefing prepared for the 17th Conference of the Parties (CoP17) to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES). Indonesian Teak Plantation Perum Perhutani is a State owned enterprise managing State Forests in Java and Madura on a commercial basis and with responsibility to implement concurrent social welfare, economic and national development directives. All of these timbers can be machined to any required size, or laminated, or moulded, or made into kits, and freighted to your door. So, essentially, any type of timber as long as it has a sufficient level of hardness can be used to make furniture or accessories. THE IUCN RED LIST OF THREATENED SPECIES™ Species Extinction – The Facts believed to survive today. Because of overexploitation, most of the old growth teak was taken during the 2nd World War. 3. Auro contracts workers from Palembang in Sumatra to extract the resin from trees in forests which loggers have continually tried to buy and clearfell. Each timber is known for its strength, durability, uniqueness of fiber and color. The increase in these activities is being matched by a growth in illegal wildlife trade, as cleared forests provide easy access to more remote areas. There are many excellent tropical decking species that all look and perform differently. This restriction follows a directive from CITES Secretariat recommending all signatory countries to suspend The Acoustical Properties of Indonesian Hardwood Species four Indonesian hardwoods species based on three be implicated on the sound of timber and thus the sound availability of the prime species. Timber Types This is just a selection of the quality timber we have in stock. Find technical and marketing information for lesser-used tropical timber species, LUS. 1) Sources of timber Tropical countries produce about 35% of the world production of “roundwood” (total wood removals), which amounted to about 3. It is manufactured from durable hardwood species and has very limited core gaps. Timber is also commonly utilized in large quantities for railroad ties, mine shaft supports and crossbeams on utility poles. Available kiln-dried, machine stress rated framing solution for lightweight construction, or in various appearance grades, Dura Pine is a general purpose timber par excellence. CITES is an international agreement between governments, aimed to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. It is a very hard wearing timber with high resistab=nce to abrasion and wear. The University's Research Strategic Plan, Adelaide Research for Impact, is intended to ensure our position as an internationally eminent, research-intensive university that generates local, national and global impact Skyrocketing Indonesian plywood Current demand is focused mainly on red species and the heavier density timbers, niove, tali, okan and sapele. Criminal groups often fraudulently label Indonesian wood as coming from Malaysia and trans-ship it from other parts of the region. Note that a listing generally means that trade of the raw wood, either in log, board, or veneer form, is restricted. De. Of these, about 48 (mainly Dipterocarp spp ) are used in the plywood industry. Seasoning is the name of the process where moisture content is reduced to the appropriate level for proposed use. While there are frequent seizures of Indonesian species trafficked to the Philippines Like most crop-based commodities, Indonesian palm oil benefited mightily from the 2008 food crisis, as the price of the oil rose above $1,000 a ton last spring. Bali Furniture Manufacture and Wholesale Export of Bali Bamboo Furniture, Tropical Furniture, Resort Furniture, Rattan Furniture, Fabrics, Fashion Accessories, Bali Decor and Home-Wares, Bali Handicrafts, Ceramics, Bali Pottery, Bali Stone and Balinese Wood Carving Products. , and the EU, among others. Many species of orchids are globally restricted to the hotspot, of which a significant proportion is narrowly endemic to small areas within it. BHD. There are some 40,000 species of flowering plants, including 5,000 species of orchids, as well as the monster flower (Rafflesia arnoldii [see Rafflesiaceae]), which is the world’s largest flower. The remainder of geological history, the current extinc Merbau is a beautiful timber suitable for many purposes. For timber volumes, three values are calculated: (1) overall timber volume, which is the sum of the bole volumes of all species of all sizes, (2) commercial volume, which is the volume of dipterocarp trees of all sizes, and (3) merchantable volume, which is the volume of dipterocarps ⩾40 DBH (i. The exploitations of timber, gold, minerals and animals pollute rivers, devastate forests and eradicate animal species. , that exceed the current government-specified In Papua Province, vulnerable tree species such as merbau are cut illegally and exported to China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam, despite a logging ban imposed in 2001. Some native timber trees are mast tree (Polyalthia longiflora), ironwood/na (Mesua ferrea) and teak (Tectona grandis). Select any photo below to view detailed information and pictures. (species in italics are Most Indonesian teak is grown in plantations in Java. g. 1980s, the Indonesian government began reclassifying timber concessions in the 1990s into industrial plantation concessions, like monoculture oil palm (Elaeis guineensis) and other tree crops such as TIMBER BAMBOO: These are the classic giant bamboos that are so prized by people all over the world. The diversity evident in Indonesia's 300 plus ethnic groups is reflected in the diversity of its art forms. Indonesia has various exotic plants, among other the Sandalwood (Santalum), called Cendana in Indonesia. The product also performs well where there is a high degree of moisture. EIA Briefing for CITES CoP17 – Timber 1st August, 2016. An experiment on the treatability of 95 Indonesian timber species was conducted by impregnating them with CCA (copper-chromate-arsenate) using the full cell process. Ramin, a good-quality timber for furniture, is produced by the Gonystylus tree. mahagoni and S. WoodSolutions provides details about the timber species and materials available for building in Australia. 5m to 2. The timber is a pale cream-white colour with a pinkish tinge. The Government today backed down and agreed to launch an enquiry into the use of Indonesian rainforest timber on the Home Office HQ site , 2 Marsham St, Westminster. Overview. The timber yielded by this species has a fine even texture that is pale cream to light or pinkish brown in hue, with a straight grain. Given the recent ratification of the EU-Indonesia Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA), the Timber Regulation raises questions about the role that Indonesia's timber legality certification scheme—the SVLK—plays in securing access for Indonesian timber to the European market. Approximately 6,000 species of Indonesian plants are used by the people as a source of raw material for the making of traditional herbal medicines or as an indispensable part of traditional rituals and ceremonies. It is exceptionally hard, and the interlocking grain can cause tear-out when planing. . In a recent report, the NGO Mighty Earth alleged that Korindo, a South Korean-Indonesian joint venture, had degraded an area of more Note that sizes of blanks may vary by 1/8" in thickness from listed size. A keystone species in a variety of habitats, this deciduous tree grows up to 30m / 100ft high and 2. It dries quickly with little degrade but needs protection against blue stain, microscopic fungi that commonly infest the sapwood of trees. This is valuable and useful information that can help you to learn more about the walnut tree. Search for Species Hardwood timber, including Eucalyptus species, oaks, maple, beech, and a myriad of tropical hardwoods like Meranti, Merbau, Acacia, rubberwood and teak, has been produced from the natural forests of central Europe, North America, Australia, southern South America, and the tropical Biomass of a man-made forest of timber tree species in the humid tropics of West Java, Indonesia Biomass of a mature man-made forest in West Java, Indonesia, was estimated to evaluate the carbon sequestration potential of plantation forest in the humid tropics. as Indonesian, outside of Indonesia, states that exports of sawn timber for all species are banned from this date. 000 m3/year respectively. 000 m3/year and 2. Moisture content should be lower than 20% to stop fungal attack. species in Aek Nauli, North Sumatera, Indonesia Indonesia is the world's largest exporter of tropical timber, Indonesian government policy will help Commonly Harvested Tropical Timber Hardwoods Tree species to generally avoid when make sustainably-minded Indonesian Italian: Japanese Javanese legality verification system in place if importing from very high risk areas and/or species. Trends in Indonesian Forest Policy rapid development of timber-based industries on the one hand and a lack of e#ort in securing regenera- all plant species When the Lacey Act was passed in 1900, it became the first federal law protecting wildlife. Data and Statistics The Forestry and Timber Section has a long-standing tradition of extensive data collection. Collaboration. It is a heavy hardwood and is usually used in premium joinery such as windows, solid panel doors, framing and weatherboarding. These shifts in land use have ecological and social consequences, as Indonesia’s forests are home to thousands of plant and animal species, and 50-60 million Indonesians depend directly on the forests for their livelihoods. After felling, timber will lose moisture to align itself with the atmospheric conditions. Divine Intervention? Indonesian Clerics Issue Fatwa to Protect Endangered Species “Indonesia is a top source of timber and the palm oil used in everything the Convention on International Illegal timber extraction Unlicensed logging has caused market failures in the region. Of the plant species already assessed as globally threatened, many are high-value timber species in danger of overexploitation. INTRODUCTION There is an increasing awareness that wildlife species in Indonesian Borneo need forests that are managed for sustainable timber extraction if they are to survive in the long term (Colón 1999, Lammertink 2004b, Sheil et al. This species has good bending qualities, takes finishes well, and offers excellent dimensional stability. a long piece of wood used for building, especially houses and ships: . Indonesian mahogany furniture are second most popular wood used on indonesia furniture industry after teak, find useful info about this wood species here. Mahogany timber is grown and farmed in almost every continent, making it one of the most prolific of all the wood species. Learn more. Learn more on our Falcata (Paraserianthes falcataria) page. meranti batu (heavy and Eusideroxylon zwageri is a rare timber tree native to the Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines region. Acronyms and Abbreviations ii Conflict Timber: Dimensions of the Problem in Asia and Africa Volume II ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS General ADB Asia Development Bank The Malaysian Rainforest Major forest types in Malaysia are lowland dipterocarp forest , hill dipterocarp forest, upper hill dipterocarp forest, oak-laurel forest, montane ericaceous forest, peat swamp forest and mangrove forest . Borneo is the third-largest island in the world (after Greenland and New Guinea), and is located south of Hong Kong, east of Singapore, and north of western Australia. Types of Timber Decking The primary variable aside from size and shape of decks is the type of decking board that you use. Another rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) comes with forenames like Indian, Indonesian, and East Indian. Logging We do our best to ensure the infinite availability of wood resources by; Performing sustainable forest management and harvesting practices. Numerous species, grades, textures, and color options for architects & designers. It is divided into four political regions. latifolia logs and sawn timber is banned from export under the Indian Forest Act. Dura Pine is a superior quality Radiata Pine timber, a versatile timber, with beauty and strength. On some species, the restriction is even greater, and includes even finished products made of or including a protected wood: one of the most common instances of this is with guitars made of Brazilian Rosewood. Timber construction materials are new products to the Indonesian sector. This heavy hardwood are suitable timber species for decking. ” What is the export procedure for Indonesian recycled/non-timber paper products that are exempted from FLEGT licensing? In general the procedure is as follows: The paper industry sends an application to the Ministry of Industry (MoI). On 8 April 2015, China’s National Endangered Species Office issued a directive suspending imports of CITES listed timber species (Pericopsis elata) and (Dalbergia cochinchinensis) from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Laos. Maps showing the total area set aside for timber harvesting in natural forests (production zone; Hutan Produksi) by the Indonesian government in year 2000 were obtained in 1∶250,000 scale from Indonesia's Ministry of Forestry. We recommend ordering a rough size that is at least 1/4" larger than your finished size. Many timber woods of conservation concern are hard to distinguish anatomically from species resembling them, especially when the wood sample lacks leaves or other botanical features. Merbau logs in Papua are sold for between $250 and $300 per cubic metre, the groups As in many tropical areas around the world, Borneo’s rainforests are being cut and degraded for timber, palm oil, pulp, rubber and minerals. To estimate the potential bonding performance of bonded wood products from tropical fast-growing tree species, a study on the bondability of Paraserianthes falcataria L. More and more companies shifting towards becoming construction supply manufacturer. 2004). The prices listed are to serve as a guide and quotations issued by suppliers may vary, based on specifications, sizes and grades. timber from Indonesia xxx in what year xxx, but Indonesian export data shows that only 7,000 m 3 were officially exported to Malaysia in the same year. Of Indonesian species, 772 species are threatened or endangered, giving Indonesia the third highest number of threatened species of any country in the world. “Malaysia Government and timber companies are undercutting international efforts to protect biodiversity, endangered species and protected areas by turning a blind eye to large scale smuggling of illegal cut Indonesia ramin and other timber species through its territory and onto world markets in China, Taiwan, US, Japan, and European Union Below you will find a lot of wonderful facts on walnut trees, including information about the walnut tree species, planting information and walnut tree types. Also, sections of the wood may contain stone-like streaks of brittle areas, which can have a blunting effect on cutting edges, and make machining difficult. All standard lumber sizes are available and quoted upon request. Borneo's majestic rainforest is being killed by the timber mafia Felling trees to meet British demand for garden furniture is devastating villages, livelihoods and food supplies, and threatening Kapur Timber The Tree: The trees vary according to species and environment, but usually they are very large, often reaching a height of 60m and a diameter of 1. Indonesian government tends to equate ‘logged’ with ‘degraded/ Our findings indicate that both natural forest timber conces- wasteland,’ but as research shows, logged forests can still be sions and protected areas have slowed forest cover loss in extremely valuable habitats for orangutans and other species Kalimantan in the face of Indonesian New Guinea is most famous for its incredible mix of tribes. The trees timber, a light hardwood, is used for furniture, interior finishings, doors, and veneers and its seed produces an oil similar to cocoa butter. Marketing agents for many other Tropical Hardwood based Products. To promote these species and companies within the German market, data sheets have been developed that describe the characteristics and applications of 10 lesser used timber species from Peru. Protecting tigers and their habitat means many other species benefit Indonesian timber species that might be a candidate for CITES Appendix. More than 250 languages are spoken between Papua and West Papua. trees that are grown so that the wood from them can be used for building: 2. Demand for sapele and sipo sawnwood is particularly an opportunity for Indonesian Mahogany is an endangered timber species Based -on Indonesian regulation-in Permenhut P. A large proportion of palm oil expansion occurs at the expense of biodiversity and ecosystems in the countries it is produced. The decree has been issued to Welcome to species+. Currently, a third of all mammal species in Indonesia are considered to be critically endangered as a consequence of this unsustainable development that is rapidly encroaching on their habitat. ed timber was Indonesia. Well folks, we've arrived at the final installment of this series on commonly imported wood species. Of the 4,000 species of trees in Indonesia, only 120 hardwood species are recognised as being suitable for commercial use. The Indonesian regulation on the “Standards and Guidelines on the Assessment of Performance of Sustainable Forest Management and the Verification of Timber Legality in the State and Privately-owned Forests” (Forestry Minister's Regulation P. ) from little known plantation species. In Indonesian Borneo (Kalimantan), concession-based timber extraction, plantation establishment, and weak institutions have resulted in highly fragmented and degraded forests (4, 5). According to the Association of Indonesian Forest Concessionaires, the moratorium will severely hamper the supply of raw material to the Indonesian timber industry if natural forests within production forest areas are included in the moratorium, as some sources have been suggesting. Avoiding Wood from Endangered Forests logging for timber is the main factor leading to the loss or degradation of Earth’s forests. Some species might have multiple names. TEAK Teak is one of the best known commercial wood species in the world. The forests have 10% of the world's mammal species, 16% of bird species, and 11% of all plant species. ** The Auro Paint company uses Dammar resin as a binding agent for its paints which comes from the same tree species which has been overexploited to supply Meranti timber. Chengal, Belian, Merbau and Balau are some timber species that more durable than others. Country specific guideline for Indonesia This guideline has been prepared by the Australian Government and the Government of Indonesia. However, other than this handful of naturally durable timbers, all other timbers should be treated with preservatives to enhance their service life-span. We are able to produce custom items in all of these woods and sell raw materials for builders and artist. 000 m3/year (Forestry Statistics of Indonesia, 2014) and assuming the bark content in each tree is 10%, the bark volumes coul be estimated at 16. An Indonesian villager stacks up illegally cut timber at a forest in Indonesia's Aceh province April 25, 2007. Woodlam Indonesia is the first producer of high-quality construction products from local timber species. Indonesian policemen conducting an operation to crack down on illegal logging in a forest in East Aceh. Mindi wood is a type of wood that is easy to handle like a cut, shaved or shaped so that the wood is quite good timber species. Today it regulates the import of any species protected by international or domestic law and prevents the spread of invasive, or non-native, species. Most of the merbau timber is destined for factories in China that produce wooden flooring. Helping Indonesian farmers to gain a better price for their timber harvests and provide for their families with agroforestry systems KAM KTI - Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia In Indonesia 90 per cent of ramin production is exported, and the species formed the basis of the modern Indonesian timber sawmill industry 1 As a swamp species ramin is prone to overexploitation and cannot be cultivated on plantations. Convention on Trade Endangered Species - CITES; Claim Settlement Procedures for Indonesian Plywood; Tropical Timber Species Imported in the US; But the country - whose forests contain a treasure trove of plant and animal species, including the endangered orangutan - has already lost an estimated 72 percent of its original frontier forest. Associated Risks. The junta has also been displacing river-based villagers in order to construct dams for electricity between Thailand and China. Another type of wood commonly used in construction is known as engineered wood. Moreover, their endemism level of 40 demonstrates the ecosystem contains unique plants/animal species. It enforces civil and criminal penalties for the illegal trade of animals and plants. Latest News. It has subtle differences depending on where it grows. Our mission is to be a leading exporter of high quality Tropical Hardwood based Products. We provide a range of species in standard sizes and grades as well as specific cut to order bespoke specifications in: North American Hardwood Sawn Timber (lumber). Landing page for a series of fact sheets on the properties and uses of timber species used in Australia. Mindi wood often used to make furniture products with moderate to high quality. Indonesian wood is frequently mis- endangered species are subject to escalating international pres-sure, which can ultimately result in National Workshop on Identification of information gaps towards the SFM of ramin and thematic programs to be included in the 2009 and 2010 Work Program of the ITTO-CITES Project- “Ensuring international trade in CITES-listed timber species is consistent with their sustainable management and conservation. The objectives of this study were to determine acoustical parameters e. Indonesia is the largest producer of tropical hardwood plywood in the world. This brochure presents a contact list of Peruvian suppliers offering these timber species. INDONESIAN FORESTRY “Earth, water, and the natural riches they contain shall be controlled by the state and used for the prosperity of the people. wood used for building: 3. About the Indonesian Frog. Of these, there are around 5000 different species of orchid alone. 3 WWF GFTN and TRAFFIC: Common Framework for Assessing Legality of Forestry Operations, Timber Processing and Trade æ Principles, Criteria and Indicators for Indonesia SUMMARY The EU Timber Regulation bans illegal timber in Europe and requires due diligence on imported wood. We are manufacturers of high quality Solid Parquet from Tropical Hardwood species. Species of Swietenia cross-fertilise readily when they grow in proximity; the hybrid between S. Paper giant 'pulping protected Indonesian trees' Greenpeace filmed operations at the company's mill several times over the year and documented ramin timber being pulped alongside other species. Using wood in your building project is a great choice. Over the last 75 years, their population has been diminished by 80% due to human encroachment of their forest habitat, especially for timber and agriculture. During 2006, the Indonesian government claimed to have reduced the quantity of illegal timber from 10 million to 3 million cubic metres. In addition, the forests hold over 3,000 different types of timber. If you have any questions about a wood that is listed or might be missing, please call us at (888) 814 – 0007 or e-mail [email protected]. Tropical Hardwood Timber Many species of the Pacific tropical hardwood timber are available including: Ironwood, Teak, Kapur, Balau, Merbau, Keruing, Rain Tree, Coconut, Chempaka. latifolia is a major export species and is traded to China, the U. One of the many pleasures of living in Indonesia is having the opportunity to learn about and collect Indonesian arts and handicrafts. The XyloTron brings wood identification capability to the field. com offers 23 malaysia timber species products. Indonesia, host of a major climate change conference in December, called on rich countries on Tuesday to compensate poor states which preserve their rainforests to soak up greenhouse gases. Yet even if current policy reforms are successful, it is clear that Indonesia is in transition from being a forest-rich country to a forest-poor country Teak and other tropical hardwoods are the most valuable species, but there is hope of obtaining wood pulp from pine and bamboo and commercial timber from new plantings of fir and pine. 4 billion m 3 (cubic meters) in 1988, and about one-fifth of the world’s wood products (Amelung, Torsten and Diehl, 1992). 5ft in diameter. In their daily lives, more than 6000 species of plants and animals are used in Indonesian communities. There is a minimum and maximum cutting limit to chop down this tree. Whether you want to specify hardwood for structural or external applications, softwood for framing, or locate an engineered wood product suitable for your specific project, you’ll find a wealth of information – including appearance, common applications, durability, strength Timber species we works: Meranti. These documents may be Samko Timber Limited is a leading processed timber products company in Indonesia. D. Of Indonesia’s approximately 40 primate species, 20 have lost more than half their original habitat in the last ten years; orangutans are among those species. Conversion, degradation, and fragmentation threaten the integrity of forested ecosystems worldwide (1–3). The timber production of mahoni and sengon being respectively 168. This capacity will speed the processing of wood shipments and detecting of illegally harvested The books "Tropical and Subtropical Trees and "Tropical Flowering Plants" list several trees native to Indonesia, including timber and ornamental species. The invasive properties of mindi has not landed it on the invasive species list, but mindi is is known to form dense thickets in forests and marshes, displacing native vegetation. It stores carbon that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, is non-toxic and has excellent insulation properties helping reduce your overall household or business energy costs. For the last 10 years in Sabah State, there has been a growing interest in planting high value timber species with longer rotation periods. species in the Philippines and :3,000 species in Malaysia. Indonesian Wood Species Manufacturers Suppliers of . [ Up ] [ HOME ] Here are the woods that are most commonly used in Indonesia to produce art, furniture, building materials and handy crafts. Photograph: JANUAR/AFP/Getty Images Indonesia will in November become the first country in Philippine bird trade targets Indonesian species. Workability: Kempas is considered to be a difficult timber to work on account of both its density and its interlocked grain. Some are tropical giants and others are for temperate areas. 0m with slightly tapering boles some 30m long above the buttresses. Indonesian and Brazilian wood products exports affected by the changes in the US GSP » Major structural change is underway in the African timber industry » New Zealand’s log export prices fall sharply as Chinese demand crashes » Timber Properties: Classified as a medium hardwood. Its great strength and resistance to insects and fungi made it the choice for ship-building in Europe for centuries. The tree is rightly classified as Vulnerable on the IUCN Red List. A wide variety of malaysia timber species options are available to you, such as veneers, plywoods, and other timber. logarithmic decrement + All Indonesian timber products come with FLEGT-licenses – thus no cost- and time-consuming due diligence legality check according to the EUTR is required! + The forest and timber sector in Indonesia has successfully completed a transformation process. Due to the value of the timber and the tree getting rare, Chengal receives special attention from the Forestry Department. Archive. • There are three species recorded on the island but only two species attain Malaysian Sawn Timber , Find Complete Details about Malaysian Sawn Timber,Commercial Sizes Of Timber,Sawn Timber In Container,Malaysian Species Timber from Anticorrosive Woods Supplier or Manufacturer-FOREMOST HORIZON SDN. The wood barrel wholesalers interviewed either import sawn timber of Quercus (Oak) species for the production of barrels in Australia or complete wood barrels made from Quercus species directly from France and the United States. After dropping 56 percent in value by year's end, the price has since settled at around $555 a ton as of last month. timber definition: 1. It is intended to assist businesses importing regulated timber products from For information on Indonesian trade laws, the WWF - GFTN and TRAFFIC’s Common Framework for Assessing Legality of Forestry Operations, Timber Processing and Trade Annex is a valuable resource. CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora) is an international agreement between governments that aims to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival. 4/Menhut-II/2011, revegetation using fast-growing species is important for a precondition before enrichment using climax species, so then it needs an evaluation of land suitability for the fast-growing species. Below are outputs for some of the current programmes of recurring statistical work. indonesian timber species